Starbucks Japan Reveals Red & White ‘Strawberry Very Much Frappuccino®’

09.April.2019 | FOOD

The first drink of last year’s summer season at Starbucks was the hugely popular #STRAWBERRYVERYMUCHFRAPPUCCINO®.


This year, the drink is set to return to Starbucks branches across Japan on April 11 in two versions: the #STRAWBERRYVERYMUCHFRAPPUCCINO®__RED and #STRAWBERRYVERYMUCHFRAPPUCCINO®__WHIT.


The RED beverage is packed full of strawberry flavour, so much so that it is like eating actual strawberries. This includes the main base of the drink, the sauce and powder on top. One sip is a refreshing burst of sweet and sour strawberries in your mouth.


On the other side is the WHITE drink. The base of this drink includes white mocha syrup as well as a dollop of fresh strawberries. Enjoy together with the crunchy strawberry macaron.

A pop-up shop selling just these drinks will open in the courtyard of Tokyo Midtown from April 10 to 13 so stop by if you’re in the capital!