New ‘Given’ Anime Trailer Reveals Character Ritsuka Uenoyama’s Voice

23.May.2019 | ANIME&GAME

Given is a popular boys-love manga by Natsuki Kizu that is serialised in Shinshokan’s Cheri+ magazine. It has been announced that the series is receiving an anime adaptation and will premiere on Fuji Television’s noitaminA programming block in July.

The announcement of the adaptation at the 2019 Fuji Television Anime Line-Up Conference on March 14 caused an uproar of excitement on Japanese social media. A new promotional video series entitled “talk to_PV” began being released on May 16 and will run every Thursday for four weeks showcasing different characters’ voices.


2nd Character Voice Promo Video: talk to_PV Ritsuka Ver.

For week two, we get to hear Ritsuka Uenoyama’s voice played by Yūma Uchida.

Speaking about the role, Uchida comments: “I’m Yūma Uchida, and I’ll be lending my voice to Ritsuka Uenoyama for the anime series Given. This series carefully displays the wavering hearts of two different people. I feel it explores the conflicts that make up their youth, such as not being true to oneself or finding the way for one’s passions. I want to exchange words with [the character] Mafuyu myself too!”


A 4-week campaign is also running in Japan via the series’ official Twitter account in Japan where you can receive a signed card by the cast. Details below.

Don’t miss Given airing this July.


©︎Natsuki Kizu・Shinshokan / Given Production Committee