New Lifestyle Store AKOMEYA TOKYO in la kagū Opens in Kagurazaka

03.April.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

The new flagship store of AKOMEYA TOKYO named AKOMEYA TOKYO in la kagū opened its doors to the people of the capital in Kagurazaka on March 30, 2019.


The store stocks a diverse selection of items from rice and foodstuff to cooking tools, beauty care products, items to live a more luxurious life, and more. Rice is one of the main highlights of AKOMEYA TOKYO in la kagū whose core concept is “Spreading Happiness With One Bowl Of Freshly Cooked Rice.”


Around 20 varieties of carefully selected rices from around Japan have been selected for selling in addition to the perfect condiments and ingredients to go with it, dashi and more―all of which made for great gifts. Customers are invited to select their own quantity of polished rice to take home.

Customers can look forward to a huge dining space serving up an incredible food experience expected of a flagship store.

The company has also opened up their very first cafe establishment in the store called AKOMEYA Chaya which serves up drinks previously only available at their Ginza branch.

A separate cafe called Shiratama Salon Shinsaburou is also open in the store. It is managed by Shiratama Shinsaburou, a shop from Kumamoto with a history spanning over 380 years.


We mustn’t forget the products on offer either.

Bean Barrel (300ml) – ¥2,500 (Before Tax)

This barrel of beans comes in a barrel branded with the store’s name. The packaging encompasses traditional Japanese culture.

AKOMEYA Dashi Yaki Ago (8g x 5 Bags) – ¥480 (Before Tax)

This dashi is made from grilled dried flying fish and serves to elevate the flavours in your cooking even more. The fish comes from the city of Hirado near Nagasaki and has a unique taste.

Kaya Seichi Fukin – ¥500 (Before Tax)

A dish cloth that feels softer in your hands the more you use it. They are hand made in Nara Prefecture.


A selection of limited-edition products to celebrate the store opening are also available to purchase too.

Ofukuwake Box (Stock: 200) – ¥3,000 (Before Tax)

Shiratama Salon Ofukuwake Box (Stock: 80) – ¥3,000 (Before Tax)


In line with the store’s opening AKOMEYA TOKYO have also updated their official online store. Be sure to pay both the site and store a visit.