A Bathing Ape® × Coca-Cola Second Capsule Collection on sale from October 22nd!

20.October.2016 | FASHION

A Bathing Ape® has teamed up with Coca-Cola to release a capsule collection line this month. This is the second collaboration between the two companies, fusing original Bape® camouflage apparel with Coca-Cola’s logo written in different languages.

The new line also features the previously well-received ape head drinking from a Coke bottle. There’s all kinds of things up for grabs in this collaborative line-up. In addition to a variety of t-shirts and hoodies, you will also be able to get your hands on an apron, a glass, and much more. Moreover, people who spend over ¥30,000 (tax included) in one purchase will receive a special novelty frisbee as a present. Please be aware that frisbees are limited in stock and will not be available again once all have sold out.


The items will be available at A Bathing Ape® stores nationwide from Saturday October 22nd (not available at BAPE STORE® Shibuya or BAPEXCLUSIVE™ Aoyama).

A Bape Store® pop-up shop will be appearing in Harajuku for a limited time of 9 days from October 22nd to October 30th. Those who get there early will receive a free bottle of Coca-Cola (190ml). If you’re nearby Harajuku during the limited period, please be sure to visit.
※Please be aware that the free Coca-Cola is limited and won’t be available again once all have been handed out.



4-21-5 3rd Floor, Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001
TEL. 03-5474-0204
OPEN: 11:00 – CLOSE: 20:00


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  • BAPE® Releases Face Mask Case For Storing Your Mask

    24.May.2020 | FASHION

    A BATHING APE® released its new face mask case on Saturday (May 23) for people to hygienically put away their face masks, whether to store away or for on the go. The cases will be given to everyone that purchases something from the BAPE STORE® or BAPE.COM in Japan.

    The case features BAPE’s iconic APE HEAD design. It’s made from PVC and so can be hand washed so people can safely and hygienically store their face masks. The case can of course be used to store hand sanitiser or hand wipes too.

  • Coca-Cola to Release New Bottle Designs in Collaboration With BAPE®

    20.May.2020 | FASHION / FOOD

    Coca-Cola System is joining monkey paws with A BATHING APE® to release two new bottle designs in limited quantities throughout Japan on May 25.


    The designs come as part of Coca-Cola’s slim bottle line which was first released in Japan back in 2015. This is the first time the slim bottles have collaborated with a fashion brand. There are two designs: the classic BAPE® ape and BABY MILO.

    Left: Coca-Cola Slim Bottle BAPE® Design / Right: Coca-Cola Slim Bottle BABY MILO Design

    A BATHING APE® has collaborated with Coca-Cola in Japan twice in the past since 2014. The slim bottles are 250ml for that quick refreshing hit, and are made from aluminium to keep your drink cold. It features the same stylish shape as Coca-Cola’s glass contour bottles.


    Coca-Cola’s bottles have high design concepts having collaborated with the Olympics and FIFA World Cup, and in Japan they release seasonal bottles as well as bottles with tourist hot spots.

  • A BATHING APE® To Launch New Items in Advance on Their Online Store

    16.April.2020 | FASHION

    A BATHING APE® is set to open preorders for brand new products on their official online shop BAPE.COM. BAPE® items exclusive to the official online shop that drop every Saturday will now be available on Fridays. Customers refraining from visiting the store in person can take advantage of BAPE®’s free shipping campaign which has been extended until May 11, 2020.

    The latest news and updates on BAPE®, AAPE, BAPY®, BABY MILO® STORE, online store-limited items and much more can be found on A BATHING APE®’s official online shop.

  • Streetwear Brand XLARGE to Release My Hero Academia Collaborative Clothing

    14.April.2020 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Established in November 1991 in Vermont Avenue los angeles, XLARGE has become one of the leading streetwear brands, infusing a range of culture such as music, art and comics into their designs and pioneering a new direction in fashion. 


     XLARGE is set to release a line of My Hero Academia collaborative clothing with Kōhei Horikoshi – the creator of the popular Weekly Shōnen Jump series (Shueisha. Inc).  


    My Hero Academia is set in a world where 80 percent of the world possess some kind of superpower called “quirks”. The main character Izuku Midoriya (Deku), who has dreamt of becoming a hero since childhood, discovers that he was born quirkless. After an unexpected encounter with the world’s greatest hero All Might, Deku inherits the “One For All” quirk and is able to enter the prestigious hero school U.A. High School where he studies and fights alongside his new classmates to master his quirk. From children to adults, the series has become incredibly popular worldwide and the TV anime is set to release its fifth season. 



    The new clothing series features Izuku Midoriya, his rival from childhood Katsuki Bakugo, the top-class hero Shoto Todoroki and the world’s number one hero and Deku’s biggest role model All Might. All the illustrations are original and include the XLARGE logo.


    MY HERO ACADEMIA DENIM PANT LtINDIGO / 30,32,34,36inch / ¥20,000+TAX

    If you’re a fan of these new generation Jump characters then this stylish lineup is just what you need. The lineup will be sold from May 2, 2020 on calif and ZOZOTOWN online stores. 


    This is perfect for any My Hero Academia fan looking to quirk up their look. 


    ©Kōhei Horikoshi/ SHUEISHA. Inc, My Hero Academia Production Committee

  • BAPE STORE® To Open in COMME des GARCONS in Osaka’s Luxury Brand Hotspot

    02.April.2020 | FASHION / SPOT

    Japanese fashion label COMME des GARCONS OSAKA has moved to Midosuji in Shinsaibashi, Osaka and is set for its grand opening on April 3, 2020. 


    The first floor will be occupied by BAPE STORE® (A BATHING APE®), making it the first ever COMME des GARCONS to house a BAPE STORE®. 


    COMME des GARCONS was founded by world-famous fashion designer Rei Kawakubo in 1969. Besides developing a number of world famous brands such as COMME des GARCONS HOMME PLUS, she also founded the multi-brand retailer DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA, becoming a key figure in the world’s leading fashion. As the second largest city in Japan after Tokyo and the largest in west Japan, Osaka has remained the economic and cultural epicentre of the Kansai region for centuries. Kawakubo’s latest step in the world of fashion is the brand new opening of BAPE STORE® COMME des GARCONS OSAKA along Midosuji street, Shinsaibashi – a main street of central Osaka which is a hotspot of luxury designer shops. 


    Last year, BAPE STORE® opened in Kyoto, marking a year since BAPE STORE® opened in the Kansai region. The interior of BAPE STORE® COMME des GARCONS OSAKA was done by Rei Kawakubo. This atmosphere and design is completely different to existing BAPE® stores and will also sell limited COMME des GARCONS and A BATHING APE® collaboration merchandise that are not available anywhere else.


    If you’re in Osaka and love high-end fashion, the brand new BAPE STORE® COMME des GARCONS store and its limited merchandise is worth checking out. 


  • A BATHING APE – Colourful Busy Works Logo Items Released

    04.March.2019 | FASHION

    BAPE® just released a new line of colourful items with the Busy Works logo on them. The collection was released in Japan on March 2 at stores stocking A BATHING APE® merchandise.

    WHITE BWS One Point Tee: ¥6,800 (Before Tax)

    Black Busy Works Bucket Hat: ¥7500 (Before Tax)

    Red Busy Works Frisbee: ¥1,800 (Before Tax)

    Black Busy Works Rubber Coaster: ¥1,000 (Before Tax)


    All of these items and more are now available from BAPE®.

  • MMN Interviews Former 2NE1 Member Dara at BAPY® HARAJUKU STORE’s Opening Event

    28.November.2018 | FASHION / FEATURES / SPOT

    BAPY BY A BATHING APE®︎ is a women’s clothing line by A BATHING APE®︎, the internationally popular Japanese fashion brand that has collaborated with some of the most famous brands and music artists around the world.

    The company launched their secondary brand BAPY®︎ in 2001. In October this year, the brand’s name re-launched under the new name “BAPY BY A BATHING APE®︎.”

    As part of the rebranding process, the company opened up their new BAPY® flagship store in Harajuku which is decked out in the brand’s iconic coral pink colour. The store’s opening reception party was held on November 14 which saw appearances from Japanese actress Mariya Nishiuchi amongst a whole list of models and influencers. Among them as a special guest was Dara, former member of South Korean girl group 2NE1.


    Dara is a busy fashionista who has enjoyed invitations to countless shows hosted by top brands across the globe. She was donning clothes from BAPY BY A BATHING APE®︎ at the reception party but still stood out from the crowd as she showed her support for the brand’s relaunch.


    MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON had the chance to interview Dara and ask her about women’s fashion, her favourite spots in Japan and more.

    ―Welcome to Japan! How long has it been since you were last in Tokyo, and where are you thinking of visiting next?

    I was last in Tokyo in March of this year, so it’s really been a while. It’s a place I visit a lot for fun so I wanted to come back again soon. It’s been four years since I last came to Japan for something work-related. There’s lots of shops I want to go to. Japan has my favourite curry and ramen restaurants. I want to shop at places like Don Quijote too.


    ―Are there any places in Japan you would recommend to the people of South Korea or your fans around the world? If so, what’s your reasoning?

    Japan has way too many really delicious restaurants, I’m always stuck deciding what to eat. My acquaintances work in the fashion industry so they’ve shown me some little-known shops. Especially in places like Harajuku and Omotesando. There’s shops we often go to there to buy clothes. They have everything – brands, streets, vintage stores, you name it, so I recommend it to people.

    ―Street fashion is seeing another boom amongst girls in Japan. You regularly don street fashion. Please tell us some tips on how to look stylish with BAPY.

    When I visit Japan I get the impression that Japanese women really enjoy fashion and have fun with it in many ways. I’m mainly into and wear street fashion. BAPY too has all sorts of different items, like casual trainers, hoodies, coats, jackets. I personally like to wear colourful trainers and a hoodie and then add to that a coat that matches the season. And if you’re going for heels or boots you can bring out both a street vibe and sexy feminine look. That’s why it’s my favourite style. “Mix-and-match” is the thing to take away from it.


    ―Your outfit today is cute too! Please tell us your tips on coordinating an outfit.

    With this look I’ve gone for a more girly, chic style than street. I put on a beret to bring out the cuteness. I also really love the grey checkered skirt, jacket and long boots too. I think the style comes together well.



    ―Please leave a message for your fans around the world.

    This BAPY event was my first work in Japan in four years. The people I met at the event (models, the people involved etc.) kindly showed their love and support for myself and 2NE1 as they always do. It really surprised me but it made me really happy. I think the fans feel the same too. I will continue to work harder. I want to look cool doing all kinds of different things. I’m forever grateful to everyone and want them all to feel happiness! See you again ^^


    Enjoy BAPY BY A BATHING APE®︎’s new line-up as well as the street fashion tips kindly provided by Dara herself!

  • adidas Originals Teams Up With BAPE® for New Collection on July 28

    20.July.2018 | FASHION

    A Bathing Ape®, known commonly as BAPE®, has joined with adidas Originals to release a new collaborative collection set for July 28.


    BAPE® is a fashion industry leading brand from Tokyo that first hit the streets in 1993. Over the course of 25+ years, their name has become a symbol of street culture. They continue to deliver many iconic designs to people, such as the BAPE STATM footwear, SHARK HOODIE, the APE HEAD logo, the BAPE® CAMO pattern – the list goes on.

    The new collection takes adidas’ timeless ‘adicolor’ apparel and uses BAPE’s® 1st CAMO as the print. There are four exclusive camo-fused colours to choose from: red, black, blue and original green.

    BAPE® TRACK TOP (From Top: DP0183、DP0184、DP0185、DP0186) – RRP ¥18,000 (+Tax)

    BAPE® SSL TEE (From Top: DP0191、DP0194、DP0193、DP0192) RRP ¥7,990 (+Tax)

    BAPE® TRACK PANTS (From Top: DP0187、DP0189、DP0190、DP0188) RRP ¥15,000 (+Tax)


    The items are marked with a big size trefoil logo in their respective colours as a homage to the golden age of the hip-hop scene.

    They also feature the APE HEAD logo – a symbol of streetwear – and an adicolor x BAPE® minimalist label on the cuffs to fuse both the sports and street cultures of both brands.




    adidas Originals by A BATHING APE®

    Available Stores:

    adidas Originals Flagship Store Tokyo

    adidas Online Shop: http://shop.adidas.jp/originals/bape/

    Stores stocking A BATHING APE® items



  • Coca Cola Debuts Frozen Lemon Drink

    15.April.2018 | FOOD

    Coca Cola is releasing its first ever frozen drink in a pouch. Coca Cola Frozen Lemon will hit shelves in Japan on April 16, 2018.

    コカコーラ フローズンレモン

    The company’s new beverage has the kind of delicious flavour you would expect from them. The drink is enjoyed frozen in a pouch which is to be crumpled with your hands and drank. It has a sherbet-like texture to it.

    If you’re in need of something to cool you down in the summer, then Coke’s new invention is perfect. At the same time, you can enjoy a whole new experience.

    コカコーラ フローズンレモン2

    Coca Cola Frozen Lemon has been in development for 8 years and has undergone rigorous trial and error to make it perfect. At long last, they are ready to unveil it.

    The packaging is a first for Coca Cola, arriving in a pouch, allowing people to enjoy its creamy and crunchy texture to the fullest. Your hands won’t get dirty and it’s easy to sip from.

    コカコーラ フローズン レモン

    Be sure to check out Coca Cola Frozen Lemon for the incoming hot summer!




    Coca Cola Frozen Lemon

    On Sale: April 16, 2018
    Price: ¥130

    Website: https://www.cocacola.co.jp/


  • Street Fighter collaborates with Saga Prefecture to open Sagat themed shop in Ginza

    15.January.2018 | SPOT

    Saga Prise, a project set up to promote the latest news and info on Saga Prefecture, has announced a joint-collaboration with Street Fighter II – the second entry to the critically acclaimed competitive fighting game series Street Fighter, which celebrated its 30th anniversary last year – to create the “Street Fighter Saga” project. In conjunction with this, Street Fighter character Sagat will open a special local goods store called “Sagatto Shouten” in Ginza for a limited period starting from January 22nd.


    “Street Fighter Saga” is a collaborative project to celebrate the charm of Saga Prefecture’s local specialties. The distance between Saga Prefecture and Thailand is rapidly growing closer, so to help the process, the popular Thailand-born character Sagat will join the fray. Saga Prefecture was used as a filming location for a movie in Thailand, and since then, the number of tourists visiting from Thailand has increased, deepening relations between citizens of Saga.


    Sagat is the center of this project, but 8 of the main Street Fighter II cast will also be joining him, giving life to a range of collaborative local specialties. There is a total of 14 items to get your hands on, and they’ll all be sold in Ginza at “Sagatto Shouten.” The shop’s name, “Sagatto Shouten” (Sagat Shop), has been written as a pun in Japanese (佐賀ット商店) to refer to Saga Prefecture. Sagat has been inaugurated as a tourist ambassador and the shop’s manager where he will promote Saga Prefecture to locals and tourists coming to Ginza.


    Street Fighter Saga Aritayaki Porcelain – 8,000 (tax incl.)

    Arita ware is one of Japan’s oldest type of porcelain made in Arita, Saga. The gorgeous gloss and vivid, detailed porcelain painting of this product will dazzle fans. This limited edition Sagatto Shouten item was made by “Koransha,” a long-standing Aritayaki pottery company that has been around for 137 years.


    Losing Face Band Aids – 900 (tax incl.)

    Pharmaceutical company “Yutoku Yakuhin” is located in Kashima, Saga, and they make band aids. These fun Street Fighter band aids showcase the characters’ losing faces. Hopefully these will give you the motivation to ‘continue’ if you hurt yourself.


    Black Mon Blanka – 200 (tax incl.)

    This chilled ice cream is produced by “Takeshita Seita” in Ogi, Saga. The unique name of the product originates from when the former company president Takeshita Shotaro gazed at Mont Blanc in the Alps and thought to himself “wouldn’t it be delicious if you put chocolate onto this pure white mountain and ate it?” It’s a widely recognised snack in Kyushu, to the point that there’s probably no one there who has never seen it before. Even Blanka from Street Fighter couldn’t resist how tasty this is.


    Saga Nori in Classic Packaging – 900 (tax incl.)

    This special box contains seaweed from Saga. “San Nori” is expertly farmed in the gorgeous Ariake Sea. Has a melt-in-the-mouth taste and irresistible sweetness. The packaging features a classic Street Fighter design.


    There are lots of other unique items available too, so be sure to head on over to the shop before it closes for good!



    Location: GINZA PLACE 3F, common ginza RAMO FRUTAS CAFÉ

    Address: 5-8-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

    Running: January 22, 2018 – January 28, 2018

    *Merchandise, art display and collaborative menu available

    Opening Hours: 10:00-21:00 (open 15:00-21:00on January 22nd)

    Sagat (Costumed) Appearance Times:

    ・January 22nd: 15:30-16:00/16:30-17:00/17:30-18:00

    ・January 26th-28th: 13:00-13:30/14:00-14:30/15:00-15:30/16:00-16:30


    Saga Prise! Official Website: http://sagaprise.jp/

    Street Fighter V Official Website: http://www.capcom.co.jp/sfv/




  • Collaborative items created by READYMADE® produced by Yuta Hosono and A BATHING APE® will be sold

    26.November.2017 | FASHION

    The collaborative items created by BATHING APE® and READYMADE®, a remake brand produced by the designer Yuta Hosono, will be sold.


    The designer, Hosono selected vintage cloths and created unique products using the icons of BAPE® such as Ape Head and the shark motifs (stich and patch).



    The products were sold in advance at the select shop “MAXFIELD LOS ANGELES” in October and items such as down jacket, shorts, Boston bag and shoulder pouch which sold out rapidly will be sold at each store from the 25th of November (Sat.) (limited time offer).


    Also, each item will be exhibited beforehand on BAPE STORE® Harajuku from the 23rd of November (Thurs. – holiday).


    Don’t miss these rare collaborative items.



    Available stores

    BAPE STORE® Harajuku:https://bape.com/readymade/


    WHY ARE YOU HERE?:https://whyareyouhere.jp/



  • The Uraharajuku brand, A BATHING APE® will release a collection based on the concept of “DIRTRACE.

    25.September.2017 | FASHION

    The apparel brand in Uraharajuku called A BATHING APE® will release a collection based on the concept of “DIRTRACE” which is the name of an off-road BMX racing bicycle.


    The collection consists of full zip hoodies, sweat pants, googles, helmets, jackets, T-shirts etc., all different pieces of BMX racing uniforms. The line-up is unique to BAPE®.



    BMX 26 inch

    COLOR:GREEN MEN’S ¥110,000 +TAX.

    SPECIAL ORDER:The quantity of the product is limited. The product will be shipped from mid December.


    The original BMX (26inc) was created by “W-BASW,” a bicycle-specialty store located in Shibuya, Tokyo and supervised by the creator Egawa “YOPPI” Hobun.




    COLOR:BLACK MEN’S ¥35,800 +TAX.




    COLOR:WHITE MEN’S ¥13,000 +TAX.




    COLOR:RED MEN’S ¥24,000 +TAX.



    COLOR:WHITE MEN’S ¥2,200 +TAX.



    The graphic design is from the special collection of SK8THING.


    The products will be sold at all official A BATHING APE® stores throughout Japan from the 30th of September (Sat.).


    Check the special website for detailed information!



    A BATHING APE® DIRTRACE special web site:https://bape.com/dirtrace/