Feast Your Eyes On These PAC-MAN Watches From Timex

03.August.2020 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

PAC-MAN turned 40 years old on May 22, 2020. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of one of the most recognisable video game characters, UENI TRADING, the sole Japanese distributor of American watchmakers Timex, released three new Timex 80 x Pacman watches on July 30, 2020. The watches are available in select stores and online stores in Japan.


This collaboration previously took place in November 2019 where the watches were a hug success amongst American fans. The watches have now arrived in Japan in the year of PAC-MAN’s 40th anniversary.

Timex 80 x PAC-MAN Watches: ¥11,000 (Before Tax)
TW2U32000 | TW2U31900| TW2U32100

The watches are an arrangement of Timex’s “Classic Digital” which capture that retro 80’s design of PAC-MAN.

The LCD, back of the case, and bracelet all feature iconic PAC-MAN motifs. The alarm sound of the watches are also the PAC-MAN game sound. The watches feature all the typical functions like a stopwatch, calendar, and alarm, but with a PAC-MAN flair. They’re also equipped with the Timex INDIGLO® night light which Timex first introduced back in 1992.

The watches will be available to purchase in Japan on the official online stores of Timex and ontime move as well as in-store at ontime Shibuya LOFT and ontime Umeda LOFT.

*Available online at Timex from July 30. General sales will begin on August 4.

Pop-up stores will also open at ontime Shibuya LOFT and ontime Umeda LOFT where you can get your hands on an original PAC-MAN sticker, play the original game, and more.


  • Sebastian Masuda x PAC-MAN Collaboration Celebrates Game’s 40th Anniversary With Merchandise and Art Installation

    13.August.2020 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Bandai Entertainment is celebrating 40 years of PAC-MAN with a new collaboration with Sebastian Masuda, the artist and art director at the forefront of “kawaii” culture in Japan.


    PAC-MAN x Sebastian Masuda: Pop Culture Taken to the Next Level

    BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment is a Japanese multinational video game developer and publisher whose motto is “More Fun For Everyone.” This summer, the company is dropping a new face into the ghost and fruit-filled maze of their iconic 80’s video game character PAC-MAC. That person is none other than Sebastian Masuda.


    The scope of Masuda’s influence is unrivalled. His touch can be seen all across Japanese kawaii culture, ranging from his work on Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s viral hit music video PONPONPON which skyrocketed her career, to Harajuku’s famous concept restaurant KAWAII MONSTER CAFE, the Miracle Gift Parade at Sanrio Puroland, as well as countless work on TV, commercials, advertisements, characters, stage, concerts, and more. He is a leader when it comes to pop culture, and so it is fitting that he follows alongside PAC-MAN into this labyrinth of a collaboration.


    Primal Pop (PAC-MAN Mix)

    In celebration of PACMAN‘s 40th anniversary, Sebasian Masuda created a giant art piece entitled Primal Pop (PAC-MAN Mix) which is made up from a mix of historical PAC-MAN merchandise and children’s toys which aims to have the people who see it return the excitement they felt as a child.


    The art installation has been placed at the entrance of the BANDAI NAMCO Future Laboratory located inside the BANDAI NAMCO Group office building. It stands 2.9 meters high and 2.6 meters across. As of now, it is only available to see by staff and associates, but you can see a video of it being made below.


    Sebasian Masuda’s “Primal Pop (Pac-Man Mix)” | Behind The Scenes

    Sebastian Masuda x PAC-MAN Merchandise

    PAC-MAN Special Art by Sebastian Masuda Official T-Shirt (Black) | ¥4,000 (Before Tax) | Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

    PAC-MAN Special Art by Sebastian Masuda Official Sticker | ¥500 (Before Tax)

    A special collection of merchandise themed on Primal Pop (PAC-MAN Mix) was also released on BANDAI NAMCO’s online store Asobi Store on August 12 so that everyone can enjoy the collaboration. There are plans for overseas releases too.


    PAC-MAN: A Game Love the World Over

    PAC-MAN was first released in 1980 and has since become a symbol of pop and gaming culture around the world. With the outbreak of COVID-19, BANDAI NAMCO Studios made PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 free to play on PlayStation®4 , Xbox One, and Steam® between April 24 and May 10 as a way to put a smile of people’s faces while celebrating a game that has become so rooted in pop culture.


    PAC-MAN™&©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

  • Tell the Time With the Kawaii New Hello Kitty KAORU Wristwatches

    05.July.2020 | FASHION

    Japanese watchmakers MARUZEKI released a new collection of Hello Kitty wristwatches as part of their KAORU model series on June 27, 2020.

    KAORU x Hello Kitty Sweets Collaboration: ¥4,180 (Tax Included)

    MARUZEKI’s “KAORU” watches are inspired by aromatherapy, implementing a world-first concept that lets the wearer enjoy their favourite fragrances on the go. Designed and created with Japan’s state-of-the-art materials and technology, the Hello Kitty collection of 3 watches come with vanilla, strawberry, and coconut scents.

    The ‘Vanilla White’ fragrance is like a waft of sweet candy. It’s a popular scent seen in products, and uses a mix of aroma oils and perfumes to create the uplifting fragrance. The watch face has an illustration of Hello Kitty enjoying a cup of tea.

    ‘Strawberry Pink’ is inspired by strawberry milk and strawberry shakes. They recommend this one if you’re wanting a change of pace. This clock face has Hello Kitty enjoying some apple pie and talking on the phone.

    ‘Coconut Mint Green’ is a relaxing blend of coconut and passion fruit. Hello Kitty is dressed adorably as a mother making an apple pie for this design.

    The watches are packaged in special boxes with a cute pop-up Hello Kitty inside like that of a picture book. This itself serves as kawaii decoration, and makes for a great gift to someone (or yourself!)

  • One Piece and Dragon Ball Z Design Watches Released by G-SHOCK

    27.June.2020 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    CASIO G-SHOCK has announced a collaboration with the popular anime series One Piece and Dragon Ball Z, with watch designs for each show releasing in July and August respectively.

    GA-110JOP: ¥26,400 (Tax Included)

    The GA-110JOP One Piece watch uses the popular GA-110 model G-SHOCK which has a distinct big case. It’s covered in a black base colour and features an illustration of Luffy strong and grown up. At 9-o’clock is a motif of Luffy’s straw hat, while at 3-o’clock is the word “WANTED.” Additionally, when the hour and minute hands both strike 2-o’clock and 4-o’clock, they combine with slanted golden lines to create the “X” shape that Luffy has on his chest.

    The back cover features the “G-SHOCK x One Piece” logo.

    GA-110JDB: ¥26,400 (Tax Included)

    Like the One Piece watch, the Dragon Ball Z one also uses the GA-110 model and is coloured in that iconic DBZ orange. The design is inspired by Goku going through training to become stronger. The lettering and logo is gold for accent. At 9-o’clock is the Four-Star Dragon Ball while at 3-o’clock is the letter “Z.”

    On the back cover of this one it features the Dragon Ball Z logo.


    Both watch designs will for sure be appreciated by fans for their detailed designs and references.

  • Seiko Watches to Open 2 New Stores in WITH HARAJUKU

    18.June.2020 | FASHION

    Seiko Watch Corporation has announced that it’s opening two new shops simultaneously inside WITH HARAJUKU in Tokyo’s hub for fashion and culture Harajuku on June 17, 2020: Seiko Boutique WITH HARAJUKU and Seiko Prospex Boutique WITH HARAJUKU.

    Seiko launched its “Seiko Boutique” chain of stores in 2004 which are situated in major cities around the world and offer the full experience of the Seiko brand. It currently has around 80 branches worldwide. Seiko also opened its newest “Seiko Prospex Boutique” branch in Ginza last year, making it the third branch in the world.


    At Seiko Boutique, customers can enjoy looking through the brand’s many watch varieties, such as Grand Seiko which offers leading watch functionality and a sophisticated design, Seiko Astron which hails as the first GPS solar watch, the popular casual Seiko 5 Sports watches, and more.

    From Left: SNE537PC / SNE533PC / SNE535PC

    From Left: SRPD35KC / SRPD31KC / SRPD33KC

    To commemorate the opening of the two new shops in WITH HARAJUKU, Seiko will sell a limited 10 number of watches each from 6 models that are currently unavailable in Japan.

  • Naomi Osaka Dons Citizen Watch For 2019 French Open

    25.May.2019 | FASHION

    Citizen Watch has announced that pro tennis player and ambassador for the company Naomi Osaka will wear a new model of watch for the 2019 French Open.


    Osaka became an ambassador for Citizen in August 2018 and went on to win a Grand Slam at the 2018 US Open and 2019 Australian Open all while donning the brand’s Eco-Drive 1 model watch. This was the first watch to be released with the Eco-Drive mark.

    For the 2019 French Open she will wear the new Citizen Eco-Drive Bluetooth W410, an analogue wristwatch that can link to one’s smartphone via Bluetooth. Osaka will wear a black and green model. The watch is light and so is comfortable to wear while playing and is also encased in Citizen’s Super Titanium™, a hardening technology that increases the durability of the watch and resistance to wear and tear. The watch is also stylish and unisex.

  • Naomi Osaka Wins 2019 Australia Open Wearing Citizen Watch

    29.January.2019 | FASHION

    Naomi Osaka, professional tennis player and ambassador for Citizen, won the 2019 Australian Open in Melbourne while stylishly wearing a Citizen watch.

    Citizen is a watch manufacturer that develops its products from the parts to the finished piece. Established in 1918, the company has gone on to create a multitude of watches for the international market using the latest technology such as the solar-powered Eco Drive.

    Eco Drive Bluetooth BZ4006-01E: ¥75,000 (Before Tax) – Releasing March 7, 2019

    The watch that Naomi Osaka donned during her victory is the above-pictured Eco Drive 1 model. This analogue wristwatch has Bluetooth technology that can link to smartphones. It’s comfortable, light and encased in Citizen’s Super Titanium and finished with an eye-catching orange.


    Its functions include call, message and social media notifications, an alarm, time sync, world time and more.

    As brand ambassador for Citizen, Naomi Osaka shares the same spirit as the company: “Better Starts Now,” which it describes as encapsulating “the belief that no matter who you are and what you do, it is always possible to make something better — and now is the time to start doing it.”


    Only 1,000 of this limited edition watch will be sold, so if you’re interested be sure to check it out!

  • Travel the world with this Hello Kitty-themed “BABY-G” watch!

    04.February.2018 | FASHION / Uncategorized

    Travel the world with Hello Kitty with the new “BABY-G” collaboration anti-shock watch for women. Two collaboration models of the watch (BGA-190KT) will be released for sale from Friday 9th March.


    Using the BGA-190 model as a base, this collaboration model can display the time in two different cities at the same time.



    The Hello Kitty world traveller design will capture the hearts of many females who love travelling.


    The minute hand of the watch is decorated with a Hello Kitty red ribbon motif and the band is decorated with a passport immigration stamp.


    The band has very flexible usage and is bound to stimulate your lust for travel.

    BABY-G x HELLO KITTY_バック刻印

    To commemorate the collaboration, an original Pilot Hello Kitty design will be incorporated into the design for the back of the watch and on the special packaging. The special packaging is decorated to look like a trunk – an essential must-bring for your travels! This special model comes with all this and still more!


    Celebrating their launch of the new watch model, collaboration couple BABY-G and Hello Kitty have opened a special edition site! The site includes a special movie so please check it out!



    Release date: Friday 9th March 2018

    Price: ¥18,500 + tax

    Purchasable from:

    • Selected Casio watch specialist stores and volume retailers
    • Selected Sanrio official shops/ the online shop


    Special edition site: http://baby-g.jp/hellokitty/



  • A collaborative product of LINE’s character “CHOCO” and Baby-G is now on sale (Japan-limited)

    15.December.2017 | FASHION

    The collaborative product “Baby-G × LINE FRIENDS” of the official characters of “LINE FRIENDS” called “CHOCO” and CASIO’s “Baby-G”  was released on the 14th of December (Thurs.).


    CHOCO who has a big ribbon on her head is a girl who likes fashion and SNS. CHOCO joined “LINE FRINDS” in 2016. This year, CHOCO appeared on the covers of popular fashion magazines as a model and reported about a party of foreign brands as an editor. Also, CHOCO has been participating in many offline events such as the collaborative party held by London’s popular cup cake brand “LOLA’s Cupcakes.” The number of friends of CHOCO’s official LINE account (@choco_official) has now exceeded 3 million.


    And now CHOCO has collaborated with “Baby-G,” a watch brand that has many fans in foreign countries and they have started selling a collaborative model from the 14th of December (Thurs.).


    Based on the basic series called “BGD-501” which is the combination of classical designs and fashion trends, the face of the board of the collaborative product has a camouflage-patterned design with a ribbon which is the charm point of CHOCO. Moreover, the product has an illustration of CHOCO on the digital part mounting the EL back-light and on its case. The fans of CHOCO must love this product!


    The number of products is 1,000 and the limited edition where CHOCO doll is wearing the same ribbon as the one printed on the watch, will be sold too.


    Let’s get this original Japan-limited product.




    Release date: 2017,12,14 (Thurs.)

    Available stores: LINE FRIENDS STORE Harajuku, LINE FRIENDS CAFE & STORE Fukuoka, LINE FRIENDS STORE Online( https://www.linefriends.jp/

    Price: usual price 11,000 yen (tax not included) limited product 13,000 yen (tax not included)


  • SWATCH started selling its 2018 zodiac animal sign wrist watch model, “SWATCH WOOF”

    06.December.2017 | FASHION

    SWATCH’s zodiac animal sign wrist watches have been gaining much popularity every year. Sales of the 2018 model, “SWATCH WOOF” started from the 2nd of December 2017 (Sat.) at SWATCH stores, the SWATCH official online store and stores that sell SWATCH’s products (except at certain stores).


    Sales of SWATCH’s zodiac animal sign wrist watches started from 2006 and they have been selling unique products. In 2018, started sales of SWATCH WOOF created under the motif of a dog which is the zodiac animal sign of the year 2018.


    The golden-colored dial plate has an illustration of a dog wearing a heart-shaped choker ring and the bar index is a red color adding a superb accent. Also, the white-colored belt has the pattern of red × gold which is very stylish.


    Since there is an illustration of a dog enjoying a walk and Japanese lanterns on the special package box, the product is suitable as a gift.

    img_144400_4 img_144400_5 img_144400_6 img_144400_8 img_144400_9img_144400_15

    All SWATCH products are designed under the themes of “LIFESTYLE,” “ART” and “ACTIVE SPORTS” and are created based on the wish that each product will have a deep connection of the consumer’s life style.

    img_144400_10 img_144400_11 img_144400_12 img_144400_13 img_144400_14

    Let’s enjoy SWATCH’s fashion by purchasing this 2018 zodiac animal sign wrist watch.






    SWATCH official website : http://www.swatch.jp

    SWATCH official online store: http://shop.swatch.com/ja_jp/

  • Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary wristwatch released in collaboration with “wicca”

    26.November.2017 | FASHION

    To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Sailor Moon series, PREMICO are selling a special watch that was made in collaboration with “wicca” and Sailor Moon. The watch was released on November 24th, 2017.


    “Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon” is a female shojo manga series by Naoko Takeuchi that began serialization in 1991 in the monthly magazine “Nakayoshi.” The original work is loved all over the world – to date, the manga been translated in 17 different languages, and the anime series has made its way to over 40 countries.

     img_143852_2 img_143852_5

    Citizen watch makers “wicca” design watches for girls who want to shine and feel like themselves.

    Sailor Moon has captured the heart of stargazing girls for 25 years. To celebrate this special anniversary, wicca teamed up with the series to create a truly wonderful product.


    The cosmic-blue face of the watch features floating crystals and the image of a starry sky. The star hands twinkle by the seconds of the day just as the guardian marks of the shining gold Sailors go around.

    The cool and beautiful design is perfect for female fans out there, and even comes equipped with solar tech so it moves with the light making it even more beautiful.

    The watch is a special model from wicca to share their joy of Sailor Moon’s 25th anniversary.


    The watch can be ordered now from the PREMICO online shop. Each watch has a 25th anniversary logo on the crystal back as well as an edition number.


    Tell the time like a Sailor with the limited edition Sailor Moon watch!


    wicca×Sailor Moon – Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Special Collaborative Watch

    Price: ¥29,800 + tax (shipping fee not included)

    Stock: 2,500 available

    Released: Pre-orders began on November 24, 2017

    Delivery: Orders will be shipped starting from the end of February 2018

    TEL: 0120-989-808 (9:30-17:00 on weekdays / closed weekends and national holidays)

    Homepage: https://iei.jp/sailor-wicca/

    *Please note that the contents may change without notice.

    *Please be aware that the product may altered for improvement without notice.

    ©Naoko Takeuchi / PNP / Toei Animation


  • Aniware Teams Up With “Dragon Ball” to Release Collaborative Wristwatch & Sneakers!

    19.August.2017 | FASHION

    Aniware have announced a collaboration with the hugely popular “Dragon Ball” series to release two new items!


    The line-up includes a high-quality chronograph wristwatch and some funky sneakers.



    The watch’s overall design is reminiscent of the series, with the face featuring scales of the Dragon God while and its dial echoing the design of the Dragon Radar and Four-Star Dragon Ball.



    The sneakers are dotted with lots of Dragon Ball references, including the 7 Dragon Balls, the Dragon Radar, the Capsule Corporation logo, and the Hoi Poi capsule design.


    While fans of the series will love these geeky items, they are also extremely stylish and will look great when co-ordinating your outfits.





    “Dragon Ball” Collaboration Wristwatch & Sneakers

    Reservation Dates: August 17, 2017 to September 3, 2017

    Delivery Date: Wristwatch – beginning of February 2018 / Sneakers – beginning of December 2017

    Price: Wristwatch – ¥23,000 (tax not incl.) / Sneakers – ¥13,800 (tax not incl.)

    Webpage: https://www.super-groupies.com/feature/detail.php?id=460

    Dispatched by SuperGroupies.



    Wristwatch – Mens Free Size / Sneakers – 23cm/24cm/25cm/26cm/27cm/28cm (Japanese shoe size)




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  • Wired to Release 2 Different Super Mario Bros. Wristwatches

    10.August.2017 | FASHION

    Fashion watch brand “Wired” have teamed up with the Nintendo franchise “Super Mario Bros” to release a limited edition model wristwatch. The watch is priced at a bargain ¥18,000 (tax exlc.) and will be available at all “Wired” stores around Japan from September 8th.

    main のコピー

    “Wired” is a brand that established back in 2000 that produces next-generation watches from Tokyo that combine fashion with technology. The brand is based on the concept of “From Japan to the world.”


    The new limited edition models from “Wired” sees a collaboration with the internationally renowned video game “Super Mario Bros.” which has continued to reign since its first release more than 30 years ago. The watches have 2 different dial designs and come in a special box. The designs as a whole have lots of little Mario references.


    The first model (AGAK702) has that retro video game look. It has a black background with coins that are visible depending on what angle you look at the watch. The second hand dial is designed around the Super Star, and of course we have Mario positioned above a pipe.


    The second model (AGAK703) is based on the classic “World 1-1” level – the very first level in the original Super Mario Bros. game that any fans of the game will instantly recognise – with a more colourful pop look. It has a black case and strap, a Goomba, a mushroom, question blocks and pretty much anything that will hit you with that feeling of nostalgia.


    And since this is such a special model, they even went and added the classic final scene of Mario vs. Bowser on the back. Plus, since these are limited edition, each watch also has a serial number. But it doesn’t stop there. The winding knobs also have a star on them, the underside of the straps have a Goomba on it, and they come in a stylish box. The watches are littered with little Mario Easter eggs that all gamers will know.


    Now you can reminisce and support your favourite video game every day while looking stylish with these fun watches from Wired.



    Wired×Super Mario Bros.

    Price: ¥18,000 (tax excl.)

    On Sale: September 8, 2017

    For full details, visit http://w-wired.com/


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