Introducing the Kawaii Girls of the World | Kawaii Fashion Snap #2: Colourful Pop

11.July.2019 | FASHION / FEATURES

Welcome to Episode 2 of Kawaii Fashion Snap where we get to know all about the kawaii girls of the world and their fashion. If you’re new to this feature then you’ll want to check out Episode 1 which dropped last week.


The theme of today’s Kawaii Fashion Snap is Colourful Pop. We have 5 new names to look forward to with 5 completely different looks. Let’s take a peek



The cute Milli loves fantasy, her pastel coloured outfit and accessories matching perfectly in this look. Her outfits over on her Instagram page are in sync with the seasons, creating a professional magazine-like layout. The clothing in this look are even coordinated with the building in the background!


See more of Milli @plantlovingrose



Leader of The Kawaii Cult, BRITTANY looks like she jumped straight out of an anime series. The pink feminine base of this outfit mixed with the boyish cap makes for a unique look―and those shoes are to die for! You should most definitely check out her dance video on YouTube where she’s cosplaying Hatsune Miku too.


See more of BRITTANY @brittanymichelle.jpg



It’s no secret that Kiri loves Rilakkuma. One peek at her lookbook also tells us that she looks amazing in anything she wears, from girly styles to kimono. Her beautifully vibrant orange hair and colourful pop garbs, carefully pinned with cute decorations, is nothing less than kawaii♡

Her Instagram page shows off not only her fashion but her lifestyle too where she is surrounded by her favourite characters.


See more of Kiri @kirukeru



Sarah is currently studying abroad in Japan. Her kawaii ensemble today features a one piece with a blue sky soaring across it coupled with rainbow socks. Her outfit is enough to bring out the sun as simply gazing at it will make you feel bright and sunny. Her Instagram page takes us on a trip with her to various apparel shops, cafes and many other kawaii spots in Japan.


See more of Sarah @Sarah



Sandra’s mixes her colourful rainbow top with cropped jeans that have a cute heart on them. Don’t miss the adorable Sora-chan on her top either, the official mascot character for Tokyo Skytree♡ Everything from the clothing up to her hair accessories are a perfect kawaii match.


See more of Sandra @bubblechutea


We will continue to introduce more of the world’s kawaii girls in this new series. If you’d like to feature in Kawaii Fashion Snap or know somebody that would, then follow us on Instagram and post with the hashtag #moshimoshiphoto.

Look forward to the next entry!