Event Report: Japan Expo 2018 – Europe’s Biggest Japanese Culture Event

07.August.2018 | FEATURES / FES / SPOT

This year’s Japan Expo was held from July 5 to 9. It was MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON’s 5th time attending the event, which hails as Europe’s biggest celebration of Japanese culture.


Having experienced the event five times, we noticed that less people were dressed up in cosplay this year. There was less of an otaku scene and an increase in families and older people.


This seems to be less that the number of otaku has decreased and more that the number of people in the general public has risen. This is supported by the fact that the anime and manga areas were as popular as ever, but other areas like the food, travel and traditional culture booths were also bustling.


Businesses & Food Booths


Go! Go! Curry

Japan’s popular curry chain appeared at Japan Expo for the very first time. Japanese-style curry is currently on a steady rise in popularity in France. The Go! Go! Curry samples that were handed out too were immensely popular!


Many people enjoyed the bite that the spice gives, and there were many people expressing their want for a Go! Go! Curry branch to open in France.


The AEON booth had a variety of colourful ‘randoseru’ backpacks on display. They also handed out keyrings to people and held workshops.


The workshop where people used AEON products to make their very own kawaii rice balls was a huge success. Every time it was held the booth was packed with people who had reserved a place.


There were a lot of people surprised to know that all of the ingredients were products of AEON. We’re also showcased onigiri recipes in our articles so be sure to check them out and try making them at home!

MOSHI MOSHI COOKING: Recipe to Make Kawaii Animal Rice Balls & Workshops to be Held in France and UK


Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF)

The MAFF booth had their own VR set up where people could experience Japanese kaiseki ryori, dishes served before a tea ceremony. People could choose what they wanted to try eating from the course menu and it appear before them. It made a lot of people want to start eating Japanese food.



Japanese Information & Travel Booths


The JAL booth had pamphlets packed with useful information for travelling to Japan. They offer several services for foreigners travelling around Japan by plane that includes bargain tickets priced at ¥5,400, ¥7,560 and ¥10,800.

If you’re planning to go to Japan and are going to a lot of different places, you should definitely check it out.


You couldn’t miss the Tokyotokyo booth, it was huge. They were showing the video below on a monitor.

The video shows traditions from Japan that have been passed down for generations, as well as contemporary pop culture which continues to bring out new things. There was something in there for everyone who had attended Japan Expo.


There was a bunch of other booths too for all locations in Japan, as well as regional pamphlets, displays of famous regional goods, and mascot characters who had come from Japan to promote local regions.


Japanese Cultural Booths


Everybody was trying out the kendama at this booth. There were kids there in full force practicing.


Kendama can be seen in street acts in countries around the world. It’s become something of a cool skill to be able to do.


Shogi, Karuta, and Igo
There was also an area where people could play games like shogi, karuta and go. How were there so many people skilled in each of these?


They were playing seriously so we weren’t able to ask them this time around, but we’d like to interview people next time.



The line at the Nintendo booth was monstrous because they had games for people to play. There was a particularly long line of people waiting to try out the new Super Smash Bros. game.


We actually got to play the game ourselves. Be sure to check out our review here.

3 Ways Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Differs from the Other Titles – MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Report



Finally, our booth! The many people who got involved at our booth came and scribbled on our wall. The topic was to write their thoughts and memories about Japan Expo, but they wrote lots of other things too.

Someone wrote the Japanese they knew


Another person wrote their favourite artist


This person drew a character


We also held a questionnaire at the booth where we asked people about their favourite things and what they’re interested in. We got to meet lots of lovely people at Japan Expo again this year.

Until now we’ve often perceived Japan Expo as an event where anime lovers gather, but this year we’ve seen it’s really a community of people who like Japan. Otaku are included in this number, but so are followers of kawaii culture, listeners of Japanese music, foodies of Japanese cuisine – all types.

We want to continue delivering the latest news on Japan and Japanese culture to these people – these people who so love the culture of Japan, a country so far away.


We’d like to thank everybody from the bottom of our hearts for coming to see us at our booth and for reading our articles.



Japan Expo

Date: July 4, 2018 – July 8, 2018

Website: https://www.japan-expo-paris.com/en/


  • 3 Ways Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Differs from the Other Titles – MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Report

    12.July.2018 | ANIME&GAME / FEATURES / SPOT

    Nintendo attended this year’s Japan Expo in Paris, which ran from July 4 to 8. They were set up in a 1,300m² space where fans had the opportunity to try out the highly-anticipated next entry to the Smash series, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which is set for release on December 7, 2018.


    MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON had the opportunity to play the game at the event. Here’s our report.


    Nintendo’s behemoth play space


    Nintendo’s huge area stood out from the other booths at the event. People could try playing Splatoon 2 and Nintendo Labo, and there was a stage area that could fit around 1,000 people. They really had it all.


    Fans could even take a photo with their favourite characters.

    Onto the main event – the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate booth. Despite it being 9:00am the line was huge!

    Here it is, the new Smash game. As a side note, did you know the title of the game is different in Japan? In Japan it’s called Super Smash Bros. Special.

    The GameCube controller is compatible again just like with Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It feels great to hold and the L, R, A and B buttons are nice and easy to press.

    The middle of the controller is decorated with the iconic Smash symbol.


    His fingers were itching to play as Kirby first. The opponent was chosen randomly and ended up being the Pokémon Trainer.


    ■Point 1: Smoother & Speedier Gameplay

    The in-game movement feels smoother than previous titles in the series and the response is much quicker.


    Also, in the other games you were never able to freely move and attack while in mid-air, but in Ultimate you can move up, down, left and right after jumping.


    ■Point 2: Special Moves Changed

    Bomberman is assisting us with his bomb explosion


    The characters’ special moves, including Kirby, have changed. We wanted to try out some of the other characters too, but we ran out of time. We’re definitely excited to see the rest of the special moves once the game comes out.


    Let’s check out some of the new characters that have been added to the franchise. There’s Daisy from the Mario series, Inkling from the Splatoon, and Ridley from Metroid.


    First up we saw Inkling and Ridley. We also chose the new stage Moray Towers which is from Splatoon.

    You have to move up and down on Moray Towers which can be a little difficult if you’re not used to it.

    This is Inkling’s special move, it’s pretty strong.


    Inkling uses paint and ink tanks for her moves just like in Splatoon.

    And Ridley’s move set works kind of like Charizard.


    ■Point 3: Several Characters Have Unique Abilities

    We heard from a member of staff that characters who used similar moves up to now have been given their own original abilities.


    For example, Fox, Captain Falcon and Wolf have all had similar abilities up to now, but in the new game they are decked out with their own skill sets, so they all play differently.


    Having gotten our fill of the game, this ends the report.


    All the characters from the first title up to now will feature in Ultimate. The game is perfect for anyone who hasn’t gamed much recently and were crazy for Smash when they were younger.


    Look out for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate coming to Nintendo Switch on December 7.



    Point Overview

    Smoother and speedier gameplay

    Special moves changed

    Several characters now decked out with their own unique abilities

  • MOSHI MOSHI COOKING: Recipe to Make Kawaii Animal Rice Balls & Workshops to be Held in France and UK

    07.July.2018 | FEATURES / FOOD

    This is a special edition of Kaori’s featured character recipe series. For this recipe, you’ll learn how to make kawaii animal rice balls with rice and different ingredients.


    Putting herself to the challenge for this special edition is Yuna Yabe! Making cute-looking food isn’t something she normally does. Will she be able to pull it off…?

    Ingredients & Tools:







    Salmon flakes

    Heart-shaped pick


    Kitchen scissors

    1: Cook the rice

    Today we’ll be cooking authentic rice in the microwave using a microwavable rice pot by HOME COORDY. Soak the rice in water and place it into the microwave for 10-minutes for freshly cooked rice!

    Yuna: “I’m amazed you can make rice so easily with a pot and a microwave.”

    2: Prepare the rice

    Yuna will be making three different animal onigiri (rice balls), so prepare three separate plates for each.

    3: Mix one portion of rice prepare from step 2 with salmon flakes

    There’s no correct way to portion the bonito flakes, but in this recipe Yuna mixed in about one tablespoon.

    4: Place the rice from steps 2 and 3 into clingfilm and roll into a ball

    5: First we’ll make a smiling bird. Here’s what you’ll need.

    Face: Rice

    Mouth: Corn

    Eyes: Black olives

    Cheeks: Ham

    Crest: Pick

    6: Cut the olives for the eyes and ham for the cheeks

    7: Now to arrange the face. Use two pieces of corn for the beak and place on the eyes and cheeks from step 6.


    8: Place in the heart-shaped pick for the crest and you’re done!

    Be careful! If you put the beak on too low the face will look too long! Be sure to place it close to the eyes and cheeks.


    9: Next up is making a bear. Here’s what you’ll need.

    Face: Rice

    Ears & Mouth: Cheese

    Eyes & Nose: Black olives

    Cheeks: Ham

    And pasta to fix the ears in place.

    10: Cut olives for the eyes and nose, cheese for the mouth and ears, and ham for the cheeks.


    11: Arrange the face with the cut ingredients just as you did with the bird. Push pasta into the places you want to put the ears.


    12: Push ear-shaped cheese onto the pasta to make the ears.

    Our bear is done!


    13: The last animal is a pig. Here’s what you’ll need.

    Face: Rice (mixed with salmon flakes for that pink colour)

    Nose & Ears: Ham

    Eyes: Black olives


    14: Cut olives for the eyes and nose and ham for the ears and cheeks

    15: Arrange the face with your ingredients.




    Here’s our three finished rice balls. The cutting was all done with scissors (instead of a knife!) so even people who aren’t good at chopping can challenge themselves to this recipe


    We are attending Japan Expo in France and Hyper Japan in the UK this year. In the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON area there will be the AEON booth where you can join a free workshop to make your own rice balls! It’s your chance to master the creation of kawaii onigiri with the help of your cooking sensei. Places are limited, so be sure to stop by!


    This recipe was made with products by Topvalu, a private brand of AEON. For more details on their products, please visit their website below.

    https://www.topvalu.net/ (Japanese only)



    Kaori Kubota(@kaopan27

    I live in Hokkaido and enjoy making dinner, sweet treats and character food using bread♡

    I want to see my family smile, so I enjoy transforming food into characters and making cute meals♡

    You can see more of my character food and bentos on my Instagram page → @kaopan27




    Japan Expo

    Running: July 5, 2018 – July 8, 2018

    Venue: Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center

    Official Website: http://www.japan-expo-france.jp/jp/


    Hyper Japan

    Running: July 13, 2018 – July 15, 2018

    Venue: Olympia London



  • MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON to Attend Japan Expo & Hyper Japan 2018

    04.July.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

    MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON is set to return to Japan Expo this year, Europe’s biggest event celebrating Japanese culture. We will also attend Hyper Japan next week.

    Last year at the AEON booth we sold yukata and ransel backpacks, as well as cute Pokemon pins which you can only get in Japan.

    This year’s AEON booth will have a kawaii workshop. You will use tools ingredients by AEON to make your very own cute rice balls.

    It may seem difficult, but it’s actually quite simple and something that even kids can get involved with. Even better – it’s free to join! If you’re up for the challenge, then be sure to stop by.


    We also have gifts ready for those who share the AEON video.

    Japan’s popular katsu curry brand Go Go Curry will also make its first appearance at Japan Expo. Although there’s not actually any katsu, you’ll have the opportunity to taste test Japanese style curry.


    Japanese curry has a very different taste to curry eaten in Europe, so be sure to try it out. It will be available at Japan Expo only.


    At the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON booth, you can look forward to our colourful photo area once more which recreates the famous World Clock from Harajuku, a popular tourist attraction in Japan’s hub for youth fashion. Also, those who give us a like and follow us on Facebook will not only be gifted a postcard and stickers but you’ll get the chance to take a questionnaire to appear in one of our articles.

    France and the UK – you’d best get ready for us coming back again this year!


    ■InformationJapan Expo

    http://www.japan-expo-france. jp/jp/


    Hyper Japan



  • JAPAN EXPO in Paris is over—next stop, HYPER JAPAN in London!

    15.July.2017 | FES / SPOT

    Japan Expo in Paris was once again a huge success this year. The event began on July 6th and wrapped up on July 9th.
    It was a spectacular 4-days of everything Japanese. Artists and companies made their way to France from Japan to deliver an experience replete with culture from the Land of the Rising Sun.


    The ‘randosel’ backpacks being sold at the AEON booth in the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON (MMN) area proved to be very popular with children and adults like!



    Lots of people were able to come into contact with the Japanese randoseru, a type of backpack usually worn by Japanese elementary schoolchildren but also used as a fashion accessory and often seen in anime. They picked out their favourite coloured backpacks to buy and took photos at our designated photospot.

    The Marukome booth always has a huge line of people waiting for their serving of free delicious miso soup, and this year was no exception. People chose their favourite ingredients to put in their miso soup. There were people who came back for seconds, plenty of which bought some instant miso soup to take home with them. We effectively converted even more people into fans of tasty miso soup! People also watched the video we made together with Marukome and learned different recipes you can use to prepare miso soup. Everybody was able to discover lots of new flavours and combinations and had a really fun time.


    At the Nijigen no Mori booth was a promotional video for “Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park” which will be located in the new theme park “Nijigen no Mori” opening in Japan. There was also a suit of armour based on the movie “Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called: The Battle of the Warring States” that people could wear and take a photo of which was a big success with people.



    Wa-suta, Niji no Conquistador, and THE HOOPERS who all performed at the event also came over to the booth to say hi.


    【MOVIE】THANK YOU THE WORLD STANDARD?????? #わーすた #theworldstandard #wasuta #idol #idolstreet #moshimoshinippon #japanexpo #artist MOSHI MOSHI NIPPONさん(@moshimoshinippon)がシェアした投稿 – 


    We had a big board displayed where people could write their own personal messages to Wa-suta. But on the final day of the event it was so full that we almost couldn’t put any more on!

    There were even lots of people that wrote their messages in Japanese.



    This year’s Japan Expo has finally come to an end. Next week is Hyper Japan in London. We will have the randoseru exhibition set up which was a huge hit in France and will be streaming our miso soup recipe video, be selling different kinds of yukata, hosting a social media campaign to win Pokémon badges* that you can only get at Hyper Japan, and more. (*Please note that the Pokémon badges are limited in quantity)


    If you’re attending Hyper Japan this year then be sure to come over to play at the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON booth!




    Date: July 14th~July 16th

    Venue: Tobacco Doc

    Event Website: https://hyperjapan.co.uk/


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  • Japan Expo Day 2—Introducing: The MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Area!

    08.July.2017 | FES / FOOD / MUSIC / SPOT

    One of the biggest events to celebrate Japanese culture, Japan Expo is in full swing right now, running from July 6th to July 9th. The convention brings in around 250,000 people every year to celebrate all aspects of Japanese pop culture from anime to games, music, food, and all things kawaii.FullSizeRender-copy

    MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON (MMN) have returned to Japan Expo again this year. We’re delivering Japanese culture over at our MMN area.


    Cute & Colourful Randosel & Yukata!

    Randosel are a type of backpack that are most commonly used by elementary schoolkids. Many Japanese celebrities are seen using them and they have lit a fire overseas too. This year at Japan Expo we’re showcasing the colourful randosel by Japanese company AEON. You can come and try on a randosel that catches your eye and take a commemorative photo, and of course you can purchase your favourite one too! We’re also selling yukata in time for summer. There are lots of designs to choose from, including fireworks, hydrangea and more, all of which breathe and echo Japanese summertime. They are very easy to wear, so why not come and pick out one you like for the summer?


    Our Photospot is from THAT Place in Harajuku!

    You can take a photo at the special photospot in the MMN area. The photospot is taken from the gigantic world clock that can be found at the front of the MOSHI MOSHI BOX Tourist Information Centre in the heart of Harajuku. It’s a very popular tourist spot seen popping up on social media all the time. Snap a photo yourself and feel like you’re in Harajuku.


    Get Your Hands on a Rare Pin Badge!

    If you go on over and like the AEON RETAIL Facebook page then you can come and get a Pikachu pin badge. The MMN area is the only place you can get this pin badge in France from AEON! But be aware that we only have a limited quantity, so make sure to come on over to play at the MMN area first if you want one!


    Hungry? Fortify Yourself with Some Delicious Miso Soup


    We’re giving out tasty miso soup for free at our Miso Soup BAR in the MMN area. You can pick two ingredients to put in to make your own original miso soup, just how you like it. And of course, we’re also selling some instant miso soup that is super easy to make at home.

    スクリーンショット 2017-07-03 13.37.20
    MMN has also teamed up with Marukome to create a fun cooking video that showcases lots of different miso recipes that you can cook yourself—in just 10 seconds! You can see just how delicious and easy instant miso soup is to make. It’s a really cute video, so check the video out after stopping by and pick your favourite recipe.


    Write a Personal Message to Real Japanese Idols!

    At the MMN area we have a ‘communication board’ where you can write your own personal messages to Japanese idol group The World Standard, or “Wasuta” for short. There are cheki photos pinned on the board, already surrounded by countless messages from people.There won’t be any room left soon!

    IMG_7294 IMG_7317

    The members of Wasuta came over to the board today to write their own messages on each of their chekis♡ If you’re at Japan Expo this year, come and leave a message for the members after watching their performance.

    Wasuta’s Schedule:
    July 8th:
    12:30〜13:30 Photo Call @SUMIRE Stage
    14:30〜15:00 Japan Stage(Saiko!Stage)

    July 9th:
    14:30〜15:15 LIVE @KARASU Stage
    16:15〜17:15 Autograph Session at SUMIRE Stage


    “Nijigen no Mori” – a New Theme Park in Japan!

    “Nijigen no Mori” is a new anime theme park that will open on Awaji Island in Hyōgo Prefecture on July 15th.Located in Awajishima Park, Nijigen no Mori fuses together both anime and nature to bring to you a new exciting experience. There are many things to look forward to, such as the night walk, a which utilises a projection mapping area themed around “Phoenix” by manga author Osamu Tezuka, as well as the athletic, action-packed zipline based on the Crayon Shin-chan movie “Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called: The Battle of the Warring States”.


    The MMN area has its own Nijigen no Mori booth where we’re showcasing a suit of armour based on the Crayon Shin-chan movie “Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called: The Battle of the Warring States”. You can wear the suit yourself and take a photo. If you decide to take a photo, we’ll give you a Crayon Shin-chan snack!


    We also have pamphlets packed with all the latest information regarding Nijigen no Mori, so you should definitely take one if you’re thinking of travelling to Japan.

    If you’re making your way to Japan Expo this weekend, then please be sure to come and visit the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON booth! We’re also located right next to the Saiko stage, so don’t miss out!


    Writer:Sayuri Mizuno
    Translator: Joshua Kitosi-Isanga


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  • EVANGELION, Pokémon, Yowamushi Pedal and much more at JAPAN EXPO Paris 2017! Find out more about the events lineup right here!

    26.June.2017 | SPOT

    JAPAN EXPO Paris takes place next month and as the opening date draws ever closer, we’re receiving more and more information! Today we’ll be introducing some exhibitions and events lineup!



    The official EVANGELION STORE is a popular hit in Tokyo. From apparel to figurines, they’ll be jam-packed with a range of their best products and waiting for you at JAPAN EXPO. Some of the limited edition goods have been sourced from the main branch located in Ikebukuro and from the Hakone Eva branch. There will also be a life-sized cutout of character Rei Ayanami.


    Marvelous Stage

    Manga, anime and games producer Marvelous Entertainment Inc., who have also churned out many 2.5 D stage performances and musicals, will be present at JAPAN EXPO. At their booth, they will be screening their own movies and selling rare goods that could otherwise only be purchased at their live performances. There will also be the chance to catch the original cast of the 2.5D performers of Yowamushi Pedal. On 9th July, the cast will be holding their handles tight for a mimed bicycle race on stage. Hold on tight and enter the world of Yowamushi Pedal!

    Illustration communication service pixiv will be making its first ever appearance at JAPAN EXPO! Pixiv is a gathering spot for illustrations, manga and more. Visit their booth to see creations by their most popular illustrators. Niji no Conquistador will also be visiting the booth themselves!


    And of course, MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON will also be at JAPAN EXPO! Our booth will have chekis of our idols (cute polaroid-style prints) and a miso bar, where we will be providing you with Japanese miso soup! You can follow AEON’s official SNS and receive a Pikachu badge as a present! Japan fans of France – let’s enjoy JAPAN EXPO together this year!





    Event period:6th July 〜 9th July 2017


    Official site:http://www.japan-expo-france.jp/jp/



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