Concert Review: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concludes her cabaret-themed tour at Tokyo International Forum

10.December.2018 | MUSIC

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu wrapped up the additional show of her cabaret-themed tour entitled Japamyu Hall Tour 2018: Hoshikuzu no Cherry Martini at Tokyo International Forum Hall A on December 8. The hall tour took the singer to 20 locations across Japan to perform to almost 40,000 people. The set-list was largely comprised of material from her latest album Japamyu which hit shelves on September 26, meaning fans got to see a whole new Kyary Pamyu Pamyu experience.

The concept of this tour was “cabaret.” On the final night at Tokyo International Forum, the show began with the curtains opening to reveal Kyary sat inside a tall cocktail glass from which she opened with Koi no Hana. Onto the flashy and flamboyantly decorated stage she descended where she went onto sing the classic Cherry Bon Bon, pulling the crowd into a gorgeous pop world together with her fellow dancers.


Kyary spoke to the choir of cheers from the crowd: “I want to showcase what a cabaret-like concert looks like. There will be lots of cute songs.”

Excitement was aroused when CANDY CANDY came on which was followed by Drinker during which Kyary sang alongside the on-stage bar counter. After serving the crowd cute princess vibes with the sparkly pop tune Oshiete Dance Floor, she added to her concoction of myriad elements with some rap for Enka Natrium. Her colourful world continued to unravel before fans.

After a brief interval Kyary returned to the stage in a new outfit alongside a band of male dances donning black with whom she used chairs to perform the electropop number No No No. Kyary fanned the flames of the crowd’s frenzy with skybound fist punches during Todoke Punch.

Kyary paused to explain a little about the concept of her tour. “Did you know, Osaka has a longstanding cabaret [venue] called Miss Osaka. After finding that out I decided I wanted to do a cabaret show which led to creating this. The underlying theme [of this tour] is about a legendary cabaret performer called Kyary who is too popular. This makes her become ill so she has to take a break. [These concerts] are based on her legendary return to performing.”


She also talked about the small bag she had with her which was the most sparkly piece of her outfit. “It was a present from the Kano Sisters.”

Kyary returned to performing with the catchy dance tune Chami Chami Charming. She kindled a fire once more with Mondai Girl and added fuel with Fashion Monster.

A second interval passed to unveil “KYARY” written in huge lights. She sang Tokyo Highway wearing another new eye-catching outfit which upon closer inspection is a collage of Kyary wearing swimsuits. The crowd joined in with shouting along “1, 2 Iyahoi!” during Harajuku Iyahoi.

After a fun Q&A section with fans Kyary moved into the latter half of the concert with a performance of Ninja Re Bang Bang. For the Japanese-sounding techno-pop song Oto no Kuni the crowd all changed the colour their glowsticks in unison, creating a kaleidoscopic spectacle of dazzingly gorgeous lights. This was followed by Kimi no Mikata and finally Kizunami to wrap up the main show.

Calls for an encore never let up once when Kyary left the stage. She returned to perform her old hit Kimi ni 100 Percent.

Before the final song, Kyary expressed her gratitude for this tour: “There’s been 20 concerts since September. It’s really finished in a flash. It’s been so much fun and I’ve never wanted a tour to not end more than this one. When thought I that, I thought to myself it’s because [producer Yasutaka] Nakata created this wonderful album Japamyu. So I sent him an e-mail on the tour bus. It said, ‘Singing and living your wonderful songs is the most fun.’ He kindly replied, ‘Same for me, I have many songs I can only write for you so I really enjoy it too.’ That moved me, and I cried on the bus. What’s fun about doing this concert today is the many wonderful songs, the wonderful staff and having all of you wonderful fans. I am here because of those things. I believe that in my heart.” A huge round of applause set her heartfelt words in stone.


Talking about her vision for touring next year, she continued: “What I’m interested in doing right now is a concert that looks back across history. I think it would be interesting to start from the Australopithecus. I’m also thinking things like how it would be cool to perform at somewhere sacred. There’s still lots of things I want to do, so please come and see me again!”


After another round of applause a fun and warm atmosphere took over the room for the final song Sai & Co (Album Edit) which was wrapped up with an overhead rain of sparkly golden confetti.


Kyary showed fans what a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu-styled cute pop cabaret show would look like. It’s time to get excited about what she has in store for us in 2019.