See Yamagata Prefecture’s Famous Cherry Blossoms in Online Video Series

20.October.2018 | SPOT

‘STAY YAMAGATA’ is a promotional video series created to promote tourism in Yamagata Prefecture by following around real foreign tourists on their travels. There are four videos in total – two for spring and two for summer.


There are two stories for the videos.

The spring segment follows a mother and her daughter from South-East Asia. The daughter chooses their travel destination as Yamagata Prefecture for its famous cherry blossoms. She does so out of filial piety. They encounter numerous people on their travel as they discover what Yamagata has to offer


The summer segment follows three male friends studying abroad in Japan. They use their university summer vacation to travel to Yamagata. They go cherry picking together, go canoeing, see the fireworks, eat seasonal food and enjoy everything else great about Yamagata in the summer.

Spring – Day 1

Yonezawa Station, Matsugasaki Park, Sakura Café, Wakuwaku Kan, Yonezawa-gyu DINING Bekoya, Takahata Winery, YAMAGATA THE TAKINAMI, Eboshiyama Park, Human Shogi, and more

Spring – Day 2

Mt. Takatsumuji, Nanyo Sky Park, Akayu Station, Yamagata Station, Yamagata Chotto-tei, Kajo Park, Nanokamachi, Hanaakarinoyado Tsukinoike, and more

Summer – Day 1

Shinjo Station, Mogami River Basho Line Descent, Cherry Picking, Chido Museum, Yunohama Onsen Kameya, Yunohama Beach, Kameya’s Dinner, and more

Summer – Day 2

Yunohama Morning Market, Yunohama Beach, Sakata Station, Koise Sushi, Sankyo-soko Rice Storehouse, Somaro Maiko Teahouse, Yuza Station, Ramen Shichiro and more.


The STAY YAMAGATA website has also posted recommended plans for those coming from Singapore and Vietnam. It also hosts a range of other videos of Yamagata including places worth visiting in autumn and winter too.


If you’re planning a spring or summer trip to Japan then check out the videos for yourself to see the beauty of Yamagata.


  • Using 22 cherries produced in Japan, the popular shaved ice dish of “Sekka” called “Sakuranbo Mamire” will be sold again.

    26.June.2017 | FOOD

     “Kakigori Kobo Sekka” is a shaved ice specialized store which uses natural spring water of Mount Fuji and they will offer “Sakuranbo Mamire,” one of their gorgeous dishes from the “Mamire” series. The product will be sold until early July (20 dishes per day).


    The “Mamire” series is a series of gorgeous shaved ice dishes by “Sekka.” The series uses fruits that are sold in morning markets and the cherries used in “Sakuranbo Mamire” are directly sent from Kahoku-cho, Murayama-gun, Yamagata Prefecture.


    The gorgeous shaved ice dish includes 22 cherries in total consisting of ten cherries (no seeds) at the bottom, five (no seeds) in the middle part and seven at the top part (seeds included) and uses raw cherries for the syrup.

    As the concept of the “Mamire” series, the product includes so many cherries that it makes the consumer think “I am confused whether I am eating cherries or shaved ice!” The product will be sold until early July since raw cherries have a short harvest season.


    Price:1,250 yen (only 20set /1day)


    Sekka uses originally-made syrup and fruit syrups are all made of raw fruits. They also have many popular products such as “Raw Strawberry Milk,” “Raw Melon” and “Maccha (Japanese green tea)” Let’s feel the breeze of summer with their shaved ice.



    Kakigori Kobo Sekka

    Address: 〒170-0002 3-37-6, Sugamo, Toyoshimaku, Tokyo

    Five minutes walk from Sugamo Station, JR Yamanote Line

    Three minutes walk from Sugamo Station, Mita Line Toei Chikatetsu


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  • Coca Cola Adds Yamagata Prefecture to Stylish Regional Design Series

    27.August.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    Coca Cola is adding a brand new design to their famous and stylish regional series. Coca Cola’s Slim Bottle Region Design series features illustrations of famous landmarks around Japan on a slim and stylish bottle.  Yamagata Prefecture will be making its grand debut on the slim and stylish bottle on September 2nd and will be sold only in Yamagata Prefecture. 


    The Slim Bottle Region Design series aims to add a refreshing kick to your travels. So far, a total of 31 different designs have been released. These new Coca Colas are the perfect way to splash excitement into whatever new food you discover on your travels in the region and will also provide you with the energy boost you need on a tough day of traveling. In previous years, this stylish Coca Cola bottle has even become a very popular souvenir. 


    So far, designs based on regions all over the country have been featured on these bottles. Locations used so far include Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Hokushinetsu, Tokai, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu and Okinawawa. With Yamagata added to the collection, there will be a grand total of 32 different designs.   


    Different illustrations to represent the famous foods and culture of Yamagata prefecture cover the entire surface of the bottle. You will notice a person waving a hat decorated with safflowers on a summer night which represents the prefecture’s famous Hanagasa Festival. The illustration of the stylish streets of the Ginzan Onsen will definitely trigger nostalgic memories of the Taisho Era for many. The prefecture’s specialty ー small and sweet sakuranbo cherries ー also make an appearance on the bottle. 

  • Nanavi reports on the latest news in Tohoku and Niigata for your travel plans

    16.January.2018 | SPOT

    Nanavi is a news website that provides information on seven prefectures in Japan: Aomori, Iwate, Akita, Miyagi, Yamagata, Fukushima, and Niigata. New reports for 2018 detailing must-see information for these prefectures is currently spilling forth.


    Secret Charms of Yamagata: The Foot of Mount Zaō!

    Yamagata-shi, the capital of Yamagata Prefecture, is a place of scenic and natural beauty famous for many reasons, including being home to the Zaō Onsen and being the stage for Matsuo Basho’s poems, the most famous Edo period poet. It’s a popular tourist with a very unique culture, including a big food culture that centers on imoni simmered potatoes, ramen and more.


    Aomori Prefecture Latest News: ‘Apple Park Winter Festival’

    Snow, apples… we’re talking wintertime in Aomori! Aomori Prefecture is the leading producer of apples in Japan. Its city of Hirosaki is known as ‘apple town’ and celebrates winter with the Ringo Kouen Winter Festival (Apple Park Winter Festival) where you can enjoy their famous apples together with the piling snow. There are plenty of fun workshops and activities to enjoy – and you can even try eating a cooked apple.

    Aomori-shi, the capital city of Aomori Prefecutre, hosts the Aomori Yuki Akari Matsuri (Aomori Snow Light Festival) where your heart and mind will be healed by the soft, warm lights possible only in winter.


    Iwate Prefecture Latest News: Spectacular Ice Sculptures at Iwate’s ‘Snow Festival’

    The ‘Iwate Snow Festival’ is held in the town of Shizukuishi in Iwate Prefecture. When talking about ice sculptures in Japan, most people will think about those at the annual Sapporo Snow Festival, but the sculptures in Iwate are also a dazzling sight to see. When lit up, they are truly impressive. The festival also holds various exciting events.

    The latest reports also highlight ‘Iwachu Tekkikan,’ a long-standing shop that shelves traditional handicrafts and ironware form the south. They have typical traditional items as well as more colourful and contemporary ones.


    Akita Prefecture Latest News: Witness Animals You Can Only See Here

    News from Akita Omoriyama Zoo puts spotlight on the “Yuki no Doubutsuen” (Snow Zoo) that is praised every year. During this event, you can examine bears in hibernation, as well as witness how animals live life in the snow. It’s a fresh experience indeed, made possible only by this special zoo that is situated in a region that receives heavy snowfall.

    In the city of Odate, they will hold an event titled ‘Hinai Tori no Shi’ where you can try eating Japan’s 3 main chickens that have been locally raised, Kiritanpo and lots of other delicious food.




    Fukushima Latest News: If you’re looking for winter activities, look no further!

    Fukushima has a lot of snowfall. ‘Urabandai Lake Resort’ is a spot where you can enjoy fun winter activities to the fullest. All items in the establishment are free to rent and use. If you’re looking to enjoy yourself, then this snow country is the place to be.



    The new year has arrived, which means the real winter is here for these prefectures. Although the cold is bitter, the snow country shines even brighter in winter.


    If you’re thinking of heading to Tohoku or Niigata, be sure to check “Nanavi” first!