Fashion Model and Artist Auditions Now Open―Winner TBA at ASIA FASHION AWARD 2019

21.August.2019 | FASHION / SPOT

 It has been announced that the ASIA FASHION AWARD 2019 in TAIPEI will begin on November 30. Running alongside the awards show is the “ONE ASIA” Audition Powered by Uplive which seeks to discover models and artists from Asia.


This year will mark the 4th run of the ASIA FASHION AWARD which aims yo support people who are active on an international scale to give them bigger opportunities. Males and females from any part of Asia are encouraged to join, with the top prize winner to be announced directly at ASIA FASHION AWARD 2019 in TAIPEI.

Many notable individuals have taken part in the awards, with stage performances from Tetsuya Komuro, MIWA, CL BoA, and Jolin Tsai to runway walks from top models such as Yu Yamada, Tina Tamashiro, Reina Ikehata, and AMIAYA―amongst many others. Last year, Japanese actor Takuya Kimura and Taiwanese model, actress and singer Lin Chi-ling took part as ambassadors for the awards, alongside all of the participants waiting for the winning announcements.


Audition entries are collected from around Asia and accepted candidates will be voted on by users. Mass media from across Asia will also support with promotion including Uplive which has over 60 million users worldwide, Taiwan’s biggest television new channel SET News, Japan’s biggest female entertainment and lifestyle news site Model Press, Vietnam’s number one media site Yan Digitla, and more. They will also publish articles on the winner of the top prize.


Final judging will take place on an audio programme which will be recorded in the SET News studio in Taiwan.


This is a huge opportunity for those people who want to be active in Asia but don’t know how, and for those looking to find a new version of themselves. Entries are now being accepted. More details can be found on the event website.


  • YOUCA’s Formula For a Fine Face Vol. 1: Oriental Face

    19.August.2019 | FASHION / FEATURES

    Popular Japanese hair and makeup artist YOUCA is an analyzer of the latest makeup collections. In this new featured series, YOUCA reveals the secret formula to easily incorporating today’s makeup trends into your daily routine. In Volume 1, she showcases midsummer oriental-style makeup. Learn the formula for a fine face by following her trendy tips and tricks.

    Oriental Face Formula = Turquoise Line x Terracotta Lipstick + Flower Print

    YOUCA: “The 2019 fall/winter collections have been adventurous with eye makeup colours, featuring things like paint makeup and graphic eyeliner. Those are hard to incorporate with your everyday looks, so I recommend just using them in one spot. I’m serving makeup colours that go well with the botanical look, something which is in fashion right now.”

    Turquoise Line: Go casual with a single coloured line drawn from your eye

    What we are focusing on here is the single coloured eye makeup line. By choosing a colour like turquoise, which is far away from skin colour, it highlights the eyes more. With this style you are looking to make the eyeline stand out, so we want to be low-key with the eyeshadow. All YOUCA has done here is used grey eyeshadow (pictured top right) which is spread thinly. The eyelashes are not raised and only a little mascara has been applied. Then, using the eyeliner (pictured bottom left), she has drawn a thin line just above where the double eyelid ends. Simply apply the colour as it is without flicking it up for a more effortless eye.

    Terracotta Lipstick: Sophisticated grown-up lips without looking overly pop

    The colour of terracotta, which is a type of earthenware, goes really well with floral designs. It’s also a perfect match with the turquoise eyeliner. Just put a little bit of the terracotta lipstick (pictured bottom right) on your lips and pat it with your finger to blend. Keep in mind that the eyes are the main focus so don’t emphasize your lips too much.


    To make your eye makeup stand out even more, try to go makeup-less as much as possible on your skin. YOUCA is using the purple makeup base from Shinseido (pictured bottom) instead of foundation which gives a more no-makeup naked look. For her cheeks, she’s using the Cream Cheek (pictured top right) by Celvoke and applying it thinly to her cheeks to give her a more grown-up look.

    Clockwise From Top Left

    Top Left: SHISEIDO Essentialist Eye Palette 02 – ¥4,000 / Shiseido International

    Top Right: Celvoke Comfy Stick Brush 03 – ¥3,500 / Celvoke

    Bottom Right: SHISEIDO Kajal InkArtist 07 – ¥2,200 / Shiseido International

    Bottom Middle: Shiseido Glow Enhancing Primer – ¥4,000 / Shiseido International

    Bottom Left: Celvoke Dignified Lips 09 – ¥3,200


    Styling Credit
    Shirt (Stylist’s Own Item) / DISCOVERED: Pants ¥27,000 / flake: Earrings ¥24,000, Bangle ¥46,000/ agete: Ring (Gold/Right Hand Ring Finger) ¥22,000 / IDEALITE: Ring (Silver/Right Hand Index Finger)


    agete 0800-300-3314
    IDEALITE 03-5413-3546(alpha PR)
    Shinseido International 0120-81-4710

    Celvoke 03-3261-2892
    DISCOVERED 03-3463-3082
    flake 03-5833-0013


    Staff Credit
    Photographer:中野 与志夫
    Styling:橋本 裕介
    Model:KAINO Yu
    Writer:石井 佐代子


    *All prices listed are pre-tax prices




  • Introducing the Kawaii Girls of the World | Kawaii Fashion Snap

    01.July.2019 | FASHION / FEATURES

    Kawaii Fashion Snap is a new feature we are starting here on MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON that puts the spotlight on girls around the world who have incorporated Japan’s culture of kawaii fashion into their wardrobe. From lolita to gothic lolita, yume-kawaii, colourful Harajuku-like pop styles and more, we will showcase and interview the girls of the world who are active with their kawaii endeavours on social media.


    Check out the co-ords of each of these Japan-loving fashionistas, and if you like their style be sure to follow them.



    This is Chirikku. She coordinates pastel colours into her outfits. She likes the kind of styles featured in the Japanese fashion magazine LARME. The photos she took while at the Pokémon Café are nothing short of kawaii. She buys a lot of her clothes in Japan and online. Visit her Instagram page to see all the photos she has taken in many of Japan’s kawaii spots.



    Kawaii Dream

    Kawaii Dream is an avid cosplayer. In this look she has gone full pink, from the pink wig to the pink sailor uniform and pink bag. Her hair accessory is beautiful too. She mainly buys her kawaii-style fashion items online. You can see more of her ultra-kawaii looks in her cosplay photos over on her Instagram page, so be sure to check them out.

    @Kawaii Dream



    Danielle’s outfit is girly from top to bottom: the umbrella, skirt and the laces of her shoes are both stylish and kawaii. The locale for this photoshoot in the garden was a perfect choice. She’s been a fan of visual-kei since high school which is where her interest in Lolita fashion sprouted. She posts many different looks over on her Instagram page.




    Angelic Amii’s pastel-coloured co-ord is also kawaii, combining an Esther Bunny t-shirt with jeans that have hearts on them. This shoot was taken in London’s Selfie Factory. The location and her outfit match splendidly. Amii gets her clothes when she visits Japan as well as at Lazy Oaf in London. She bought her jeans and belt are from lazy oaf. Make sure to check out her summertime kawaii on her Instagram page.




    For Thyra’s look, she is wearing a beret and big and beautiful ribbon earrings. The transparent ribbon together with her gorgeous blue top gives a cool and refreshing look. It’s very kawaii indeed. Thyra gets her kawaii fashion from online stores and second-hand clothing shops and even makes her own. The various items that appear on her Instagram, like cherries and unicorns, match beautifully with her style.



    We will continue to introduce more of the world’s kawaii girls in this new series. If you’d like to feature in Kawaii Fashion Snap or know somebody that would, then follow us on Instagram and post with the hashtag #moshimoshiphoto.

    Look forward to the next entry!

  • Introducing the Kawaii Girls of the World | Kawaii Fashion Snap #2: Colourful Pop

    11.July.2019 | FASHION / FEATURES

    Welcome to Episode 2 of Kawaii Fashion Snap where we get to know all about the kawaii girls of the world and their fashion. If you’re new to this feature then you’ll want to check out Episode 1 which dropped last week.


    The theme of today’s Kawaii Fashion Snap is Colourful Pop. We have 5 new names to look forward to with 5 completely different looks. Let’s take a peek



    The cute Milli loves fantasy, her pastel coloured outfit and accessories matching perfectly in this look. Her outfits over on her Instagram page are in sync with the seasons, creating a professional magazine-like layout. The clothing in this look are even coordinated with the building in the background!


    See more of Milli @plantlovingrose



    Leader of The Kawaii Cult, BRITTANY looks like she jumped straight out of an anime series. The pink feminine base of this outfit mixed with the boyish cap makes for a unique look―and those shoes are to die for! You should most definitely check out her dance video on YouTube where she’s cosplaying Hatsune Miku too.


    See more of BRITTANY @brittanymichelle.jpg



    It’s no secret that Kiri loves Rilakkuma. One peek at her lookbook also tells us that she looks amazing in anything she wears, from girly styles to kimono. Her beautifully vibrant orange hair and colourful pop garbs, carefully pinned with cute decorations, is nothing less than kawaii♡

    Her Instagram page shows off not only her fashion but her lifestyle too where she is surrounded by her favourite characters.


    See more of Kiri @kirukeru



    Sarah is currently studying abroad in Japan. Her kawaii ensemble today features a one piece with a blue sky soaring across it coupled with rainbow socks. Her outfit is enough to bring out the sun as simply gazing at it will make you feel bright and sunny. Her Instagram page takes us on a trip with her to various apparel shops, cafes and many other kawaii spots in Japan.


    See more of Sarah @Sarah



    Sandra’s mixes her colourful rainbow top with cropped jeans that have a cute heart on them. Don’t miss the adorable Sora-chan on her top either, the official mascot character for Tokyo Skytree♡ Everything from the clothing up to her hair accessories are a perfect kawaii match.


    See more of Sandra @bubblechutea


    We will continue to introduce more of the world’s kawaii girls in this new series. If you’d like to feature in Kawaii Fashion Snap or know somebody that would, then follow us on Instagram and post with the hashtag #moshimoshiphoto.


    Look forward to the next entry!