【Special Deal】100 lucky students can get their fingers on an all-you-can-eat 100kg portion Jagariko for ¥100!

10.November.2016 | FOOD

“Jagariko” is a long selling potato stick snack brand that was established in 1995 from snack food maker Calbee. To celebrate the brand releasing its 100th flavour (salt and sesame oil) of the tasty, crunchy snack, the Calbee PLUS store located on Takeshita Street – the heart and soul of Harajuku – will be holding a special one-day all you can eat event on Monday November 14th from 14:30 for 100 lucky students. They will have chance to snack on 100kg of “Jagariko” together for just ¥100!!

The event is targeted towards 100 students and will be held in 7 separate 30-minute intervals where they will be able to snack on as much Jagariko as they can in the limited time they have! It will be held between 14:00-16:00 and tickets will be given out there directly on a first-come-first-serve basis. Not only can students pig out on as much snacks as they’d like, but they will also receive their very own Jagariko cup and some souvenir Jagakiro to take home with them☆


If you’re a student living in Japan, be sure to have your ID on you and head on over to Harajuku to get your fill of Jagariko!

“Jagariko” All You Can Eat Event
Time/Date: Monday November 14th, 2016
①14:30~15:00 ②15:10~15:40 ③15:50~16:20(※Data will be collected)
④16:30~17:00 ⑤17:10~17:40 ⑥17:50~18:20⑦18:30~19:00
Location: Calbee PLUS Harajuku Takashita Street, 2nd Floor
1 Chome-16-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 (along Takeshita Street) ※5-minute walk from the JR Harajuku Station


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  • McDonald’s Japan offers five days of free coffee in January

    17.January.2017 | FOOD

    The best part? No purchase necessary!

    This year McDonald’s Japan is renewing the recipe for their fresh-brewed coffee. And what better way to get people to taste it than to give it out for free?

    It seems McDonald’s agrees, because that’s just what they’re doing!

    From January 16 to 20 you can get a free small size coffee for absolutely nothing. 0 yen. US $0. Just stop by between the hours of 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. and ask for an S-size coffee. You don’t even need to use that special coupon you got in your McDonald’s Lucky Bag.

  • 【Special deal】Chinese Buffet restaurant in Kyoto

    13.December.2016 | FEATURES / FOOD / SPOT

    I would like to introduce a reasonable Chinese Buffet restaurant in Kyoto.

    This restaurant is called “Taiyoro” which is located in the first basement floor of Kyoto Royal Hotel & Spa. It is in Kawaramachi Street close to “Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae” subway station, so very easy access. However, this restaurant is not run by this hotel even though it is inside the hotel building, so please be careful not to get confused.


     “Taiyoro” is a popular restaurant that also has many branch stores in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo. The one I would like to introduce is “Kyoto Royal Hotel store.” Lunch buffet has about fifty different kinds of food, free refills for soft drinks, and 1200 yen for 60 minutes.


    They have so many different kinds of food such as Chinese staple dishes including stir-fried sour pork and vegetables, Mabo tofu and kara-age, and also stir-fried dish that you have never tasted.  You better get a reservation beforehand in case there is a party of tourists for sightseeing.


    There is another branch in “Kyoto Shijo-kawaramachi.” It is also a very good location that faces Shijo Street, but it is hard to find it since it is underground. Royal Hotel branch is very spacious inside the restaurant to hold a large party of tourists compared with this branch which only has a bar table and a few counter tables. They only have about twenty different dishes. They charge you 1000 yen (includes tax) for “petit Chinese buffet.”



    Taiyoro Kyoto Royal Hotel Store

    Address: Kyoto Royal Hotel & Spa B1F, Sanjoagaru, Kawaramachidori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto


    Taiyoro Kyoto Shijo-Kawaramachi Store

    Address:Yu-ittoikezen Bld. B1F, 88 Nishiiruma, Shijo-Kawaramachi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto




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  • Celebrate Pocky & Pretz day on 11/11— Take part in the campaign and you could be in for a treat yourself!

    31.October.2016 | FOOD

    In order to celebrate this year’s “Pocky and Pretz” day, which will be held on 11th November, a special site “Minna no Pocky Fes! 2016” (Everyone’s pocky festival 2016) opened on Friday 28th October.

    ( Special site URL: http://cp.pocky.jp/photo/ )


    The special site is concentrated with pocky photos uploaded on Instagram, Twitter and other social networking sites. By accessing the special site, you can enjoy an abundance of unique Pocky photos!


    Additionally, follow the Pocky and Pretz day official account (ポッキー&プリッツの日) on Twitter and post a pocky photo along with the official account hash tag to be entered for a lucky draw! One lucky winner will receive 1111 boxes of pocky! Take part in the second pocky campaign by retweeting the post made by the Pocky and Pretz day official account — 111 lucky winners will be awarded one box of pocky each!


    What are you waiting for? Snap a pocky picture and share the fun — you could be in for a treat!



    Special website URL: http://cp.pocky.jp/photo/

    Official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/pockypretz11



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  • 【Special Deal!】Delicious high quality “Uniku” – A4 rank Japanese beef & uni – at half price over at “Gonbee”!

    28.October.2016 | FOOD

    Restaurant “Gonbee” recently opened its doors this month in Udagawa (Shibuya, Tokyo) on October 12th. Despite being located underground, it’s described as a fun place with a great atmosphere that serves delicious food and offers a lot of alcohol. For a limited time only, their delicious “Uniku” – A4 rank Japanese Black beef around raw sea urchin eggs – will be on sale at the half price of ¥500 (not including tax) until Tuesday November 15th.

    This is a rare chance for you to eat from a luxurious, high quality menu with as little change as one coin!

    ※You must order over 2 kan (approx. 7.5kg/16.6 pounds)


    There’s plenty of top quality tasty food to enjoy from the menu, including a variety of small bowls with 3 ingredients, rice topped with truffle egg, and more. You can have black truffle grated on top right in front of you too! With its great atmosphere and delicious food you’re sure to enjoy this little gem of a restaurant.

    Address: Dai San Tanaka Building B1F, Udagawa, Shibuya, Tokyo 31-3(東京都渋谷区宇田川町31-3 第三田中ビルB1F)
    Half price “uniku” available until November 15th

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  • Enjoy whisky. Pocky made for adults “Pocky

    21.October.2016 | FOOD

    Perfect match for whisky. On October 25, 2016,  Pocky will start selling their “Pocky <amber adults>”, targeted towards adults.


    On the condition that whisky and our product is a perfect match,  we did used malt extract instead of sugar on the pretzels. In addition, it is covered coated with salt so that it reduces the sweetness and creates a perfect match with whisky. The flavor of whisky enriches the chocolate, and naturally creates harmony after eating.

    You can even use pocky as sugar to sweeten your drink, why not try it with the whisky? 


    Pocky <amber adults>

    Retail:Amazon.co.jp or bar


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  • Chance to enjoy Japanese snacks in North America! Tokyo Otaku Mode, begins a periodical purchase service.

    11.October.2016 | FOOD

    Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. started selling as well as periodically purchasing Japanese snack service  for North Americans. 

    Periodically purchasing service is monthly fee and once every month, the Japanese snack will be delivered to your home. 

    There are 3 plans, monthly fee starting from $12~$35 and the types of snack from 4 ~ 12 types. You can enjoy Japanese snack such as matcha pocky popular among foreigners who live in Japan, even in North America. Don’t miss the chance to savor Japanese snacks!  


    TOKYO OTAKU MODEhttps://otakumode.com/shop/subscriptions/snacks


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