Taste Test 34 Types of Umeshu Plum Wine at Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo

19.May.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

The luxurious Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo―located in front of Tokyo Station and featured in Michelin―is holding an all-you-can-drink event this summer named Umeshu BAR where people can taste and compare 34 different brands of umeshu plum wine. It will take place at Hanagoyomi Tokyo, a restaurant on the 15th floor of the hotel, from June 6 to August 31. The service will last a total of 3 hours where people are free to enjoy tasting the different varieties of umeshu, all provided by Wakayama-based brewery Nakano BC.

The drink line-up includes 4 types of authentic umeshu, 17 types of cocktail umeshu made with fruit juice and other ingredients, 3 types of aromatic umeshu made with plants such as rose hip and lavender, and 1 vintage umeshu that has been aged for 3 years.


The drinks to really look out for are the four brand umeshu all of which have stood out in umeshu competitions. This includeds Beninanko, Ryokucha Umeshu, Mikan Umeshu and Hassaku Umeshu. There’s also a unique spicy umeshu that contains ginger. The beverages can be drank in a number of ways, including straight, on the rocks, with water, with hot warm, and with soda. There are also four types of non-alcoholic umeshu for those who don’t enjoy alcohol.


The all-you-can-drink plan even comes with dessert. Choose your favourite umeshu to have poured over vanilla ice cream. The bar recommends the Strawberry Umeshu or the aged umeshu.

Don’t miss this chance to try as much of many varieties of authentic Japanese umeshu as you want.