The World’s Most Kawaii Purikura Shop “Moreru Mignon” Opens New Branch in IKSPIARI

27.April.2018 | SPOT

Moreru Mignon is a purikura haven that prides itself on the concept of offering the world’s cutest purikura photos. Now, the shop is opening a new branch inside IKSPIARI®, a commercial facility located inside Tokyo Disney Resort®.


SHIBUYA 109 store:


moreru mignon プリクラ専門店 舞浜イクスピアリ

moreru mignon プリクラ専門店 舞浜イクスピアリ

The interior of the shop is a pink photogenic wonderland. This will be the first Moreru Mignon to open in Chiba Prefecture. It boasts as the biggest puri machine chain in Japan.*


*As of February 2018, recorded by FuRyu.


moreru mignon プリクラ専門店 舞浜イクスピアリ


moreru mignon プリクラ専門店 舞浜イクスピアリ

The Maihama IKSPIARI branch of Moreru Mignon calls itself a town where people can become special guests. They offer a range of outfits and services for your purikura experience. Enjoy taking lots of photogenic pictures in this puri paradise ♪


moreru mignon プリクラ専門店 舞浜イクスピアリ


The PINK MONUMENT is an art display in the shop decorated in pop colours. The inspiration behind the design is parks, and the centerpiece is the giant letter ‘P’ which towers over the surroundings.


moreru mignon プリクラ専門店 舞浜イクスピアリ


This location is made to look like a foreign arty bookstore. The huge books and hands are like trick art, and the decorative and unique walls and floor make for great photos. Check out the lit-up book title and vividly coloured bookmarks too.


moreru mignon プリクラ専門店 舞浜イクスピアリ


The TVs fit into the world of Moreru Mignon too and actually play videos on how to enjoy yourself at the shop, cautions to keep in mind, and more. The pink coloured picture tubes also make this a perfect photo spot.


moreru mignon プリクラ専門店 舞浜イクスピアリ

marché mignon

This pink bus sells colourful snacks and miscellaneous items. Some of the products also come in limited edition Moreru Mignon Maihama IKSPIARI packaging. They even sell colour contact lenses.


moreru mignon プリクラ専門店 舞浜イクスピアリ

moreru mignon プリクラ専門店 舞浜イクスピアリ

People who take photos in one of FuRyu’s 12 popular machines or use the main space will be able to buy some original merchandise.


Enter Moreru Mignon, the world’s cutest purikura shop, and snap some kawaii pictures!



Moreru Mignon Maihama IKSPIARI

Address: TRAIL & TRACK, IKSPIARI 2F, 1-4 Maihama, Urayasu-shi, Chiba Prefecture

Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00