2018 Summer: Japanese artists who will perform overseas

07.May.2018 | FEATURES / MUSIC / SPOT

Summer is coming soon, and no doubt you are looking forward to going to summer festivals! In this article, I will introduce to you some recommended Japanese artists who are going to perform at summer festivals that will be held in foreign countries.


きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ ハロウィン

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

THE GREAT ESCAPE is a music festival held in Brighton, England which was started in 2006.

Many events will be held, not just live concerts and many up-and-coming artists, people who are working in the music industry and music lovers from all over the world gather at this festival. Many alternative UK rock bands perform at this festival but big-name artists such as ADELE, ELLIE GOULDING, ED SHHERAN and CHARLIE XCX have performed at this festival too, before or right after they debuted.


World Tour 2018:https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/94229




Location:Various Venues, Brighton City Centre Brighton BN1

Date: 2018/05/17 to 19

Website: http://greatescapefestival.com/


KYARY PAMYU PAMYU official website





Wednesday Campanella

She will also perform at Les Eurockéennes for the first time, a music festival held in Belfort, France. Les Eurockéennes has been held at a protected nature reserve in Belfort since 1989. In 2012, it was awarded Best Overseas Festival in the UK Festival Awards. It is one of France’s biggest music festivals. Wednesday Campanella’s appearance at Les Eurockéennes comes after enthusiastic demand from the people in charge of bookings.


Detail Information:https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/103258



Les Eurockéennes

Location: Lac de Malsaucy, Belfort, France
Date: July 5―July 8

Website: https://www.eurockeennes.fr


Wednesday Campanella’s official website







 “crossfaith” is a solo unit who is gathering much attention all over the world for his unique music which is the mixture of strings and electronica and fresh ideas. He combines many kinds of genres such as metalcore, hard core, screamo and catchy pops to create his unique works. He is going to perform at many festivals this year, so let’s check out his official website.




Download Paris

Date: 2018/06/15 to 17

Location:Base Aérienne 217, Brétigny-sur-Orge, France



Graspop Metal Meeting

Date: 2018/6/21〜24

Location:Dessel, Belgium



Aerodrom Festival

Date: 2018/6/28〜30

Location:Panenský Týnec



Download Madrid 2018

Date: 2018/6/28〜30

Location:Uptown Theater



crossfaith Official Website




輸入盤3アイテム_商品告知画像_3 copy


“Cornelius” is a solo unit of Keigo Oyamada from Tokyo which is gaining high reputation for its high-quality pop music and unique stage performance using various kinds of videos.

So far, it has been decided that he is going to perform at Field Day Festival and Sonar Festival which will be held in June. Please refer to his official website with regards to detailed information.



Field Day Festival

Date: 2018/6/1〜3

Location:Brockwell Park London



Sonar Festival

Date: 2018/6/14〜16

Location:Barcelona 25ª edición



Cornelius LIVE information



Cornelius official website







BABYMETAL are a fusion of the metal and idol genres and are a band active across the globe. Their mix of authentic metal music with their cute singing and dancing continues to captivate fans worldwide. They have also opened their own apparel brand, ‘BMD FOX APPAREL.’ The three of them are also set to perform at many festivals this summer.




Rock on the Range

Location: MAPFRE STADIUM, Columbus

Date: 2018/5/20

Website: http://rockontherange.com/index.html


Rock am Ring 2018

Location: Nürburgring, Germany

Date: 2018/6/1

Website: http://www.rock-am-ring.com/


Rock im Park 2018

Location: Zeppelinfield, Germany

Date: 2018/6/1

Website: http://www.rock-im-park.com/


Download UK 2018

Location: Donington Park, Derby

Date: 2018/6/9

Website: https://downloadfestival.co.uk/


BABYMETAL Official Website:




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