Aimer Releases ‘I beg you’ Music Video From New Triple A-Side Single

06.January.2019 | MUSIC

Aimer will release her triple A-side single I beg you / Hanabiratachi no March / Sailing on January 9 next week. This will be the singer’s 16th single.

I beg you will be used as the main theme song for the upcoming anime film Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel II. lost butterfly set for release on January 12. Hanabiratachi no March is a song about setting off on a trip during spring. Sailing will be used as the main theme for the Japanese drama series Les Misérables Owarinaki Tabiji which began airing on January 6, 2019 for Fuji TV’s 60th anniversary.


Following on from the release of the Hanabiratachi no March music video which dropped on New Year’s Day, Aimer has now released a music video for I beg you on her official YouTube channel.

The music video for Aimer’s song Hana no Uta, which was used as the main theme song for Fate/stay Night: Heaven’s Feel I. presage flower, was directed by Takahiro Miki and starred actress Minami Hamabe. Both Miki and Hamabe have returned for the I beg you video.

Like Hana no Uta, the I beg you music video is set in a dazzlingly beautiful while laced with a sense of danger. Minami Hamabe made her acting breakthrough last year and director Miki brings out her charm to the fullest extent. The song itself has an exotic and original sound.


Aimer – “I beg you” Music Video


I beg you will be released early as a standalone digital single on iTunes and other digital platforms on January 8. The full music video is also scheduled be released on Aimer’s YouTube channel soon.


Minami Hamabe’s Comment:

“I was very happy to have the opportunity to appear in one of Aimer’s music videos again and have Miki directing again. It was a fun video shoot. I immersed myself in unique perspectives of Aimer and Miki. I too am looking forward to seeing the completed music video.”


Takahiro Miki’s Comment:

“I am overjoyed to be teaming up with Minami Hamabe once again in Aimer’s music video following Hana no Uta. The song is even more intense and energetic so I kind of went all out on the video while keeping the world of Fate in mind (laughs). I hope people enjoy the chaotic and delusional world of the cute and infectious female character.”


Aimer’s Comment:

“I am both happy and grateful to have had the opportunity partner with director Miki and Hamabe again. Both as music and as story I beg you becomes more extravagant and interesting the more you sink your teeth into it. I want people to dive deep into this song in every nook and cranny in the beautiful and chaotic world that Hamabe follows.”