Kaori’s Easy Recipe: Learn to Make Hello Kitty crêpes

10.March.2019 | FEATURES / FOOD

Today we’ll be looking at a recipe for Hello Kitty-themed crêpes ー perfect for White Day! You can make these using ingredients usually found at home. This recipe is easy and so is recommended for children and for those of you who aren’t used to making desserts!



20cm frying pan (makes 2 large and 1 small crêpes.)

Egg White 1

Wheat flour 25g

Sugar                  1 tbsp

Vegetable oil       1/2 tbsp

Milk                     50cc

Chocolate pen (black and yellow colours)


You can fill the crêpe with whatever you like. Today’s filling is strawberries and cream because the outside of the crêpe will be decorated with a Hello Kitty ribbon made from strawberries.


2:Make the batter

① Thoroughly mix the egg whites.

② Add the contents of ① to the flour and sugar and mix thoroughly.

③ Add ② to the milk and mix thoroughly even more!

④ Filter the contents of ③.


If you forget to filter then you will not get a smooth, beautiful batter when you fry your crêpes so be careful!



We recommend you use a Teflon frying pan. As you want to make the crêpe into Hello Kitty’s face, do not cook the crêpe too much or it will become too dark! Therefore, keep it on a low flame. This can also be done well using a hot plate!


Please refer to the above video to learn how to fold and decorate the crêpe.


Before spreading out the crêpe and filling it with cream, cut a small piece of crêpe and place it in the centre of the larger crêpe. After this, you can put the cream on top. This ensures a smooth finish for Hello Kitty’s face as it is otherwise slightly translucent.



Kaori-san plans to continue to release articles on how to create character-themed desserts! Kaori-san has already posted loads of character bento lunches on Instagram so please check it out!