6 Second Hand Shops in Harajuku – Recommended by “Harajuku girls” Yuna Yabe & MIOCHIN

26.July.2018 | FASHION / FEATURES / SPOT

Yuna Yabe and MIOCHIN are known for their unique fashion sense. The two of them have decided to bring their special YouTube features to MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON in the form of articles.


In this first entry, the two fashion gurus headed to six unique second hand shops both of them are personal fans of.


“3 Biki no Koneko” – Reasonably priced with a diverse line-up

The first spot on today’s list is 3 Biki no Koneko which can be found on the second floor of Harajuku ALTA, a shopping mall located partway down Takeshita Street, making it a very accessible and easy-to-find shop.

The second hand items here are very reasonably priced. The customer ratio is diverse, from middle school children to foreigners, further showing the shop’s affordable line-up. They have so many different things on display, even patterned cloth, character merchandise and a trove of accessories, so you’re sure to find something you like.

Yuna and MIOCHIN take no time at all to find something for themselves. Although it’s still only the first stop on the list, they’re prone to loosening their purse strings!



3 Biki no Koneko

Address: Harajuku ALTA 2F, 1-16-4 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo

Opening Hours: 10:30am-8:00pm

TEL: 0570-07-5500

Website: http://raghouse-fujita.co.jp/3neko/



“Panama Boy” – A 39 year old second hand shop

The next stop is Panama Boy which is distinguishable by its brick wall. It’s an old shop that has stayed in the same location since 1979. They also operate outside Harajuku, with two branches in Sapporo and one branch each in Nagoya, Kyoto and Sendai.

If you’re someone who finds the hurdle too high when it comes to used clothes shops, then fret not. This shop is stocked with many different selections including plenty of casual designs that are easy to pick up.

There’s also vintage items on the second floor. Pick up one of the headdresses or lace robes for when you’re dressing up for a special day.

And don’t miss the shop’s original remade clothes. Panama Boy truly overflows with originality you won’t find anywhere else.



Panama Boy

Address: 1-16-6 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo

Opening Hours: 10:30am-8:30pm

TEL: 03-3402-2425

Website: http://www.panamaboy.co.jp



“Kilo Shop” – Unique & Reasonable!

The Kilo Shop flagship store is situated in Paris, France. Their best quality is their unique way of selling items by weight. Standing in the shop can be overwhelming due to the large quantity of items that pack it. Most second hand things in there are from Europe.

MIOCHIN went straight to weighing something out! You press the button on the scale that is the same colour as the tag on the item you pick up and it will weigh it for you.

This one’s just ¥558! MIOCHIN could not contain her excitement at the cheap prices. It’s very possible to find bargains for yourself here.

Kilo Shop is full of clothes you won’t find anywhere else – you’ll have to make the trip there. Try finding some vintage treasures for yourself.



Kilo Shop Tokyo

Address: Laforet Harajuku B1, 1-11-6 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo

Opening Hours: 11:00am-9:00pm

TEL: 03-6447-0083

Website: http://kilo-shop.jp


“KINJI” – The number of items is irresistible!

The next stop is KINJI. It’s in a favourable location opposite Laforet Harajuku along Meiji-dori. It’s on floor B1F of the building. Once you enter, the spectacle will roll out before you and you’ll gaze around wondering just how long it will take to make a round trip. It’s that big. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it has the biggest number of items and styles in Harajuku. Of course, they have everyday items too. You’d never get bored of going here even if you went every day.


A particularly popular part of the shop is the retro and fairy corner. This might be a good place to start looking if you’re feeling a little lost.

Yuna and MIOCHIN once again were quick to discover some second hand items they liked, and of course they bought them!

Do you know the origin of the shop’s name “KINJI”? It actually comes from the name of the company president’s grandfather. Knowing a bit of history about somewhere can make you love it even more, right?




Address: YM Square Harajuku B1F, 4-31-10 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo

Opening Hours: 11:00am-8:00pm

TEL: 03-6406-0505

Website: http://www.kinji.jp



“thrift-tokyo” – ½ price when buying 10+ items!

thrift-tokyo is located at the back of Cat Street. They sell both men’s and women’s items. The racks outside the shop are lined with colourful items too. You’ll get excited before even entering.

The thrill of thrift-tokyo is the cheap prices. But other second hand shops have cheap prices too. What’s more surprising about this place is that you can get half the price when buying 10 or more items. This counts if it’s two people buying at the same time too. It also needs to be over ¥1,900.

Our two fashion icons are picking things in a calculated manner. All of the item prices are already reasonable, and you can get them even cheaper with the discount. How about visiting with a friend?




Address: 3-18-18 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo

Opening Hours: 12:00pm-8:00pm

TEL: 03-3479-7029

Website: https://thrift-tokyo.stores.jp/


“G2?” – Unique girly retro

The last stop of the day is G2?, a second hand shop with a girly-retro vibe. Their line-up is centred around vintage clothing from the 1950s-1970s in Europe and the US. Items here aren’t just cute, they have a spiciness to them too.

The interior displays make it feel as if you’ve been sucked into the room of a very stylish girl. Even just gazing around is fun. The vintage toy corner is apparently popular with foreign customers.

You should definitely check out the record-shape bags. The shop is filled with designs you won’t find anywhere else so you can stand out from the crowd.




Address: Jingumae Bldg. 2F,  3-22-7 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo

Opening Hours: Weekdays 12:00pm-8:00pm / Weekends 11:00am-8:00pm

TEL: 03-5786-4188

Website: http://www.g2q.jp


Did you like this list? If you’re in or going to Japan this summer be sure to visit Harajuku and shop to your heart’s content at one of their many second hand stores.


And be sure to check out Yuna Yabe and MIOCHIN’s YouTube channels below.


  • Tokyo Second-Hand Shops: ‘VINTAGE QOO TOKYO’ – A Romantic Vintage Shop in Omotesando

    14.May.2018 | FASHION / FEATURES / SPOT

    VINTAGE QOO TOKYO is a romantic vintage shop that can be likened to a jewel box. It’s located in a place a little beyond Omotesando’s alleyways. You’ll know it by its cute mix of vintage colours: white and pink.


    古着 ヴィンテージショップ 表参道「VINTAGE QOO TOKYO」


    Inside dangles a chandelier which lifts the atmosphere of the shop. Every article of clothing, and each bag, pair of shoes and so on lines the shop beautifully, and all stand out from one another. It’s the kind of dressing room you yearn for as a child – a place that will sweep you off your feet.


    古着 ヴィンテージショップ 表参道「VINTAGE QOO TOKYO」古着 ヴィンテージショップ 表参道「VINTAGE QOO TOKYO」

    The store is particular about its wares, filling shelves with items from the 80s and 90s. Although everything in there is stuffed together side-by-side, you can feel that it’s from another time, with each high brand item donning its own texture and appearance.


    古着 ヴィンテージショップ 表参道「VINTAGE QOO TOKYO」古着 ヴィンテージショップ 表参道「VINTAGE QOO TOKYO」

    At QOO, they don’t just sell clothes. They offer vintage furniture and interior items too. Their appeal comes from their designs and silhouettes which are distinct from the time they came from.


    古着 ヴィンテージショップ 表参道「VINTAGE QOO TOKYO」古着 ヴィンテージショップ 表参道「VINTAGE QOO TOKYO」

    The wallpaper, decorating the shop with its original textile, and the ceiling layered with lattice that was used in gardens in the older days will tickle your heart.


    古着 ヴィンテージショップ 表参道「VINTAGE QOO TOKYO」

    VINTAGE QOO TOKYO celebrates its 6th year since opening this year. The owner, Junna Mori, opened it herself after gaining experience as a buyer with another company. The store began as a wholesaler.


    古着 ヴィンテージショップ 表参道「VINTAGE QOO TOKYO」古着 ヴィンテージショップ 表参道「VINTAGE QOO TOKYO」

    “I plunged myself into visiting vintage shops in Daikanyama with a suitcase packed with items in hand. While I was doing that, I started to want to own my own shop.”

    “Because I love second-hand clothes, I thought intensely about how I could keep them something close and familiar to people.”


    古着 ヴィンテージショップ 表参道「VINTAGE QOO TOKYO」

    Junna said this while delicately taking vintage items into her hand that have been picked to flow with the current times.

    “For beginners, they find it hard to wipe thoughts about second-hand clothes and vintage like ‘If you’re not well-acquainted, you can’t wear them,’ and ‘It’s not a world I can enter,’ don’t they? It’s because of those people that I want to take in items that can add something your everyday life.”


    古着 ヴィンテージショップ 表参道「VINTAGE QOO TOKYO」

    It certainly is a waste that the culture of second-hand clothing is dying out because it’s a difficult world to get into.

    “That’s why I want to carry on the legacy by matching items that flow with the current age and its trends.”


    古着 ヴィンテージショップ 表参道「VINTAGE QOO TOKYO」古着 ヴィンテージショップ 表参道「VINTAGE QOO TOKYO」

    VINTAGE QOO TOKYO is dedicated to seizing the irreplaceable second-hand and vintage culture.

    VINTAGE QOO TOKYO doesn’t have a set stock day, and it shows as those who may have visited the store yesterday will come the next day and say, ‘This wasn’t here yesterday!’ The lineup changes bit by bit every day.


    古着 ヴィンテージショップ 表参道「VINTAGE QOO TOKYO」

    “If you have a lot of items in stock because of a set day where goods arrive, and they sell well, then you’ll have a shortage of stock. I don’t like to think that people won’t come across something because they couldn’t make it in time with such timing like that, and so I value a fresh lineup every day.”

    This is the kind of vintage lifestyle that VINTAGE QOO TOKYO offers. If it’s the luxurious kind of vintage that’ll strike a chord in your heart you’re looking for, then you will find it here.


    古着 ヴィンテージショップ 表参道「VINTAGE QOO TOKYO」

    Burberrys Trench Coat – ¥42,800 (Tax-Included) / Suede Belt – ¥2,800 (Tax-Included)


    古着 ヴィンテージショップ 表参道「VINTAGE QOO TOKYO」

    GUCCHI Floral T-shirt – ¥23,800 (Tax-Included)


    古着 ヴィンテージショップ 表参道「VINTAGE QOO TOKYO」

    CHANEL Round Double Flap Matelasse Plate Chain Bag – ¥218,800 (Tax-Included)



    Address: Cinnamon Oak 1F, 4-11-15 Jingumae, Shibuya Tokyo
    TEL: 03-6804-2017
    Opening Hours: 12:00-19:00
    Website: https://www.qoo-online.com/


    Photo:Kayo Sekiguchi
    Edit:Namiko Azuma(ASOBISYSTEM)
    Text:Miiki Sugita
    Design:Yuko Abe(ASOBISYSTEM)

  • First-comers are welcome! 5 recommended second-hand clothing stores in Harajuku.

    29.October.2017 | FASHION / FEATURES

    I assume some of you might have no idea which shop to go to even though you want to buy some second-hand clothes. In this article, I will introduce to you some recommended second-hand clothing stores in Harajuku!



    Lots of original/remake products at “Santamonica”


    Harajuku – the town that has come to be the Mecca for second-hand clothing for many years. Santa Monica is a store located away from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets that opened as the very first ladies only shop. 37 years on, it’s still the newest place to be so.


    The main color of the store and the big signboard is white. It’s a store where you can enjoy second-hand clothing to a whole new level, a place that sells original items, remade items, and more. This store is recommended for the beginners of second-hand clothes


    Detailed information:http://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/28279


    Santa monica Harajuku store

    Address: 〒150-0001, 4-25-5, Jingumae, Shibuyaku, Tokyo

    Business hours: 11:00

    Holiday: no holiday

    URL: http://www.harajuku-santamonica.com



    A second-hand clothing store which has many trendy items “FUNKTIQUE”


    “FUNKTIQUE” is a second-hand clothing store located beside Tonchan Street. They sell trendy, modern items based on the street cultures of 90’s to 00’s. They collect various items from vintage sport brands, artistic small items and new items and the condition of each item is very good.


     Many models and stylists visit this store and therefore I am sure that you can become the expert in fashion.

    Detailed information:http://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/42681



    住所:東京都渋谷区神宮前3-21-22 フィールドビル3F






    “flower” where many “girly” items can be found


    flower’s Harajuku store reached its 17th anniversary this year. The store has been offering selected-items that cannot be purchased at other stores and supporting girls who want to buy “girly” items. The clean and white/wood brown colored store has a comfy atmosphere which makes you want to stay for a long period of time! The space inside the store is wide and the clothes are not racked messily so you can find your favorite item easily.

    The motto of the store is to sell simple/elegant and unique clothes. They also sell orthodox items such as denims and race blouses.



    flower Harajuku Store

    Address: 4-26-30

    Business hours: 11:30 to 20:00




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  • 【Tokyo Stroll】Strolling in Harajuku which has a lot of great vintage clothing stores that are loved by fashionistas.

    24.May.2017 | FEATURES / FOOD / SPOT

    Harajuku is the origin of kawaii culture which is broadly known all over the world nowadays. This city is also one of the most popular sightseeing spots that you can get any items from unique young fashion to trendy fashion. Today, I went to visit some places, mainly the vintage clothing stores that certainly have the latest Harajuku culture with Fashionista Yabe Yuna who is active in Japanese fashion magazines etc.



    Starting from “Aloha Amigo”


     “Aloha Amigo” is a new style mixed culture café and dining located in the commercial facility called “Six Harajuku Terrace.” Since this building located in back street of Cat Street, you can spend a relaxing time staying away from the hustle and bustle in this place.


    First of all, I ordered “Amigo Taco Rice (994yen include tax)” and “Home-made lemonade. (518yen include tax)” This healthy taco rice has spicy taco meat and fresh vegetables on the top of ten-grain rice. It might look plenty, but even the girls can eat this up easily!


    I took a picture with the friendly owner at last! All the staff are friendly, nice, and it has a great atmosphere. This place is really comfortable to me. You don’t have to hesitate to talk to them when you visited here.



    Aloha Amigo

    Address:5-16-13 Six Halajuk terrace ,Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

    Hours:11:30AM to 11:00PM

    Holiday:Open 7 days a week(Except for the year-end and New Year holidays)

    Official site:http://harajuku.aloha-amigo.com/



    To “thrift-tokyo”


    The next one that we visited was “thrift-tokyo” where you can purchase a variety of generations’ fashion items and miscellaneous good for a reasonable price. It is also located in the back street of Cat Street. They carry a variety of merchandise from men’s to ladies’.


    One of the features of this “thrift-tokyo” is that you can get great vintage clothing for a very cheap price. They often do the sales like “50% off buying more than 10 items” or “buy 2 get 1 free.”


    Why don’t you find the good one like going treasure hunting?





    Address:3-18-18 1F Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

    Hours:12:00AM to 8:00PM

    Holiday:Open 7 days a week(Except for the year-end and New Year holidays)

    Official site:https://thrift-tokyo.stores.jp/


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  • KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU Collaborates With Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant For Halloween Fair

    22.September.2020 | FOOD

    KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU is set to collaborate with Tokyo’s three branches of Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant to serve up a Halloween themed menu. It will be served from September 19 to October 31.

    The Halloween season is right around the corner, and the KAWAII MONSTER CAFE is once again joining in with the spooky festivities. This year, the cafe has joined hands with Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant to create a collaborative Halloween menu lineup.

    Colourful Rainbow Pasta With Halloween Cream | ¥1,400

    Colourful pasta served in rich pumpkin sauce and with a variety of different ghost creams.

    Singing Alice’s Caesar Salad | ¥1,360

    Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant’s popular Caesar salad heads to KAWAII MONSTER CAFE, an assortment of purple carrots, pumpkin, and other tasty delights. Alice is also hidden in the pasta somewhere as a black witch.

    Kingpin Choppy & Henchman Humpty Dumpty Curry | ¥1,300

    KAWAII MONSTER CAFE’s mascot is served wearing a silk hat and comes with his fellow henchman Humpty Dumpty.

    Cheshire Cat Splatter Ice Cream | ¥1,100

    Soft serve ice cream topped with crunchy cereal, cotton candy, and chocolate, all drizzled in a splattered sweet strawberry sauce.


    Customers who post a photo of their foot onto social media with the hashtag #tokyohalloweencollection can enter for a chance to win some Halloween merchandise.

  • Harajuku’s New Carbonara Restaurant Serves Pasta Japanese Style

    17.September.2020 | FOOD

    A new spaghetti carbonara restaurant by the name of Nama Carbonara opened in Harajuku, Tokyo on September 17, 2020.

    The restaurant opened in the same building as Harajuku’s popular fresh cream shop MILK and bubble tea shop Mot Tram. The restaurant makes its own fresh flat pasta everyday and uses fresh, rich cream sourced from Hokkaido.


    The current menu lineup consists of six dishes, from classic carbonara to Japanese twists. Let’s take a look at some of them.

    Classic Carbonara | ¥790

    Walleye Pollack Roe Japanese Carbonara | ¥1,090

    Freshly Grated Cheese & Bacon Carbonara | ¥1,090

    Seafood, Avocado & Basil Carbonara | ¥1,190

    Discover a brand new world of carbonara like never before at Nama Carbonara in Harajuku.

  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Halloween Look Decorates Shiseido Beauty Square in Harajuku

    14.September.2020 | FASHION

    Following her firework-inspired summer promotion look for Shiseido Beauty Square, Japanese pop icon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has returned to the beauty facility with an all-new Halloween look, first revealed on Friday.

    Kyary is serving a dark romantic world in Harajuku this Halloween, with Gothic hair and makeup that delivers us spook fantasy mixed with a bewitching, fairy tail-like sweetness. The look was brought to life thanks to Shiseido’s top hair and makeup artist Tadashi Harada.


    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu became the ambassador for Shiseido Beauty Square when it opened back in June. The concept of the beauty facility is centred on having people discovering their beauty, having fun, sharing experiences, and learning the latest in the scene

  • LUSH Harajuku Revamps With New ‘Slow Bath’ Concept

    13.September.2020 | FASHION

    The Harajuku branch of UK cosmetics retailer reopened after a revamp on Friday with its all-new ‘Slow Bath’ concept. The branch first opened to the people of Tokyo in November 2018.

    Since opening, LUSH Harajuku has delivered a LUSH-esque bath product lineup experience, since Japan is known for being a nation of bath lovers. That is now being taken to the next level with the Slow Bath revamp which will stock a wide variety of items for self care and indulgence.


    Throw away the needless and make way for mind and body reconnection

    LUSH Harajuku is a place that helps you discover new ways to design your daily routine, with face masks to refresh your skin, products to care for your hair, scents for your well-deserved bath time, and more.


    Well-being is also a big part of the brand, teaching you to be kind to yourself while you’re working everyday, and to look after your mind and body. LUSH Harajuku stocks not only bath bombs and bubble bars, but a selection of items to use while you’re in the bath too for some much-needed self care.


    Naked items are environmentally friendly

    About 60% of LUSH’s products are sold ‘naked’ without packaging in order to reduce on waste in the environment. This also lets the essential oils and natural smells of the products seep throughout and outside the doors of their stores, beckoning people with the pleasant fragrances.


    LUSH’s “Lush Labs” app also has a function called “Lush Lens.” This lets customers scan any naked item which brings up information about that particular item such as what ingredients are used, as well as videos on how to use products and bath bombs fizzing.


    If you’re ever in Harajuku, be sure to stop by LUSH.

  • KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU Celebrates 5th Anniversary With Monster Size Portions

    04.September.2020 | FOOD

    KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU turned 5-years-old in August, and to celebrate the quirky cafe’s anniversary, it is now serving monster-size portions until the end of September.

    Livening up Tokyo with some Harajuku-style cuisine

    Autumn is right around the corner in Japan, a time of outings and travel for many people. Due to the effects of COVID-19, however, people have had to cancel their plans. The KAWAII MONSTER CAFE wants the people of Tokyo to still enjoy themselves this autumn, and so is giving 39% off to all residents of Tokyo. All they need to do is show proof of address.


    Super-sized burgers, parfaits & more

    Giant King Chopper Burger | Regular Price: ¥12,000 (Before Tax), Resident Discounted Price: ¥7,320 (Before Tax) | Serves: 4-6

    You and your friends are invited to challenge yourselves to a gorge on the Giant King Chopper Burger, based on the cafe’s mascot character chopper. Served in five-colours in line with the cafe’s 5th anniversary, this beast of a burger is a hearty mix of BLT, menchi-katsu, teriyaki chicken, the “MEAT MEAT MEAT” main dish from the dinner menu, and more. It’s finished with colourful eggs around the side, and plenty of other hidden treats.

    Giant Colorful Parfait | Regular Price: ¥10,000 (Before Tax), Resident Discounted Price: ¥6,100 (Before Tax) | Serves: 3-4

    This piled-up parfait combines five of the cafe’s popular desserts into one towering delight: “Chemical Cake,” “Pink Cat Food,” “Melty Pancake,” “Little Monster,” and “Colourful Poison Parfait.”


    Enormous, decorated servings fruits

    Harajuku Decora Mango Parfait Bowl | Regular Price: ¥5,000 (Before Tax), Resident Discounted Price: ¥3,050 (Before Tax)

    Where do you even start? There’s mango-loaded ice cream, fat waffles, colourful gummies, chocolate, mango sherbet, panna cotta, cornflakes, fruit granola, mango sauce—the list goes on! If you’re mango-mad, you’ll definitely fall for this one.

    Fluffy Marshmallow Watermelon Frappe | Regular Price: ¥5,000 (Before Tax), Resident Discounted Price: ¥3,050 (Before Tax)

    Wrapped with marshmallow foam that’s fluffy like a cloud and topped with chopped watermelon, pineapple, and assorted fruits, this is similar to shaved ice. It’s also topped with nata de coco.

    Frog Melon Cream Sods | Regular Price: ¥5,000 (Before Tax), Resident Discounted Price: ¥3,050 (Before Tax)

    Celebrating 5 years of KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU, this frog’s tongue is made of milk mousse, melon balls, strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi, which are just tumbling out of its mouth. It’s served with a side of jumbo soft serve ice cream and melon soda. Arrange the beverage as you like to create your own fruit cocktail.


    KAWAII MONSTER CAFE is also collaborating with YouTubers Briana Gigante and RinRinDoll on drinks and desserts.

  • 90’s Japan x Modern Harajuku Culture Come Together in SUPER LOVERS & #FR2’s Collaboration

    03.September.2020 | FASHION

    Japanese fashion brand SUPER LOVERS released a collaborative collection online on August 29 together with Tokyo-based brand #FR2’s pink shop #FR2UME. The collection will also be sold at #FR2UME in-store from mid to late September this year.

    SUPER LOVERS is an 80’s inspired brand that was set up by Japanese designer Kousei Tanaka. The brand led Japanese street fashion into the 2000’s and has since become one of Japan’s top brands, influencing street fashion worldwide. SUPER LOVERS re-launched as a donation-style brand last year to support and giving back to the people of the world who have come to love SUPER LOVERS.


    Their new collaboration with #FR2 features a design of the panda character Merry of LOVERS HOUSE as well as an original bunny character who is the face of #FR2. This 90’s inspired collection includes T-shirts, hoodies, and even cycling pants.

  • UGG® and atmos to Open Concept Shop ‘UGG@mos’ in Harajuku

    30.August.2020 | FASHION

    Sneaker select shop atmos and UGG® have formed a partnership to open the new concept shop UGG@mos in Harajuku, Tokyo on August 29, 2020.


    The shop is focused on fashion-conscious 18-25 year old consumers and mixes together street design with UGG’s® California DNA brand, which itself is a fusion of modern and natural.

    The lineup will of course include UGG® brand shoes, apparel, and merchandise, but also limited edition shoes developed for and exclusively sold at UGG@mos.


    To promote the store’s grand opening, UGG® and atmos have collaborated with artist and painter Luise Ono, who is known for her colourful and expressive plant works. Check out the video below.

    Ono has not only created UGG®-inspired wall art, but has illustration a special design for a collection of T-shirts that will be sold at UGG@mos and online at atmos/atmos pink from August 29, 2020.

    UGG x Luise Ono Bird Print T-Shirts | ¥6,000 (Before Tax)

  • BOTANIST Tokyo’s Autumn Vegan Menu Arrives This September in Harajuku

    28.August.2020 | FOOD

    BOTANIST Tokyo, the flagship shop of BOTANIST in Harajuku/Omotesando, has revealed a new limited-time autumn vegan menu which will be served on the 2nd floor BOTANIST Café from September 5 to October 30.


    BOTANIST Café has been serving vegan food since September 2018, with meals and desserts made healthy and delicious. Vegan food is hard to come by in Japan, but restaurants and new establishments are beginning to cater to the vegan lifestyle.


    This year’s limited-time autumn menu is being served to promote the launch of BOTANIST’s new vegan line of hair care products. There are two hot soups to choose from as well as three desserts—the sweet treats being the “Banana & Chamomile Pound Cake” made without butter, the rich-tasting “Melt-In-The-Mouth Tiramisu,” and the “Sweet Potato Mont Blanc” which is made with whole sweet potatoes.



    Banana & Chamomile Pound Cake | ¥1,000 (Tax Inclusive) *Drink included

    Made with sweet ripe bananas and laced with chamomile, this pound cake brings the autumn vibes with the mix of walnuts and finished with smooth soy cream.

    Sweet Potato Mont Blanc | ¥500 (Tax Inclusive)

    This velvety mont blanc is like you’re eating a sweet potato as it is. It’s spread with lumps of adzuki beans for added texture.

    Melt-In-The-Mouth Tiramisu | ¥650 (Tax Inclusive)

    The name of this dessert speaks for itself. It’s made with fairtrade coffee beans – and cream cheese which perfectly balances out the bitterness of the coffee flavour.

    Sweet Potato Soy Potage | ¥510 (Tax Inclusive)

    A rich, melty potage with a smooth texture and subtle sweet after taste. The black pepper adds a delicious bite.

    Pumpkin Soy Potage | | ¥510 (Tax Inclusive)

    Made using a whole pumpkin, this hearty potage is a perfect combination of bitterness from the pumpkin skin and the natural sweetness from the pumpkin itself. For an extra ¥160 you can order some bread for dipping.

  • IKEA Harajuku Announces Collaboration With Virtual Model imma to Commemorate Grand Opening

    26.August.2020 | FASHION

    IKEA has announced a collaboration with Japan’s most talked-about virtual model, imma, in promotion of the opening of its new IKEA Harajuku store. From August 28 to 30, imma will help share a vision of happiness in the home to the people of Tokyo in the shop window.


    Home for people is a place where one can kick back and relax after a long day’s work – to reset the mind and body for the next day. This fact has become increasingly more so in the wake of the pandemic, where we have come to spend even more time there, thus cementing the idea of the home as a haven evermore. But despite its role having changed in recent months, IKEA Japan believes the home is a place where we should spend longer.


    With that in mind, IKEA Japan has formed a partnership with imma to commemorate with the opening of IKEA Harajuku. imma is Japan’s first virtual model made using CG. She appears at events and shows in Tokyo and around the world, and boasts a following of over 240,000 people on her social media. The partnership will see imma inspiring her fans and young people by showing them how she made her room with IKEA furniture up on the second floor of the store.  She will also dance, do yoga, do cleaning, and more for people to see. She will appear at the store on August 28, 2020


    Those unable to visit IKEA Harajuku can still see imma over on IKEA Japan’s official website, and there will also be a live stream.


    imma | Comment

    “I am so excited to hear that IKEA, which I have always loved, will be opening in my neighborhood, Harajuku. In this collaboration, I’m going to share a part of my life that I really value, happiness at home.”


    Comment Source: IKEA Japan

  • Laforet Harajuku Celebrates Weekly Young Magazine’s 40th Anniversary With Collaborative Fashion Items

    26.August.2020 | FASHION

    15 shops at Laforet Harajuku are set to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine from August 29 to September 13 by selling a range of merchandise from manga series serialised in the magazine.

    Over 50 fashion items will be sold from a whole range of different series including, but not limited to, Ping-Pong Club, Initial D, Prison School, My Roomie Is a Dino, Ghost in the Shell, Zashiki Onna, Ciguatera, Kaiji, Flowers & Bees, Himizu, Be-Bop High School, and xxxHOLiC. The line-up ranges from t-shirts to one pieces and more.

Jouetie / 4F
    Prison School Hoodie | ¥6,600 (Tax Included)
    ⒸAkira Hiramoto /Kodansha

    Ghost in the Shell T-Shirt | ¥6,600 (Tax Included)
    ⓒMasamune Shirow / Kodansha

    lilLilly TOKYO / B0.5F
    Flowers & Bees Sweater | ¥18,480 (Tax Included)
    ⒸMoyoco Anno / Cork

    Angelic Pretty / B1.5F
    xxxHOLiC One Piece | ¥51,480 (Tax Included)
    ⓒCLAMP・ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD. / Kodansha

    A special exhibition centred on Weekly Young Magazine will also be displayed up on the 6th floor of Laforet Harajuku at Laforet Museum from August 29 to September 6. Over 30 works from the magazine spanning the past 40 years will be showcased, with a whole line-up of illustrations drawn by over 60 manga artists for the exhibition. Exclusive merchandise will also be sold featuring visuals created by Japanese collage artist Kosuke Kawamura who has put together some special 40th anniversary artwork.


    If you’re in Tokyo this summer, don’t miss out on ‘Weekly Young Magazine 40th Anniversary in Laforet Harajuku.’

  • Dine at Harajuku’s New Tarako Spaghetti Restaurant Tokyo Tarako Spaghetti

    12.August.2020 | FOOD

    Tokyo Tarako Spaghetti opened its all-new, second branch in Harajuku Omotesando on July 31, 2020. The restaurant opened its first branch back in January this year.

    To commemorate the opening of the new restaurant, it is serving up two brand new tarako (cod roe) spaghetti dishes made with Japanese dashi.

    Tarako & Kombu Umami With Dashi Spaghetti | ¥990 (Before Tax)

    The first new dish is a combination of tarako, kombu, and dashi spaghetti. This dish adds a Japanese flair to it by combining tarako spaghetti with tarako boiled in soy. The full flavour of the kombu is extracted when the dashi is poured over, creating an irresistible flavour.

    Three Fish Egg Tarako Spaghetti | ¥1,390 (Before Tax)

    The second new dish on the menu is the “Three Fish Egg Tarako Spaghetti” which combines lots of tarako with toppings of salted salmon roe and flying fish roe. There’s a whopping 100g of fish eggs on there, so you won’t be going hungry with this filling, colourful serving of spaghetti.


    Discover new kinds of tarako spaghetti dishes at Tokyo Tarako Spaghetti Harajuku Omotesando.

  • YouTuber RinRin Doll Collaborates With Harajuku’s KAWAII MONSTER CAFE On New Drink

    09.August.2020 | FOOD

    Harajuku’s KAWAII MONSTER CAFE has announced that it is collaborating with YouTuber, model, and MC RinRin Doll to release a new beverage called “Honey Doll” which will be served at the cafe for a limited time only.

    Who is RinRin Doll?

    RinRin Doll is a Harajuku-style model based in Tokyo. Originally from Los Angeles, California, she is a lover of Japanese fashion and culture and posts videos related to Harajuku-style lolita fashion and makeup on her YouTube channel.

    RinRin’s birthday falls on August 2, which in Japanese can be pronounced as hanii or “honey,” and so this day is known colloquially as Honey Day. The “Honey Doll” drink will be served at the KAWAII MONSTER CAFE from August 2 to 31. It has a ginger ale base and is filled with honey flavoured jelly and fruits and is topped with purple cotton candy for a deliciously sweet combination.

    The first 15 people to order the drink will receive a special badge featuring the cute character “Honey Bunny Bee” who was created for the RinRin Doll & Ribbonita collaboration.


    KAWAII MONSTER CAFE is serving fashion and entertainment while practicing and promoting all the necessary measures to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

    Be sure to check out RinRin’s YouTube channel, including her video on the new Honey Doll drink.