Hotel Produced by Owner of the World’s Most Famous Shiba Inu Maru Opens in Kyoto

06.April.2019 | SPOT

The new Marugott Hotel will open in Shimogyo, Kyoto on April 7, 2019. The hotel is produced by Shinjiro Ono, the owner of the world’s most famous Shiba Inu dog Maru.

Two other people have helped to bring this hotel to life including Tatsuya Tanaka, a renowned photographer of miniature art, and artist Pantovisco.

The three of them have a combined total of over 5 million Instagram followers with fans across the globe. But they are now set to go bigger than Instagram with the opening of the new hotel in Kyoto which invites the people of the world to their artistic space.


The hotel also has a souvenir shop which will open on April 5 at 11:00am. To celebrate, Shinjiro Ono will be there to serve customers on the first day.

Maru’s Playroom (Designed by Shinjiro Ono)

Maru’s Playroom is inspired by the places that Maru plays in on a regular basis like the carpet which is made to look like a grassy lawn. The double futon bed too is as fluffy as green pastures.


There is no kitchen or refrigerator in the room in order to accommodate more surreal artwork. There is only one hotel of its kind in the world, so experience it for yourself if you’re looking to stay in Kyoto!