ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION Releases 2 New Music Videos Simultaneously

28.December.2018 | MUSIC

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION has released two music videos on YouTube for their new songs Motar Pool and Rainbow Flag.


The songs are taken from their latest album Home Town which was released on December 5. The videos were directed by new video creators who were left in the Creator Auditions hosted by koe Inc. The music video for UCLA, which was the first video to be directed by creators in the audition, has also been posted on the official website.


Motar Pool


Norie Enokizono, the director of Motar Pool, commented: “Everything collapses in those times where the more you treasure memories and people it doesn’t go well. When you’re set on wondering deeply to yourself over and over the darkness changes to light and you come to see what’s really important. Both courageous war cries and the howls of a losing dog are the same bark―the same action―but the reason behind them is different. You can feel both of those things when you listen to this song, so I tried to capture that moment between them both when everything stops for a moment.”


Rainbow Flag


Tatsurou Kumaki, the director of Rainbow Flag, commented: “This video has people from various backgrounds all set on rope-jumping over a big rope. Although they jump, skip and get caught the video expresses the song’s message in supporting people who live life to the fullest in their way. Be sure to check it out.”