Tokyo makeup brand Shu Uemura releases 24 new shades of foundation!

21.February.2019 | FASHION

Tokyo’s first makeup artist brand Shu Uemura will be releasing a new 24-shade foundation for Asian skin tones on Wednesday 20th February. These are light, easy to apply and even manufactured to last a long time. Step into a new world of fashion with the “Unlimited Lasting Fluid”, which is now available for purchase.

These 24 shades are specifically made for Asian skin tones. You are bound to find one that is perfect for your skin ー as if it was made specifically for you!

This foundation spreads evenly over your skin, dissolving perfectly with a light texture. It spreads a long way, leaving a faint and an equal finish.

Strong against sweat and humidity with a fresh finish that lasts for hours, this foundation is so durable that you will not even notice that you are wearing makeup.


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