Kasumi Arimura & Naomi Watanabe Go Makeup-Less in SK-II’s #BareSkinChat Videos

11.May.2019 | FASHION

Global skincare brand SK-Ⅱ released the next entries to their beauty and entertainment video series Bare Skin Chat on May 8.

The two new videos feature appearances from actress and SK-II ambassador Kasumi Arimura and popular comedian Naomi Watanabe. They continue where James Corden and Chloe Grace Moretz left off in Episode 5. In just two weeks of being posted Episodes 1-5 had already garnered over 40 million views online and 1.3 million reactions on social media.


Kasumi and Naomi were a duo that fans could never have imagined coming together. People reacted positively to their hilarious banter.


SK-II #BareSkinChat | Episode 6: Episode 6: Your Bathtub, May I?

In Episode 6, Naomi unveils to Kasumi the secret to beautiful skin: relaxing is a nice bubble bath while listening to classical music. While she’s doing that Kasumi lets Naomi in on her own skin care routine which consists solely of using Facial Treatment Essence. Naomi soon learns that this simple routine is the true secret to soft skin by touching Kasumi’s face over and over.


SK-II #BareSkinChat | Episode 7: #ASMR SHHHHH

In Episode 7, the duo try their hand at making an ASMR video by using Facial Treatment Essence.


Be sure to catch up with the series and check out the new episodes!