Starbucks Japan Announces Creamy Pumpkin Frappuccino® for October 1

26.September.2018 | FOOD

The Artful Autumn @ Starbucks® event is still ongoing at Starbucks Coffee Japan, with the next entries to the drink line announced as the Creamy Pumpkin Frappuccino® and Creamy Pumpkin Milk® which will drop at most branches across Japan on October 1.


The first drinks in the line we saw were the three pear flavoured beverages: the Caramely Pear Frappuccino®, Caramely Pear Tea Latte and Caramely Pear Ice Tea. The second drinks were the Crispy Sweet Potato Frappuccino & Latte®.


The two new beverages coming in under a week draw out the creamy goodness of pumpkins and are honey coloured, reminding one of the hues of autumn. The drinks use a pumpkin sauce made with Ebisu Kabocha pumpkins as the base which have a distinct flavour and sweetness.

Both the Frappuccino® and the hot drink are topped with candied almonds for added texture which marry perfectly with the pumpkin as well as a bitter caramel sauce that elevates the pumpkin’s sweetness even more. The Frappuccino also has whipped cream and almonds inside the drink which harmonise creaminess and crunch.

Customers who order either of these beverages will also get their hands on the third wristband of the Artful Autumn @ Starbucks® series pictured above. These are limited in quantity.

*Available with any size.

*Not obtainable with certain coupons.

*Limited edition and will not be available again.

*1 rubber band per beverage.


Japanese pop and R&B singer Thelma Aoyama is also teaming up with Starbucks again to add 5 more songs to her “recommended songs for autumn” playlist on October 1. Check it out here.


The height of autumn begins in Japan in October, so why not head to Starbucks and try the next of their seasonal drinks?



Creamy Pumpkin Frappuccino®

Tall ¥580 (Tall Size Only)


Creamy Pumpkin Milk (Hot/Iced)

Short ¥440/ Tall ¥480 / Grande ¥520 / Venti® ¥560


Running: October 1, 2018 – October 17, 2018

Available: At most Starbucks branches in Japan

Starbucks Japan Website: