BABYMETAL Collaborates On Fashion Designer Yohji Yamamoto’s Ground Y Collection

08.November.2019 | FASHION / MUSIC / Uncategorized

2019 is the year of BABYMETAL, with their latest album METAL GALAXY having dropped in October and making them the highest Japanese group/artist to place on the Billboard Top 200 in the US in 56 years. As they continue knee-deep in their ongoing world tour, you might be wondering what else they have in the pipeline.


Well, we can confirm that for you right here and now: they have teamed up with internationally-lauded Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto on his revolutionary Ground Y collection which boasts a genderless and ageless style.

Pre-sales of the collection will take place at the new Shibuya PARCO which is set to open on November 22. This will be followed by sales at GINZA SIX, Laforet Harajuku, and the online store THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO.

The collection will bring together the unique world of BABYMETALーa band which has won love the world over and has featured as guest acts on many tours of international artistsーand Yohji Yamamoto, a rebel and innovator in the fashion industry whose DNA is woven into the Ground Y line. The inspiration for this jet black collaborative collection is “galaxy,” an homage to BABYMETAL’s latest record METAL GALAXY.

There are numerous items in the collection, including a jumbo cut and sewn embroidered with both the BMD FOX APPAREL logoーBABYMETAL’s official apparel brandーand the Ground Y logo. There’s also a big hoodie featuring a 360° print and BABYMETAL’s logo, a draped silk satin long shirt, and more.


MASATOSHI YAMASHIRO snapped the photos in this photoshoot, a Tokyo-based photographer who started his career in LA and New York and works with fashion magazines, advertisements, and more.


  • Harajuku-based Brand KAWAII MONSTER CAFE Opens a Traveling Shop, Halloween Pop-Up Shop Opens in Harajuku

    19.October.2023 | FASHION / FOOD / SPOT

    The Harajuku-based brand KAWAII MONSTER CAFE has announced a traveling store, KAWAII MONSTER SHOP. As the project’s first event, a Halloween pop-up shop named ‘KAWAII MONSTER SHOP – Colorful Halloween’ will open for 10 days starting October 19 in the birthplace of the brand, Harajuku.


    KAWAII MONSTER CAFE is an entertainment restaurant that embodies the vibe of Harajuku in Tokyo, a town that swallows fashion and culture from places around the world and reimagines them into unrestrained originality. Originally opened in 2015 and produced by artist Sebastian Masuda, the colorful and crazy space offered photogenic food and drinks, and guests were served by the iconic Monster Girls clad in future Harajuku fashion. It became a ‘new Tokyo landmark,’ attracting over 700,000 visitors from both Japan and abroad. Even after the restaurant closed in January 2021, its one-of-a-kind concept has lived on in pop-up shops, events, and collaborations with various brands and creators.


    The pop-up shop, open in Harajuku for a limited time starting October 19, offers food and drinks, merchandise, special experiences, and photo spots themed around the spooky Halloween season. Additionally, a collaboration with the popular Harajuku accessory store 6%DOKIDOKI will be held from October 19-22. Colorful hair accessories will be on sale, and shop girls with Monster Girls makeup experience will be giving seasonal makeovers to visitors.



    During the first half of the event, the pop-up shop will be serving food made in collaboration with the hot dog specialty restaurant HOTDOG CAFE STAND STATION TOKYO. The limited-edition menu includes the crazy Monster Dog, consisting of a monster holding a sausage in its mouth, and the monstrous Philly Cheesesteak, made with juicy tenderloin and tons of cheese.


    The second half of the event will feature the Colorful Pop Burger Blue Monster (Teriyaki Chicken) from KAWAII MONSTER CAFE’s popular menu, along with French Fries with Monster Dip served with five different colorful sauces. Visitors are welcome to get into the Halloween spirit by enjoying the Monster Float during the pop-up event.

    <10/19~10/22 Exclusive Menu>
    Monster Dog: ¥880 (Tax Included) *In collaboration with HOTDOG CAFE STAND STATION TOKYO
    Philly Cheesesteak: ¥1,350 (Tax Included) *In collaboration with HOTDOG CAFE STAND STATION TOKYO


    <10/26~10/31 Exclusive Menu>
    Colorful Pop Burger Blue Monster (Teriyaki Chicken): ¥1,200 (Tax Included)
    French Fries with Monster Dip: ¥700 (Tax Included)

    Monster Float: ¥800 [Rose/Passionfruit/Kyoho Grape]



    New KAWAII MONSTER CAFE goods will make their first appearance at this pop-up shop! Guests can visit the Sweets Factory to create their own candy assortment by filling their favorite containers with chocolates, gummies, and other goodies. Harajuku Icing Cookies will also be available in collaboration with SHONPY, a popular cake shop. Be sure to grab some incredible souvenirs!


    In addition, popular KAWAII MONSTER CAFE collaboration items from years past will be available, along with adorable plushies from the globally beloved brand Ty. Visitors can also snag some unique zipit pouches and flexible PLUS PLUS blocks starting October 26.



    During the event, KAWAII MONSTER CAFE’s iconic Monster Girls and the character Choppy will greet guests and take photos, as well as shoot cute Halloween-inspired videos together. Visitors wishing to be transformed into Monster Girls themselves can speak to the store girls, clad in Decora fashion and rocking accessories from 6%DOKIDOKI. These ladies will provide POP Harajuku Monster makeovers featuring original tattoo stickers and unique hair accessories to get you ready for Halloween.


    At the event, guests will find the 3-meter tall Sweets Cake Balloon inspired by the Sweets-Go-Round Cake, the symbol of KAWAII MONSTER CAFE. Surrounded by colorful decorations and captivating monsters, visitors are sure to leave with plenty of special memories.

    Guests of all ages are invited to spend the Halloween season surrounded by the unique wonders of Harajuku!

  • HARAJUKU COLLECTIVE, a Collaboration Between Hot Topic & Studio Ghibli, Gets Pop-Up Store at Shinsaibashi PARCO

    09.March.2023 | FASHION / SPOT

    Last year, the HARAJUKU COLLECTIVE collaboration appeared at AF Gallery in Harajuku from August 10 until August 28, garnering massive acclaim from fans. The collection is now being sold at Shinsaibashi PARCO until March 12, 2023.


    HARAJUKU COLLECTIVE is a Studio Ghibli-inspired apparel collection by the popular American counterculture chain Hot Topic. Bringing more Japanese culture to the ongoing Studio Ghibli collaboration launched in 2014, Hot Topic stores began selling original items produced by nine Japanese creators and brands, as well as some original American items produced by Hot Topic’s executive designers.


    The lineup of Japan-original items includes T-shirts, tote bags, and other items featuring exclusive artwork by up-and-coming creators. These items depict beloved characters from Studio Ghibli’s works, as well as logos created for the collaboration. Fans won’t want to miss grabbing these unique items!



    Details on the Previous HARAJUKU COLLECTIVE Pop-Up Store:

  • BABYMETAL Releases ‘Light and Darkness,’ the Fourth Single from the Upcoming Concept Album ‘THE OTHER ONE’

    02.March.2023 | MUSIC

    Ahead of the global release of the band’s concept album THE OTHER ONE on March 24, 2023, BABYMETAL has released the songLight and Darkness. This is the fourth track released since October 2023, and the music video has also been uploaded to the official Youtube channel.


    Light and Darkness – BABYMETAL


    The music video contains footage from the BABYMETAL RETURNS -THE OTHER ONE- live performances held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba on January 28 and 29. This marked the return of the group after a hiatus almost lasting two years.


    To coincide with BABYMETAL’s 10th anniversary last year, the group announced that it would “seal” itself off from the world until further notice. In April 2022, THE OTHER ONE was announced to relaunch the group in the METALVERSE, a piece of the virtual metaverse. The upcoming concept album will be inspired by the idea of a BABYMETAL that fans don’t know, and a total of 10 songs have been discovered within THE OTHER ONE restoration project, with each song representing a specific theme based on 10 separate parallel worlds that the members have discovered. This new song is based on the theme of the restored parallel world of Light and Darkness.


    Because there is light, there is darkness, and because there is darkness, there is a world that can shine. In the night when light and darkness intersect, what we seek after being poisoned and falling into the depths is a world filled with powerful love. Is it hope or despair that awaits beyond the door?


    BABYMETAL’s next concert, BABYMETAL BEGINS – THE OTHER ONE, will be held at Pia Arena MM on April 1 (BLACK NIGHT) and April 2 (CLEAR NIGHT). Check out the latest music video and keep an eye on BABYMETAL as they start anew!

  • BABYMETAL Completes 2-Day Performace at Makuhari Messe, More Shows Announced for Next Chapter

    04.February.2023 | MUSIC

    To coincide with BABYMETAL’s 10th anniversary last year, the group announced that it would “seal” itself off from the world until further notice in October 2021. On January 28 and 29, 2023, the band held BABYMETAL RETURNS -THE OTHER ONE-, a two-day performance at Makuhari Messe. After a year of silence, the girls are finally back ahead of the simultaneous worldwide release of their concept album THE OTHER ONE on March 24, 2023. The two successful shows welcomed fans into the new world of BABYMETAL, attracting over 30,000 people.

    On January 27, the Japanese government revised the country’s guidelines for dealing with COVID-19, abolishing the restrictions on maximum attendees allowed in concert halls. The first performance on January 28 felt even more celebratory as a result, with masked fans able to participate as if they had returned to a time before the Coronavirus. The audience cheered and the girls performed their hearts out, reviving BABYMETAL in a whole new way. BABYMETAL held the ‘LEGEND – METAL GALAXY’ concert at Makuhari Messe in January 2020–the last show prior to the world-changing pandemic.

    BABYMETAL performed a total of 13 songs on January 28 and January 29, including five new songs from the upcoming concept albumTHE OTHER ONE. As the audience watched on, the venue was filled with quiet tension as the band returned to the stage for the first time in a year and a half. Fans were given Savior Masks to wear–the dress code for the BABYMETAL unsealing ceremony. At the start of the show, a story video began playing to announce the ten parallel worlds that are represented in the upcoming concept album. Ten apostles appeared on the runway stage, walking from one side to the other in veils and holding wands. A massive stone fox gate appeared, where the members of BABYMETAL were said to be frozen in eternal sleep. Arriving at the gate, the apostles raised their wands and the gate opened in a flash of light and smoke, revealing SU-METAL and MOAMETAL. The two took to the throne and the ceremony began!


    The audience’s excitement rose to a fever pitch as SU-METAL rose from the throne to perform METAL KINGDOM. The audience began to get even more excited by the dynamic dancing and powerful singing of the Avengers, who joined in on the next song Divine Attack. Following, BABYMETAL’s more popular tracks began playing in rapid succession including Distortion (feat. Alissa White-Gluz), PA PA YA!! (feat. F.HERO), Gimme Chocolate!!, and Megitsune.


    In the video shown before the song Doki Doki Morning, it was announced that the door to the new world, the METALVERSE, was ready to open, revealing new lifeforms and plenty of new experiences. While the first half of the song was the same as always, the second half featured a new arrangement. Suddenly, a mysterious trio appeared on another stage. It was as if a parallel world was appearing before the audience’s eyes, with both groups dancing and singing in unison.


    The second half of the live performance featured the new song Light and Darkness, telling the story of a world where light and darkness intersect. The group also performed Monochrome, with the audience’s smartphones beautifully illuminating the venue and adding color to the monochrome world.


    As the concert began to come to a close, the audience responded by dancing along to an intense performance of Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!! The girls also performed their signature track Ijime, Dame, Zettai and Road of Resistance. BABYMETAL screamed “We are BABYMETAL,” causing the audience to respond in kind.


    For the finale of BABYMETAL’s revival, the group performed the new song THE LEGEND.  SU-METAL and MOAMETAL stood on two moving stages each representing the symbol of THE OTHER ONE (∞), soon starting to float in the air, moving slowly from the two ends of the stage to the center of the venue as if the two circles overlapped. The audience was soothed by SU-METAL’s singing voice, which gently enveloped the venue, and MOAMETAL and her choir in white.


    As the ending movie played, it was announced another seal would soon be opened, and that BABYMETAL would soon be standing on a new stage. SU-METAL and MOAMETAL appeared on stage again and began to climb the steps of an aerial staircase, reminiscent of the stairs to the living legend that appeared in the infinite universe. Two crystal coffins appeared and the girls got in, prepared to be sucked into the gate to the multiverse. Suddenly, an arrow of light was shot between the two coffins, and another crystal coffin appeared, with someone new appearing in front of the third coffin. As the three coffins came together and the gate to the new universe pulsed bright red, the performance came to an end with a flash of intense light.


    BABYMETAL was successfully resurrected, sharing their determination to start anew with the audience. The BABYMETAL RETURNS – THE OTHER ONE – performance opened a gate to unknown worlds filled with mysteries far beyond our imagination. What was the third coffin? What three lifeforms appeared on the opposite stage? During the ending movie, fans were excited to see that BABYMETAL BEGINS -THE OTHER ONE- would be held at Pia Arena MM on April 1 and April 2, 2023. A new METAL will be born on Fox Day on April 1, the same day that BABYMETAL will begin the journey to a new world.


    The quickest way to preorder tickets for BABYMETAL BEGINS – THE OTHER ONE – is to register for THE ONE 2023. Preorders will start on January 30 at 18:00. See the special website for more details!


    BABYMETAL BEGINS – THE OTHER ONE –  will also be broadcast exclusively on WOWOW on March 25, 2023.

  • FRUITS ZIPPER Valentine Pop-Up Shop to Open at Laforet Harajuku

    28.January.2023 | FASHION / SPOT

    Laforet Harajuku will host a pop-up shop inspired by the up-and-coming idol group FRUITS ZIPPER from February 1 until February 14! The FRUITS ZIPPER Valentine Pop-Up Shop will be found on the 5th floor MAKE THE STAGE area.


    FRUITS ZIPPER debuted in April 2022 and embodies a simple concept: “From Harajuku to the World.” The group’s second single Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro exploded in popularity on TikTok, pulling in over 600 million views. In February, the girls will embark on their first solo concert tour in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. This is the first FRUITS ZIPPER-inspired limited-time shop, and during the event, visuals of the group’s members will be displayed in the show windows found on the first floor of Laforet Harajuku.


    ◆About the FRUITS ZIPPER Valentine Pop-Up Shop

    When entering the venue, fans will be greeted by a 5-meter-wide board where visitors can write and attach their messages to the FRUITS ZIPPER members on heart-shaped cards. Costumes that the members have worn on stage will also be on display, allowing fans to see each stitch up close.


    Exclusive items featuring new photos of the members will be on sale at the pop-up shop. Fans can enjoy seeing the girls in their own personal style, and these items will only be available during the event! Starting February 4, tour merch for the group’s upcoming solo concert series will also be available for purchase.

    ◆Collaboration with Fruit Sandwich Specialty Store ‘Fruits Box Daikanyama’

    Last year’s popular collaboration with Fruit Box Daikanyama, a well-known fruit sandwich shop, is happening again in 2023! Fans can find the Collaboration Gift Box for sale, including seven baked meringue goods each featuring one of the member’s colors. The box also comes with snapshots of the members, and for a few lucky fans, these snaps might be signed! The idol group and sandwich shop have also teamed up to create the Collaborative Lucky Grab Bag Lottery, including popular FRUITS ZIPPER goods and original items from Fruits Box Daikanyama. The lucky first-prize winner will receive a special set of all available February tour merchandise in all sizes.

    ◆Member Appearance Planned on Valentine’s Day

    On February 14, the final day of the pop-up shop, the members of FRUITS ZIPPER will make an appearance! Guests will be able to participate in the first-ever hands-on event with the members, so keep an eye out for more details!


    Stay up to date with the latest FRUITS ZIPPER news at the official Twitter page (@FRUITS_ZIPPER).


    FRUITS ZIPPER Pop-Up Shop Exclusive Goods

    Random Photo – Valentine pop-up ver. (21 varieties): ¥330 (Tax Included)

    Random Pin – Valentine pop-up ver. (7 varieties): ¥500 (Tax Included)

    Random Purikura Stickers – Valentine pop-up ver. (14 varieties): ¥600 (Tax Included)

  • BABYMETAL Releases ‘METAL KINGDOM,’ the Third Single from the Upcoming Concept Album ‘THE OTHER ONE’

    26.January.2023 | MUSIC

    Ahead of the release of the band’s concept album THE OTHER ONE on March 24, 2023, BABYMETAL has released a few tracks to get audiences even more pumped after a year of silence. In October 2022, the group released Divine Attack, followed by Monochrome in November.


    On January 20, BABYMETAL released the song METAL KINGDOM on all major music download and streaming services worldwide.


    To coincide with BABYMETAL’s 10th anniversary last year, the group announced that it would “seal” itself off from the world until further notice. In April 2022, THE OTHER ONE was announced to relaunch the group in the METALVERSE, a piece of the virtual metaverse. The upcoming concept album will be inspired by the idea of a BABYMETAL that fans don’t know, and a total of 10 songs have been discovered within THE OTHER ONE restoration project, with each song representing a specific theme based on 10 separate parallel worlds that the members have discovered. METAL KINGDOM is inspired by the parallel world ‘THRONE.’


    Written as an anthem to usher in a new era, the song aims to remind people that they have the strength to inspire themselves and the ability to start down a new path. The track rises powerfully from BABYMETAL’s throne of silence heralding the beginning of a new start for the group.


    BABYMETAL has finally broken the seal, and on January 28 and 29, 2023, the duo will hold the BABYMETAL RETURNS -THE OTHER ONE 2-day concert at Makuhari Messe in Chiba. More information will be announced soon, so keep an eye on social media and BABYMETAL’s official website!

  • BABYMETAL to Stream First Live Performance since Rebirth at Movie Theaters Nationwide

    24.January.2023 | MUSIC

    In October 2021, BABYMETAL announced that it would “seal” itself off from the world until
    further notice. On January 28 and 29, 2023, BABYMETAL will hold the ‘BABYMETAL
    RETURNS -THE OTHER ONE’ 2-day concert at Makuhari Messe in Chiba. It has been
    announced that the long-awaited performance will be streamed in movie theaters the
    following month, on February 23.


    In the group’s first real-world performance since its rebirth, BABYMETAL will remind
    audiences of how powerful they have been over the past decade. Returning through the
    virtual METALVERSE to perform in another world audiences never knew existed, THE
    OTHER ONE is a plan to restore BABYMETAL to its former glory while also treating fans to
    an entirely different side of the band.


    On March 24, BABYMETAL will release the concept album THE OTHER ONE worldwide.


    After more than a year of silence, BABYMETAL is finally moving forward. Be sure to head to your local theater on February 23 to see the band in action once again!

  • CreepHyp to Bring 10th Anniversary Exhibition to Nagoya PARCO

    24.January.2023 | MUSIC / SPOT

    From February 11 to February 26, an exhibition inspired by the popular rock band CreepHyp will be held at the PARCO GALLERY on the 6th floor of the Nagoya PARCO West Building. The event is being held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of CreepHyp.


    The exhibition is themed around a ‘Museum of Voices.’

    A person’s voice is said to be a true expression of their personality. This exhibition will give fans a new sense of what CreepHyp is and will feature their music, their MC content, and various radio appearances.

    Visitors will be able to listen to the member’s voices, but they’ll also be able to step on them, dive into them, look at them, and experience plenty of other ways to enjoy the band’s content. Completely immersed in this world of voices, this experience promises to be like no other. Come experience it while you can!

    The exhibition was largely created by CHOCOLATE, the creative team behind CreepHyp’s past exhibitions. Exclusive merchandise will also be available on-site.

  • Macaroni Empitsu 10th Anniversary Exhibition Makes Triumphant Return to Tokyo

    22.January.2023 | MUSIC / SPOT

    Fans of the pop rock band Macaroni Empitsu will want to head to Tokyo from February 17 to March 6, 2023 to enjoy a newly-reworked 10th-anniversary exhibition. Guests are invited to look through various macaroni holes around the exhibition hall to catch glimpses of some curious and rare items only on display for a limited time.


    After being held at several locations around Japan, the exhibition will return to Ikebukuro PARCO in Tokyo next month.


    Items appearing in the Macaroni Empitsu 10th Anniversary Book -Macaroni Kuronikuru- will be on display, and a short film titled Aspirations will be screened following its premiere in Shibuya.


    Graphic designer Shun Sasaki served as the art director for the exhibition.


    Fans won’t want to miss out on the exhibition’s original merchandise featuring key visuals and lyrics from the band. Come get a glimpse at the history and personal lives of Macaroni Empitsu’s members while you can!


    [Comment from Vocalist Hattori]
    “Macaroni Empitsu’s exhibition is making a triumphant return to Tokyo! New content has been added this time around, so be sure to come fall into the macaroni hole!”

  • Zipper Magazine’s 2022-2023 Winter Issue on Sale Now

    14.January.2023 | FASHION

    The Winter 2022-2023 issue of the revived fashion creator magazine Zipper went on sale on December 23.


    This issue focuses on this winter’s must-know trends and is packed with coordination tips, outfit plans through spring, snapshots, hair and makeup tips, and much more.


    Zipper ended its 24-year history in December 2017. In March 2022, ASOBISYSTEM teamed up with DONUTS Inc. to revive the magazine as a quarterly release. The fashion magazine, popular with Gen Z, is known for sharing details aspects of Harajuku culture and will continue to share more from the creative center of Tokyo for years to come.

    Standard Edition (Cover: Nagisa Saito)

    Another Edition (Cover: FRUITS ZIPPER)
  • Presale Tickets for BABYMETAL’s Solo Concert at Makuhari Messe in January 2023 Now on Sale

    29.November.2022 | MUSIC

    In October 2021, BABYMETAL announced that it would “seal” itself off from the world until further notice. On January 28 and 29, 2023, BABYMETAL will hold the ‘BABYMETAL RETURNS -THE OTHER ONE’ 2-day concert at Makuhari Messe in Chiba and pre-sale tickets are now available for purchase! These won’t last, so grab yours while you can.


    BABYMETAL released the first of five monthly consecutive singles, Divine Attack -Shingeki-, in October, with Monochrome following in November. New songs are on the way in January, February, and March, so look forward to plenty of new content!

  • Hyatt Centric Ginza to Display Christmas Tree Made by Social Advocacy Group HERALBONY

    21.November.2022 | FASHION / SPOT

    From December 1 until December 25, guests at Hyatt Centric Ginza will be able to see the first-ever Christmas tree designed by the social advocacy group HERALBONY. The Light-Hearted ART TREE will welcome guests to the 4F library and lounge area, and the tree lighting ceremony will be streamed on Instagram live.


    It’s no surprise that the hotel is collaborating with HERALBONY again–from May to November of this year, the HERALBONY ART ROOM was open for guests to enjoy. This is the first time that the unit is designing a Christmas tree, and the piece is inspired by one of their most iconic pieces of art–Yukihito Okabe’s Hoo! Hey! Visitors of all ages can enjoy this beautiful piece, filled with color and sure to bring joy.


    Along with the tree, the showcase and lounge will also be decorated in a number of HERALBONY pieces. Come enjoy the Christmas season in this one-of-a-kind space!