Tokyo Skytree Town® celebrates 7th anniversary with commemoration event and limited goods!

20.April.2019 | SPOT

Wednesday 22nd May 2019 will mark seven years since Tokyo Skytree Town® was established. To celebrate, Skytree Town will hold a commemoration event and sell goods themed around the number “7”, rainbows and the seven prismatic colours.


You can browse original merchandise and enjoy the original commemoration menu at Tokyo Skytree’s official shop THE SKYTREE SHOP and the SKYTREE CAFE located on the observation deck (floor 350).


Tokyo Skytree 7-year commemoration medal keyring  ¥800 (price with tax) THE SKYTREE SHOP (Floors 1, 5 & 345) Available from Thurs 18/04

This is the standard 7-year commemoration medal keyring. As the date is carved into the medal, it’s the perfect souvenir to remember your trip!

Tokyo Skytree 7-year commemoration rainbow candy ¥864 (price including tax) THE SKYTREE SHOP (Floors 1 & 5) Available from Thurs 18/04

These Skytree lollipops look just like Tokyo Skytree! They come in seven vivid colours to represent the commemoration event.

Tokyo Skytree 7-year commemoration memorial box ¥1,576  THE SKYTREE SHOP (Floors 1,5 & 345)  Available from: Thurs 18/04

This contains original petites gaufres biscuits filled with skyberry cream, crunchy chocolate and much more! Feelings of gratitude are packed into this limited edition 7-year commemoration collaboration box!


Rainbow peach float  ¥700 SKYTREE CAFE (Floor 350) Available: Tues 07/05 ー Weds 05/06

This 7-year commemoration soda is sprinkled with sugar stars and garnished with a logo cookie. The plum soda is topped with Skytree’s highly popular sky soft cream and contains collagen ー a great source of protein!


As part of the 7-year commemoration event, Tokyo Solamachi will be running an event of gratitude called Kanshasai. From Tuesday 7th May, every shop in Tokyo Solamachi will be selling limited edition commemoration goods. From Wednesday 22nd May, Solamachi will be handing out “happy bags” which come with a shopping ticket scratch card. You should also try out the commemoration “happy menu”!

 Ginza Natsuno original scattered foil design heptagonal chopsticks ¥5,400 each  Ginza Natsuno (East Yard 4th floor)

To join in the 7-themed commemoration event, Ginza Natsuno is selling their famous scattered foil-design chopsticks. This rare chopstick design has seven corners at the end! The foil decoration colours represent the lighting of Tokyo Skytree®.

※ Wooden box + 2 sets of chopsticks: ¥10,800 (separate wooden box fee: ¥400)


There are also a number of lucky number “7” campaigns taking place. One campaign involves 7,777 customers receiving a prize, and another awards customers with a lucky number “7” a prize! For more detailed information on these 7-themed campaigns, please check out the official website!


Take a trip to Tokyo Skytree to join in the commemoration celebration and create more great memories!


  • Astronaut Snoopy Soars Up Tokyo Skytree For FIRST BEAGLE IN SKYTREE® Event

    10.July.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    Tokyo Skytree is set to hold an event titled FIRST BEAGLE IN SKYTREE® from July 18 to October 14 in collaboration with the astronaut version of Snoopy which appeared in the original comic 50 years ago in March this year.


    Strap on your space suits and get ready to head up the tallest tower in the world as its top floor, the Tembo Galleria―towering at 450 meters high―is transformed into a Snoopy space station. Learn about outer space with Snoopy and his friends, dine on food and drink themed on everybody’s favourite beagle, and more.

    Join snoopy as he makes his galactic debut as the first beagle in space. As you step into Shuttle 2 (the elevator) head up into the stars, you and your fellow astronauts will glimpse pictures an decorations taken from the Astronaut Snoopy graphic novel. While you watch the number of meters rolling up on the monitor as you soar higher and higher, you can rest assured the excitement of stepping out will surge simultaneously.


    You’ve made it. You step out of the elevator into the Skytree Space Station where Snoopy and the gang will be ready to meet you. Be sure to snap a commemorative photo with them with the spacey background on the windows so you never forget this day. Once that’s all done it’s time to start your astronaut mission.

    Continue up a further 110 meters to reach the peak of the Tembo Galleria and gaze at the wall decorations all along which celebrate Astronaut Snoopy’s 50th anniversary with commentary. There’s plenty of great opportunities for photos here too.

    After learning about space, it’s time to experience space yourself! Step into this area and take a photo that looks like you’re floating in space with Snoopy. Nearby there are also boards with various commentaries on them regarding JAXA’s work including the Akatsuki space probe, the Hayabusa2 asteroid explorer, astronaut gear for outside the space shuttle, sokol suits, space stations, and more.

    It’s finally time to depart for space exploration. At the space station’s highest point (451.2m) you will find a special spaceship photo spot with beautiful illuminated half-globes and an illustration of the door to space behind you. Depart into the starry expanse with Snoopy, Charlie Brown and all the other characters of Peanuts.

    Every astronaut needs a good meal to keep them going. Head back down to the SKYTREE CAFE on the Tembo Deck on floor 340F and enjoy a selection of themed desserts, drinks and more. You’ll even get a free gift! Look forward to the Planet Bagel filled with avocado and basil, a Moon Surface Tiramisu, the Iced Charlie Brown Whipped Cream & Caramel Latte, and more.


    Expect to sift through all the exclusive merchandise they’ll have on offer too. All of this is available for a limited time only, so don’t miss this chance to celebrate Snoopy as the FIRST BEAGLE IN SKYTREE®.


    ©2019 Peanuts Worldwide LLC 


  • Tokyo Skytree Town® Opens Bonobono Cafe & Shop

    08.June.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD / SPOT

    The new Bonobono Tree Village Cafe & Shop will open inside Tree Village at Tokyo Skytree Town® on July 1 until July 30.


    This is the second time the Bonobono Cafe & Shop has opened here, the first being back in October 2016. The first run was so popular that people were waiting up to 3 hours to get in and try one of the many Instagrammable dishes, such as the blue burgers with Bonobono’s face on them, and pick out their favourite items at the shop.

    The new cafe and shop will feature an new designs and decor. The main pink visual features Bonobono sat on top of a giant macaron. The shop will sell exclusive cafe merchandise as well as all-new Bonobono merchandise.


    ©Mikio Igarashi / Takeshobo・Fuji TV・Eiken

  • Astronaut Snoopy Collaborates With Tokyo Skytree | FIRST BEAGLE IN SKYTREE®

    19.May.2019 | SPOT

    Tokyo Skytree is set to hold an event titled FIRST BEAGLE IN SKYTREE® from July 18 to October 14 in collaboration with the astronaut version of Snoopy which appeared in the original comic 50 years ago in March this year.

    The event will take place at the Tembo Galleria, 450 meters atop Tokyo Skytree, where people can expect to see astronaut-themed Snoopy displays, photo spots, original merchandise, a food menu and more.


    Kids and adults alike can look forward to heading to space with Snoopy this summer up inside Tokyo Skytree.


    ©2019 Peanuts Worldwide LLC


  • Tokyo Skytree® Celebrates Hello Kitty’s 45th Anniversary

    03.May.2019 | SPOT

    Tokyo Skytree® is set to hold a special collaboration with Hello Kitty from May 7 to July 17 called to celebrate her 45th anniversary. The theme of the event is “Hello Kitty’s 45th anniversary party 450m atop the clouds.”


    The event will take place 450 meters up the tower’s Tembo Galleria where there will be decorations, a shop selling original merchandise and more.

    Hello Kitty★Sorakara-chan Triple Charm Key Ring: ¥1,296 (Tax Included)

    This key ring comes with three different charms: Hello Kitty, Tokyo Skytree, and the tower’s mascot Sorakara-chan. The Skytree charm is made in a stained glass style and glistens with the light.く。

    Wristwatch (2 Designs): ¥3,996 Each (Tax Included) *On sale from May 22, 2019

    These two special Hello Kitty wristwatches are exclusive to the anniversary event.


    The SKYTREE CAFE located on 340th floor Tembo Deck is also serving up a Hello Kitty-themed menu.

    Hello Kitty Tapioca Strawberry Milk: ¥850 (Tax Included)

    A delicious three-layered beverage of chewy tapioca, sliced strawberries, milk and strawberry whipped cream. The drink is finished with cocoa powder in a Hello Kitty design.

    Feel Happy♪ Marshmallow Hot Chocolate: ¥700 (Tax Included)

    You’ll want to wait for the colour heart-shaped sugar to melt into this marshmallow-filled hot chocolate, that’s when it tastes the best!

    Carbonara Flower Pasta: ¥1,300 (Tax Included)

    If you’re looking for more of a meal then you’ll want to order a plate of this carbonation. It’s topped with edible flowers and comes with a cute celebratory Hello Kitty flag.

    Photo Spot: “Stroll Across the Sky With Hello Kitty” (Photo is for illustrative purposes only)

    Hello Kitty Collection (Photo is for illustrative purposes only)

    To commemorate your visit, take a photo at the photo spot, and afterwards enjoy the exhibition showcasing the history of Hello Kitty. If you love Hello Kitty then you won’t want to miss out on this collaborative event!


    ©’76,’79,’82,’85,’88,’89,’90,’93,’96,’01,’19 SANRIO CO.,LTD. APPROVAL NO.SP600019 ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

  • Barbie™, Hello Kitty & Sorakara-chan Collaborative Events at Tokyo Skytree.

    21.March.2019 | Uncategorized

    Tokyo Skytree is collaborating with Barbie™, Hello Kitty and its own mascot Sorakara-chan this year with in a series of event. The Barbie™ event will celebrate 60 years of the internationally loved fashion doll for her “Inspiring Girls Since 1959” project. The Hello Kitty event commemorates Hello Kitty’s 45th anniversary, and the Sorakara-chan event is in promotion of the mascot’s new dance show.

    Tembo Galleria “Runway” Exhibition © 2019 Mattel. All Rights Reserved. ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

    Barbie™ has taken over the Tembo Galleria floor of Tokyo Skytree and will do so until May 6. The Galleria is decorated with all things pretty and pink with a dress room, runaway, closet and more, all to have you feeling like you have shown at a fashion show.

    Tembo Galleria “Backstage” Exhibition © 2019 Mattel. All Rights Reserved. ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

    There are plenty of opportunities to snap colourful photos while being inspired by Barbie’s™ positive message that “You Can Be Anything.”

    Cafe Menu © 2019 Mattel. All Rights Reserved. ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

    Down at the SKYTREE CAFE on floor 340 there is an exclusive Barbie™ themed menu.

    Limited Edition Merchandise © 2019 Mattel. All Rights Reserved. ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

    Exclusive merchandise you can’t get anywhere else is also being sold and a stamp rally is taking place where you can receive a limited edition novelty by collecting all the stamps.


    Sorakara-chan’s Kira Kira☆Dance! ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

    A new show featuring Tokyo Skytree’s official mascot characters Sorakara-chan, Sukoburuburu and Teppepen will run at the Sky Arena located on the 4th floor of Tokyo Skytree Town from April 27 to May 6 at 11:00, 12:30, 14:30 and 16:00 everyday except on Mondays and public holidays.


    The characters will appear in new costumes and entertain the crowd with a cute dance show.

    Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary ©’76,’79,’82,’85,’88,’89,’90,’93,’96,’01,’19 SANRIO CO.,LTD. APPROVAL NO.SP591255 ©TOKYO-SKYTREE

    The special Hello Kitty collaborative event will run from May 7 to July 17 up on Skytree’s Tembo Galleria. Celebrate her 45th anniversary up in the clouds with and enjoy a themed menu, exclusive merchandise, photo spots and illustrative displays.


    There is always something fun happening at Tokyo Skytree. If you’re in the city be sure to check out the events up the tallest tower in the world!