Quil Fait Bon Shizuoka’s Strawberry Tart is Made With Strawberries Freshly Picked on the Same Day

12.April.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

Quil Fait Bon is a fruit tart store that has begun sales of a new limited stock product at its Shizuoka branch. The Morning Picked Strawberry Nectar Tarts were released on April 6, 2018 and are made in the city of Kikugawa.



The tarts are made with strawberries freshly picked on the day. They are juicy and have a strong flavour. Due to the delivery of the strawberries differing each day, sale announcements are made on Quil Fait Bon’s official Facebook page.



Ripe strawberries are used which are grown using a special method. The method has the strawberries exposed to the cold which tightens the fruit, causing the sugar content to rise. The time taken to grow these strawberries means people can enjoy very delicious strawberries. They aren’t picked until they are a vibrant red and have taken on their best flavour, meaning they are completely ripe when served. These are some seriously irresistible, luxurious strawberries. Combined with simple complements for the tarts – fresh cream and custard – their flavour is only elevated.



Feast on a gourmet tart made with the freshest, most succulent strawberries on the market.



Morning Picked Strawberry Nectar Tarts (菊川市産 朝摘み 寒蜜いちごのタルト)

Price: 1 Piece = ¥1,382

*Due to limited quantity, the tarts are sold only in slices. Reservations not permitted

Available: April 6, 2018 until around the end of April.

Sold from 5pm on weekdays.


Quil Fait Bon Shizuoka

Address: 2-4-15 Ryogaecho, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture

TEL: 054-205-5678

Website: http://www.quil-fait-bon.com