Gear Up with Bathhouse Fashion and Community Goods at Tokyo Kaihoku in Isetan Shinjuku

28.April.2018 | FASHION

The second floor of Isetan Shinjuku home to Tokyo Kaihoku, an unrivalled, innovative department store that brings together fashion and art. The store is currently selling fashion items for going to public bathhouses in Japan, made by numerous brands spearheaded by famed creators and designers. The inventory includes lots of items for going in and getting out of the communal baths.



Additionally, they are now accepting early orders for t-shirts made by two brands: Musare Hito, a creative group made up of a community of bathhouse and sauna lovers and Get Yu! who are hot with Japan’s street culture movement. Let’s take a look at the brands set to liven up bathhouse fashion.



This brand thrives on their concept of wanting people to wear one-of-a-kind items, easily and freely, rather than them desiring to look cute every day. They wish for people to wear the clothes they like no matter what within their lifetime.



Melissa / メリッサ
Established in Brazil in 1979, this brand has built popularity and gained support for their forms and patterns with great designability made using plastic materials.



From this brand comes a photogenic pouch with a milk bottle motif.



VL BY VEE / ヴイエルバイヴィー
This brand is run by Vee, a designer residing in Bangkok.



nana-nana / ナナナナ
An accessory brand supported by people of all ages as well as artists around the world for their unique outlook and innovations.


Other Brands
igor / AVALON / proef / Shin-Yoshiwara Souvenir Gift Shop / and more…



Get Yu! / ゲッチュウ
Get Yu! is an event co-planned and managed by Vou (棒), a shop and gallery in Kyoto, Sauna no Umeyu, a bathhouse in Kyoto, and Ron LONESOME Samu, a cultural spot in Atami. Together with artists who absolutely love bathhouses, Get Yu! aims to enliven the bathhouse experience and its surrounding culture.



Musare Hito / 蒸され人
This 22-member LINE group is formed of sauna lovers who stretch the point of saunas. They are now taking orders for t-shirts with an original Musare Hito logo print and are also selling a compilation album themed on saunas.


If you’re thinking about trying public bathhouses in Japan then consider getting your hands on some of these cute and practical items and merchandise!


■InformationTokyo Kaihoku no Yu: Vol.2
Location: Center Park / Tokyo Kaihoku, Isetan Shinjuku Honkan 2F
Running: April 25, 2018-May 13, 2018




  • Kusatsu Onsen’s Emerald Green Pudding is a Must-Try After a Dip in the Hot Springs

    11.September.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    Kusatsu Onsen is a hot spring resort in Gunma Prefecture that is one of Japan’s three principle hot spring locations. The site opened its new Japanese custard dessert (known as ‘purin’) shop, Kusatsu Onsen Pudding, on August 24, which serves the most incredibly smooth purin you have ever tried, each inspired by the hot springs.


    Once you’ve stepped out of the nice warm hot springs of Kusatsu Onsen you can refresh yourself with a delicious purin packed full of love from the shop which has created a flavour you can only try by travelling to Gunma and going there. Each and every dessert is made fresh in the shop to further elevate its exclusivity as a local speciality.


    Kusatsu Onsen Pudding also makes sure to use local and regional ingredients where it can to help support manufacturers and producers. Their purin is also made with a special type of milk sourced from in Gunma known as Haruna milk. The milk is made as delicious as can be by ensuring cows are raised on a healthy natural diet of grass on green pastures in Gunma bathed in plenty of sunlight.

    Yuhata Purin

    The Yuhata purin is inspired by the hot spring areas where mineral deposits are harvested, its jelly taking on a gorgeous emerald green colour. It’s lemon and lime flavoured, the perfect flavour to enjoy when stepping out of the hot water, and one which goes surprisingly well with purin.

    Yumomi Purin

    The staple purin of the store, this purin is based on yumomi, a method used for cooling the hot water with paddles from which cold water gushes forth. This velvety delight is made with lots of fresh cream and high-quality vanilla beans from Madagascar for added punch.


    A pun on the word fromage, with furo in Japanese meaning “bath,” the Furomage purin uses a rich cream cheese base which has a seriously smooth texture. It’s topped off with strawberry jelly for the perfect combination, packing a perfect balance between sweet and sour.

    Yuhata Soft (Milk/Yuhata/Mixed)

    Choose from the Yuhata soft serve ice cream which is ramune flavoured and inspired by the flowing water of the hot springs or the Haruna milk-mixed vanilla flavoured Milk soft serve. If you can’t pick, then choose mixed for a bit of both. A satisfyingly refreshing pick for when you’re done in the hot springs.

    The shop has plans to sell purin made using bamboo steamers in the near future, so you’re pudding can be steamed like yourself after a dip in the water! The wooden spoons used to eat the desserts are also made in the image of the paddles used in yumomi too.

  • Mitama Hot Spring in Yamanashi Ranks in Japan’s Top 100 Night Views & Registers as Night View Heritage

    07.September.2019 | SPOT

    Located in the beautiful little town of Ichikawamisato in Yamanashi Prefecture is Mitama Hot Spring, a “day-trip” type hot spring, which has just received a double award: it has been listed as one of Japan’s Top 100 night views for the first time, and as a Night View Heritage of Japan.

    Mitama Hot Spring is built on the southern tip of the Kōfu Basin―Kōfu being Yamanashi’s capital city-which can be viewed in a breathtaking 180 degree panoramic view from the northern side of the open-air baths. The majority of the hot spring also faces the south which means a breathtaking nighttime view of the city, picturesque against a resplendent sky, as you soak in the warm embrace of the hot spring.

    During the day, one’s eyes can roll their gaze across the Yatsugatake Mountains at the front, and in the direction of west is Mount Kita, the second tallest mountain in Japan after Mount Fuji.

    Mitama Hot Spring should absolutely be on your bucket list of things to do when visiting Yamanashi Prefecture.

  • Goldfish Art Exhibition Begins at Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari in Tokyo Odaiba

    26.June.2019 | SPOT

    Onsen theme park Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari in Odaiba, Tokyo launched its biggest event of the year Kingyo Matsuri Art Exhibition on June 24. The festival feature a range of exciting exhibits including Japan’s biggest terrarium developed by aquarium creator Masanori Miyazawa.


    Aquarium ①: Japan’s biggest Japanese-style Terrarium

    A terrarium is a sealable glass container inside which soil is placed to grow plants. Aquarium creator Masanori Miyazawa, who goes by the artist name GA☆KYO, has built Japan’s biggest Japanese-style terrarium which represents the change from the old generation into the new. Standing at 5-meters tall and stretching 1.5-meters wide, the terrarium makes use of bonsai, moss and driftwood.


    Aquarium ②: Yukata x Aquarium x Photo Spot

    Inspired by the ladies of Edo Castle, beautiful cylindrical fish tanks with kimonos wrapped around them act as a great photo opportunity together with the goldfishes.


    Aquarium ③: Meet the 1 Million Yen Ryukin Goldfish

    This innovative art installation pairs the Ryukin, a type of Japanese goldfish that has been sold in long-standing fish shops for more than 200 years, with onigawara decorative tiles that have been used to ward off spirits since ancient times, bonsai and more. Also in the exhibit is the “Pre-Edo Goldfish Tearoom” and “Large Round Fish Tanks.”


    Summer Festival Drinks & Desserts

    From Left: Blue Goldfish Shaved Ice: ¥550 @ Kuranoe / Goldfish Blue Hawaii Soda: ¥580 @ Yumeakari / Blue Mojito: ¥850 @ Ooedo Cafe

    Feel the festive spirit with these summery drinks and desserts.


    Goldfish Goodies

    The souvenir store Ryokokuya is selling a range of goldfish themed merchandise perfect as gifts and souvenirs or for taking on summer trips with you.

  • New Sento Bath House RAKU SPA 1010 Opens in Kanda

    04.March.2019 | SPOT

    RAKU SPA 1010 is a new spa located in Kanda, Tokyo that had its grand opening on March 1, 2019. With its concept of “an oasis in the city,” the bath house perfectly balances relaxation, work and social interaction.

    Reisei Otsumami (Cold Light Meals): ¥480 (Before Tax)

    The facility also serves light food and refreshments. And as part of the grand opening, the first 5,000 people to use the bath house will receive an original RAKU SPA 1010 towel with the facility’s logo on it.

    There are 3 different spa plans on offer at RAKU SPA. This includes a 10-hour option which allows full use of the facility, a 3-hour option for use of the bath house, and a sauna option. Each plan offers long stay periods which can be utilised in many ways whether to simply use the sento or sauna or to make use of the co-working space, eat at the pub and diner, and so on.


    Enjoy a long and luxurious sojourn at RAKU SPA 1010.

  • Hot Spring Theme Park Solaniwa Onsen Osaka Bay Tower to Open in 2019

    25.December.2018 | SPOT

    The Kansai region’s biggest hot spring style theme park Solaniwa Onsen, spanning 16,500m², is set open on floors 2 to 5 at Osaka Bay Tower North on February 26, 2019.


    Osaka Resort City 200 (ORC 200) changed its name to Osaka Bay Tower on March 27, 2018. Following that, Hotel Osaka Bay Tower―which welcomes all guests from business people to families―underwent a re-branding and re-opened on March 29. The tower is now set to expand its facilities even further with the grand opening of Solaniwa Onsen.


    The hot spring theme park is themed on “Beauty, Healing, Taste.” It will be decked out with natural hot springs, stone saunas, relaxation facilities, restaurants, stores and more. Based on the concept of the Azuchi–Momoyama period of Japanese history, the park fuses traditional Japan with the modern to offer a unique and exceptional experience.


    The area in which the park is being set up is where an already hugely popular theme park is based. A world fair is set to take place there in 2025 which will bring more international attention to the Osaka Bay area.

    There will be many types of bathing experiences on offer at Solaniwa Onsen such as a natural hot spring with low alkalinity for beautiful skin, an open-air bath with the water source running into it, a bath that overlooks an immense Japanese-style garden, a bath with carbonic acid water, another that changes daily, and more. There are also baths that can be booked for 2-5 people for a more private bathe.


    The female locker room at the park is home to Japan’s biggest powder room which spans close to 100m². There they have a range of beauty equipment, cosmetic rental services and more. The menu includes a combination of traditional food crafted by Tsubouchi Sekisai―who is said to have been a chef to Oda Nobunaga―and modern cuisine.


    Step back into the Azuchi–Momoyama period at Solaniwa Onsen.

  • Embrace Japan’s 4 Seasons with Luxurious Treatments at YU, THE SPA by L’OCCITANE

    25.August.2018 | SPOT

    YU, THE SPA is a new spa being developed by L’OCCITANE that will open in the sophisticated Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo on October 1, 2018.


    Spa L’OCCITANE is one style of spa run by French skin care and body product company L’OCCITANE. As of July 2018 they have 70 establishments worldwide and are found only in 5 Star hotels.

    YU, THE SPA offers two kinds of facial treatments, two hotel treatments and an original treatment limited to Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo. Pick your favourite treatment from the menu and enjoy the experience in a comfortable and tranquil environment.

    They will offer a 150 minute facial and body care treatment service called “Garden Secret Signature Treatment” which can only be experienced at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo. The service makes use of different body care items used themed around spring, summer, autumn and winter to offer customers Japanese omotenashi, or hospitality, which revolves around the seasons. March to May will be cherry blossoms and June to August will be verbena.


    Before getting your treatment done you can warm up your body in the hot springs, and after you’ve received your treatment you can enjoy tea time in the lounge.

    The spa will be taking bookings at the start of October for a 60-minute body treatment with a stay plan which will be effective from November 15.


    Indulge in a luxurious experience at YU, THE SPA by L’OCCITANE.



    YU, THE SPA (Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo 2F)

    Service Opening: October 1, 2018

    Bookings: From September 18, 2018

    Opening Hours: 10:00am-9:30pm

    Bookings/Enquiries: 03-3943-4785 (10:00am-9:00pm)

  • Fujiyama Onsen: The Hot Spring Facility With a Mount Fuji View Undergoes Renovation

    12.July.2018 | SPOT

    Fujiyama Onsen is currently undergoing renovation and will reopen on July 14. Located in Yamanashi Prefecture, the site sits at the foot of Mount Fuji.

    The facility is being fitted with a new stone sauna where you can have a clear view of Mount Fuji. There’s also a new hammock resting spot as well as hot yoga classes amongst other things. All of these changes transform Fujiyama Onsen from a simple natural hot spring site into a full-day experience.

    The fourth and highest floor now has a relaxation area with a picturesque view. There’s also other stone saunas in a quiet area with the lights dimmed for winding down, as well as break rooms called ‘hot rooms.’

    Hot rooms are equipped with heated flooring and there’s a reading corner with manga and magazines as well as cushions. Everyone is free to move between the sauna area and hot rooms.


    *A separate fee of ¥600 is charged for use of the stone sauna area and hot room space.

    The third floor resting area has rooms with tatami flooring and a wide view of Mount Fuji as well as hammocks and a kid’s room. There are 6 hammocks – three chair types and three for laying down.

    The menu of the site’s restaurant, Fujiyama Dining, has also been updated. You can look forward to specially made Yamanashi Prefecture chicken and lots of locally source ingredients as well as beer.


    Hot Yoga classes begin from July 21. By exercising at high temperatures, you’ll be able to stretch your muscles much easier as well as get rid of any waste in your body. It’s also good for dieting and your skin.


    Gaze at Mount Fuji while having a relaxing time at Fujiyama Onsen.


    Fujiyama Onsen

    Address: 4-17-1 Shinnishihara, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture

    Business Hours

    ・Morning Bath: 7:00am-9:00am

    ・Regular Bath: 10:00am-11:00pm

    ・Restaurant: 11:30am-10:30pm (Last Orders 10:00pm)


    ・Morning Bath: Adults ¥620 / Children ¥310

    ・Regular Bath: Adults – Weekdays ¥1,400 / Weekends & Holidays ¥1,700

    Children – Weekdays ¥700 / Weekends & Holidays – ¥850¥1,700

    *Price includes entry fee, bath towel and face towel rental.

    *Weekday prices to adopt weekend and holiday prices during the summer season.

    *Includes stone sauna yukata and dry towel rental.

    TEL: 0555-22-1126



  • Hotel Nampuro in Nagasaki Introduces an Infinity Pool Overlooking the Ariake Sea

    18.June.2018 | Uncategorized

    Hotel Nampuro is located in Shimabara Onsen in Nagasaki Prefecture and has been around for 110 years. The hotel recently held the grand opening two infinity pools. One gives an unbroken view of the Ariake Sea and the other a lush garden.


    The concept behind the pools is to get people closer to Shimabara’s natural environment. Guests can enjoy feeling the sea breeze from ideal locations close amongst Shimabara’s abundance of lush greenery and the Ariake Sea while offering an exquisite resort experience you can’t get in the city.

    The unique design of the open-air infinity pool makes it seem as if it flows into the sea itself. There’s also an observation deck next to the pool too where people can gaze across the gorgeous waters.

    The location also makes for a great power and energy spot as one can see the morning sun rise from Kumamoto across the shore. Guests can enjoy the sight in the morning, daytime and nighttime.

    The other infinity pool is built by the garden restaurant deck terrace and blends in with the surrounding nature. Beyond the horizon lies Shimabara’s waters, sky and nature which becomes one with the edge of the pool. The sky and trees also reflect on the surface of the water, making it feel like you’re floating on top of a cloud in the sky.

    The pool is around 50cm deep so children can enjoy themselves too. There are also jets fitted on the sides of the pool.

    The poolside wooden deck is fitted with tables and sofas to enhance that resort feel. They also serve breakfast and there’s a BBQ too.

    Guests can look forward to the 300+ trees in the garden being lit up in a magical and mystical performance, giving the air a touch of romance. It offers an experience like no other as you’re wrapped in a forest of lights under a starry sky.

    Consider Hotel Nampuro if your trip to Japan is taking you to Nagasaki Prefecture.



    Hotel Nampuro

    Address: 2-7331-1 Bentenmachi, Shimabara, Nagasaki


    TEL: 0957-62-5111




  • Hot spring trip in the mountains of Ishikawa Prefecture recommended by sommeliers

    24.April.2018 | SPOT

    “Kissho Yamanaka” will sell the hot spring lodging plan named “Kissho TOUJI” from April of 2018 to the 30th of September.


    吉祥TOUJI 温泉

    Yamana Onsen (hot spring) which was opened about 1,300 years ago is a hot spring area where the famous Japanese poet Basho Matsuo stayed for 9 days.


    吉祥TOUJI 温泉

    The plan that they are going to sell offers the experience of enjoying the view/forest of Kakusen Valley, Kaga Area’s delicious foods and hot springs. This hot spring is known to be effective for relieving stress and healing illnesses.


    吉祥TOUJI 温泉

    “Yuge Kaido Machi Aruki Ticket” where you can enjoy 10 hot springs in the mountains, local sakes, Daiginjo (sake variety) Soft Served Ice Cream and famous crocket is included in the plan as well as the Jiwamon Onigiri (rice ball) lunch menu/Teppanyaki (pan fried meat and vegetables), sauna, hand-massage service, rental cycle and bus tickets.


    吉祥TOUJI 温泉

    吉祥TOUJI 温泉

    Persons who are interested in this plan must visit Kissho TOUJI since you can obtain an onsen textbook from the onsen sommeliers.




    Kissho TOUJI – Hot Spring Plan Recommended by Onsen Sommeliers.
    Address: Kissho Yamanaka, 14-3, 1st avenue, Higashimachi, Yamanaka Onsen, Kagashi, Ishikawa Prefecture
    Date: 2018/04/01 (Sat.) to 09/30 (Sat.)
    Price: One day ticket that comes with dinner and breakfast / 21,000 yen ~ (two persons – one room) ※the price differs depending on season. ※tax/service fees and hot spring fee (150 yen) are not included, additional fee (5,000 yen) must be paid when staying at the accommodation before a holiday. ※one person – one room ticket is available.
    Meal: Dinner – tea ceremony dishes of Kaga Noto Area at “Benihana,” breakfast – Japanese dishes or teppan breakfast


  • Projecting Mapping Recreates Festival Atmosphere at Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari

    02.April.2018 | SPOT

    Odaiba Tokyo Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari is a hot spring ‘theme park’ popular with both local and foreign tourists that recreates the look and life of Edo. Projecting mapping by NAKED was brought to the entrance of the establishment on March 22, 2018.




    The projection mapping display flies out across the hot spring water from the buildings. The footbath area themed on the 53 Stations of the Tōkaidō from the Edo Period is wrapped in ukiyo-e and patterns found on yukata, a popular dresswear in the building. 

    At “Happyaku Yacho” on the main street in the building where the stalls are lined up, paper lanterns and digital lights illuminate to recreate the atmosphere of a festival during Edo.

    Experience an Edo festival in Odaiba at Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari!



    Odaiba Tokyo Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari
    Opening Hours: 11:00am-9:00am Next Day (Managed until 10:00pm) 
    Address: 2-6-3 Aomi, Koto, Tokyo
    TEL: 03-5500-1126 

    Odaiba Tokyo Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari × Projection Mapping by NAKED
    Permanent display from March 22, 2018.
    Time: 30-minutes after sunset until 12:00pm.
    *Please note that sunset changes depending on the period.


  • Only two hours by train from Tokyo! “Tsuruya Kichijo Tei” located in Higashi Izu has started a new plan

    04.October.2017 | SPOT

    Tsuruya Kijijo Tei has started an event titled “Moon Watching Party” starting from September until November. You can enjoy Iseebi (giant shrimp from Ise), grilled matsutake (pine mushroom), kinmedai (alfonsino), Amagi shamo (Japanese chicken), and other cuisines related to full moon viewing and freshly fried tempura as much as you can eat.

    main sub3

     Moon watching party plan / Menu (example) September to November


    ・Appetizer / Aoriika to shibaebi no masakoae (grilled squid and shrimp)

    ・Small dish / Kamasu no Kodukuri, mangetsu tamago dofu (Sphyraena, full-moon-like egg tofu)

    ・Small dish / katsuo tataki, warasa (sashimi of bonito, yellowtail)

    ・Rice dish / Kinmedai to Hrame no Temarizushi (sushi of alfonsino and flatfish)

    ・Grilled dish / Iseebi to Matutake no Hoshoyaki (grilled giant shrimp from Ise and matsutake mushroom

    ・Cooked dish / Amagi Shamo to Satoimo no Inakani (cooked Japanese chicken and potato)

    ・Fried dish / Tenpura Jiman (tempura)

    ・Meal / Mokuzu Kani Zosui or Shiromeshi, Akadashi, Ko no Mono (crab rice porridge or white rice, miso soup and appetizer)

    ・Dessert / Maccha Shirama Zenzai (green tea and rice cakes in sweet azuki soup)



    Tsuruya Kichijoji is a hot spring inn which was recently registered as a “Moon Road” inn (registered as being one of “Japan’s best hundred moon-watching sites.” The inn offers hot spring services such as an outdoor bath, big bath, rental bath (50 minutes), foot spa, in addition to accommodation, restaurant, and a “Moon Road” experience where one can get a magical view of the moon floating over the sea.


    At “Trusuya Amazake Yokocho” which is located inside the inn, cockshy, smart ball, yoyo fishing, Shochu made in Izu, local dishes and oden from Shizuoka can be enjoyed. The making-experience of a pinwheel, string phone and bamboo helicopter is popular among families. The inn also offers free beer to the customers using the hot spring! (16:00 to 18:00)


    They also hold many events regarding Izu’s special local products and local culture.

    • Dried fish making experience (Mon. / Thurs.) dried overnight 16:00 to 17:00, drying in the sun 10:00 to 11:30 (1,100 yen / three dried fish)
    • Soba making experience (Sat. / Sun.) (lunch) 11:00 to 12:30 (1,650 yen)
    • Rice with green tea and horse mackerel making experience (Fri.) (lunch) 11:00 to 12:30 (1,100 yen)
    • Wasabi dish cooking class (Wed.) The head chef will lecture on how to make dishes using wasabi produced in Amagi / 11:00 to 12:30 (1,650 yen)
    • Boiled alfonsino making class (Tue.) Let’s make soft and tasty dishes / 11:00 to 12:30 (1,870 yen)


    Let’s enjoy a romantic mood by joining the “Moon Watching Party”



     “Otsukimi Kaiseki (Moon Watching Party)” plan 2017,9,04 to 09 / 10,02 to 08, 11,01 to 07

    【Price】 One-night-stay with breakfast / 16,650 yen per person (two persons in one room) / 14,650 yen / (three persons) / 13,650 yen (four persons)

    ※Check in 14:00 / check out 10:30

    ※A Japanese room where one can see the sun rise and view the moon can be enjoyed, +5,000 yen, 150 yen must be paid to use the hot spring

    【Meal】dinner / Zendokoro “Sai” Moon Watching Plan / breakfast / Japanese food


    Tsuruya Kichijoji:

  • Let’s find out the fabulous aspects of Oita Prefecture! Check out the events which will be held in October.

    23.September.2017 | FOOD / SPOT

    Oita Prefecture in Kyusyu is known as the number one hot spring prefecture in Japan. Oita Prefecture is called “the hot spring prefecture – Oita” and the amount of hot spring water and the number of hot springs known to be No.1.

    . The PR video “Shinfuro” broadcasted two years ago and last year gathered much attention but Oita has many other amazing sightseeing spots, indigenous products and delicious foods. In this column, I will introduce to you the sightseeing spots, products, art facilities and culture of Oita Prefecture.


    -Sightseeing spots and experience in Oita-

    Oita Prefecture Kokuto Peninsula Usa Area

    sub5 copy

    Rokugo Manzan located in Kokuto Peninsula has been open for 1300 years. In commemoration of this, Kyusyu National Museum will hold a special exhibition which introduces the mystery of Rokugo Manzan which is known as the birthplace of syncretism of Shinto and Buddhism. The exhibition exhibits rare cultural assets including four important cultural properties. One of the important cultural properties is the Buddhist statue “Monju Senji Monju Bosatsu” which can be seen only once every 12 years.


    Rokugo Manzan Special Exhibition

    Date: September 13th 2017 (Wed.) to November 5th (Sun.) (eight weeks)

    Venue: Kyusyu National Museum Cultural Exhibition Room



    Disclosing hidden cultural assets / light ups and special events

    sub4 copy

    At each temple of Rokugo Manzan, a light-up event (two hours) will be held from the 28th of October to the 9th of December and food such as soup will be offered to visitors. Traditional performing arts such as Kagura can also be seen.






    -Oita Prefecture’s sightseeing spots which are suitable for the autumn touring season-

    “Yabakei” and “Kurushimashi Teien” are known as very famous sightseeing spots in Japan. “Yabakei” is the beauty spot of Nakatsushi. “Ichimoku Hakkei”

    sub2 copy

    located in the center of “Yabakei,” a famous spot which is surrounded by huge rock mountains. The contrast of the rocks and autumn leaves is a must-see.

    sub9 copy

     “Goryo Momiji” can be seen when the autumn leaves in Yabakei fall. The sight of the tunnel of red leaves and the carpet of colorful leaves is so beautiful.

    sub7 copy

     “Kyu Kurushima Teien” is a beautiful sightseeing spot in Kusumachi. The garden was created in 1829 and consists of three small gardens. It is very exciting to think about the history of the garden while walking through it.


    sub8 copy

     “Sobo / Katamuki / Okue” located in Oita Prefecture and Miyazaki Prefecture is a treasure spot of rare animals and has a beautiful view and untouched nature. Many people are awed by its unique view which changes depending on the season. The location becomes very beautiful especially from mid October to late October. The location was designated as a UNESCO Eco Park which is an ideal place where nature and human society exist together in a peaceful manner.

    sub6 copy

    “Kyusuikei” in Kusugun Kusucho has a huge cliff with a length of about 2km. Natural forests and beautiful canyons can be seen in this spot. The view from “Kue ‘Yume’ Otsuribashi” is very beautiful. The spot is packed with many climbers during the autumn season.




    The Mini Yonku (Japanese racing car toy) club will hold a race (elementary school children can participate in this event)

    sub3 copy

    “THMF Hitahashiri,” a Mini Yonku club set up a racing course in Hitashi. Elementary school students can use the racing course for free and enjoy this event together with adults. The racing course holds an event where visitors can play with Mini Yonkus handed out for free. An “elementary school students-limited race” is held every Sunday from 14:00 and a night race is held every second and fourth Saturday.


    Elementary School Students-limited race

    Address: 273-1, Mizumecho, Hitashi, Oita Prefecture

    Date: 15:00 to 20:00, 10:00 to 21:00 – Sat, Sun and holidays, Mon – holiday

    TEL: 080-1776-1208




    -Sports experience in Oita-

    Rugby is gaining much popularity nowadays!!

    sub1 copy

    Oita Prefecture is where the final match of the world rugby tournament is to be held. The 5th match of the league of Japan Rugby Top League 2017-2018 will be held at Oita Ginko Dome on the 24th of September (Sat.). Many people are awaiting a fierce battle.


    Japan Rugby Top League 2017-2018 Season League 5th match

    Date: September 24th, 2017 (Sat) 14:00 kickoff

    Venue: Oita Sports Park Oita Ginko Dome / 1351 Yokoo, Oitashi, Oita Prefecture




    Oita×Kumamoto “Baitoku Campaign” will be offered!

    sub10 copy

    After the earthquake of Kumamoto, Oita and Kumamoto are working actively to re-establish the areas. So, Beppu and Aso will hold “Baitabi Campaign”

    On October 3rd (Tue.) Kumamon and Mejiron (mascots) will appear in the Kansai area. They will participate in events such as in central square in the JR Osaka Station City Atrium.


    Baitabi Campaign

    TEL: 097-534-3500





    -Foods and events of Oita-

    “Oita Kurafeshu 2017” is an event at which shochu (Japanese alcohol) and nihonshu (Japanese sake) can be enjoyed.

    sub14 copy

    “Oita Kurafeshu 2017” is an event created under the concept of “the entertainment of sake” at Osakashi kitaku / Hotel Hankyu International.

    They will offer full-fledged shochu and nihonshu made by various kuramotos (sake breweries). You can enjoy the allurement of Oita through Oita’s foods and drinks including sake and local dishes.


    Oita Kura Feshu 2017

    Date: October 13th, 2017 (Fri.) 19:00 to 21:00 (reservation 18:15~)

    Reservation due date: September 25th

    Fee: 3,900 yen

    Venue: Hotel Hankyu International 6th floor “Zuicho” / 19-19, Chayamachi, Kitaku, Osaka




     “Oita Kabosu Fair in GINZA” at which food items using kabosu (a type of citrus fruit) can be enjoyed.

    main copy

    This fair which offers kabosu produced in Oita will be held at Ginza. Bars, Japanese cuisine restaurants, sushi restaurants and French restaurants will be participating in the event. Let’s enjoy kabosu dishes created by topnotch restaurants in Ginza.


    Oita Kabosu Fair in GINZA

    Date: Septemeber 15th, 2017 (Fri.) to 30th (Sat.)




    Eat and shout to release your stress! Yufuin Ushigui Zekkyo Taikai will be held.

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    “Yufuin Ushigui Zekkyo Taikai” has been held 43 times. After enjoying BBQ using lots of “Hoshu Yufuin Gyu”(beef) produced in vast grass farms, participants scream at the top of their lungs. The winner of this contest will be judged according to the volume of the scream and on how unique the content of the scream was.


    Yufuin Ushigui Zekkyo Taikai

    Date: October 9th, 2017 (Mon. / holiday) fixed number / 600 persons

    Fee: 3,500 yen – older than junior high school students / 2000 yen – below elementary school students

    Venue: Yufushi, Yufuin Machikawagami, Namiyanagi Bokujo





    ◎9:00 selling entrance tickets

    ◎10:30 open

    ◎11:30 collecting the participators of the shouting event

    ◎12:00 shouting event

    ◎13:00 lottery event

    ◎14:00 results announced and and / awards ceremony



    “Oita Bungo Ushi’s” support shop “Sumibi to Wine”

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    “Sumibi to Wine” is a meat/wine specialty store which has eight branch stores in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo. Oita Bungo Ushi (beef) is the brand beef of Oita which is healthy and has a high-quality taste, smell and texture. The “Kuju Yume Pork” and moule they offer are both produced in Oita.


    Sumibi to Wine Kyobashiten

    Address: K Buratto, Keihan Kokabashi, 1-5-1, Higashinocho, Toshimaku, Osakashi, Osaka





    The sky hot spring “CITY SPA Tenku” from which Beppu Port can be seen

    “CITY SPA Tenku”

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    “CITY SPA Tenku” is a hot spring facility in “JR Oita City” near JR Oita Station. Since the hot spring is located 80m above ground, you can enjoy the view of Beppu Port, Takasami Mountain and Tsurumidake. They offer a natural, brown-colored hot spring which is called “natrium ammonium hydrogen salt hot spring.” The hot spring has a smooth texture.


    CITY SPA Tenku

    Address: 19F-21F, JR Oita City, directly connected with Oita Station, 1-14, Kanameshi, Oita



    Let’s enjoy the wonderful autumn in Oita that has many gorgeous spots.