Aimer Releases ‘3min’ Music Video From New Album.

05.April.2019 | MUSIC

Japanese singer Aimer―known for her iconic husky voice―will release two new albums simultaneously on April 10: Sun Dance and Penny Rain.

The music video for her new song 3min taken from Sun Dance has been posted onto her official YouTube channel.

The music video takes on the theme of travelling around the world in three minutes. As the title suggest, Aimer journeys to Tokyo, Taipei, Shanghai, Singapore, London, Liverpool, New York and Los Angeles in just three minutes.


The video was shot across Aimer’s various live shows including during her Asia tour and trip to NYC and LA. You could called it a documentary tracing her steps through 2018. The video also features the locations where the album covers for both new records were shot.


Speaking about the new song and video, Aimer comments: “The idea for this song, which is about going around the world in three minutes, came about around February last year when we were planning the album. It’s been a year since then during which me and the team have accumulate footage to make into a music video. I want everybody to join me on this three-minute journey and the world I have walked across, from countries where it rains to others where the sun shines.”