Single Origin Sencha Specialists ‘Senchado Tokyo’ to Open Limited Time Shop in Ginza

27.August.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

Senchado Tokyo is a shop that specialises in single origin sencha. They just opened a new shop called ESTNATION Ginza on August 24 that will run for a one-year period. It can be found inside Hankyu Umeda in Ginza.


Sencha has been an important tea in Japan since the Edo Period. Senchado Tokyo has come to redefine the tea to cater to modern lifestyles by offering it in a new form. The tea leaves they use which are grown in Japanese farms are not blended when served, allowing for customers to enjoy the spirit of the tea staff and the unique flavours of the leaves.

Those who have never been to Senchado Tokyo before will be able to taste test their single origin sencha at ESTNATION in Ginza to experience its fragrance and flavour.

Toumei Kyusu

Toumei Kyusu, which translates to ‘clear teapot,’ is a new teamaking tool in Japan that was developed to change the design of the teapot. The kyusu teapot was first used in Japan in 1756, making this the first redesign in almost 260 years. It enables the user to brew green tea in an extremely simple way and its size is catered for use by one person, making it a useful tool for the modern world.

Single Origin Sencha

Single origin sencha is sencha grown in a single agricultural location. Its characteristics are its unique flavour and fragrance and its simpleness which makes it usable by anyone. It is not blended with any other flavours made at the farms meaning it can be enjoyed straight and simple. Each packaging has been designed to pair up with each distinct tea.


Head to ESTNATION Ginza to try this unique tea for yourself and discover the appeal of sencha.




Address: 1F-3F Ginza Namikidori Bldg., 2-3-6 Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo

Opening Hours: 11:00am-8:00pm

No Fixed Holidays.



Senchado Tokyo Online Shop: