15 bands join MIYAVI to celebrate his 15th anniversary at his special live tour “NEO TOKYO 15”

08.June.2017 | MUSIC

Internationally acclaimed guitar master MIYAVI is celebrating his 15th anniversary with a special 15-band live tour entitled NTT DOCOMO presents MIYAVI 15th Anniversary Live “NEO TOKYO 15.” The tour arrived immediately after MIYAVI ended his 6th world tour and began on May 21st.


The tour is being held in co-operation with NTT Docomo, who have created two different smartphone apps to produce a whole new way to enjoy live shows as part of their “new-style entertainment” initiative. The apps combine technology with music and are meant to stimulate each of your senses. The project is unique in that it actually encourages the use of your smartphone during live performances to enhance your experience so that you can enjoy the concerts even more.


(1) Enjoy the concerts even more with the “NEO TOKYO” App

This app is designed for the audience to enjoy live shows even more at each venue. When you open the app, your phone screen will change colours and flicker in time with the performance, allowing you to enjoy the performance in a completely new way. The illuminations that appear on each persons’ screens will simultaneously change completely to the music, enveloping the room with dazzling lights. And if you utilise the vibration function, your phone will vibrate together with MIYAVI’s guitar performance. Not only that, the phone will also react to loud voices that call for an encore at the end of a performance. All of this will allow for everyone to not only watch the concert, but have fun by participating in it too.


(2) If you can’t attend, then experience the excitement of the concert virtually with the “MIYAVI Live VR” App

Even if you’re not at the venue, if you download this app, you can watch MIYAVI and the concert in real time in a 4K resolution 360° virtual reality experience from a number of different camera views. Plus, if you wear VR goggles, the experience will be enhanced as you will have a complete 360° view all around you to ensure you feel part of the show too. You will feel like you’re actually there! But don’t worry, because even if you don’t have any goggles, you can still enjoy watching MIYAVI from 5 different camera angles. Plus, the video will be archived after the concert, so you can watch it as many times as you like.


At the end of the first concert of the tour, MIYAVI commented: “I’m very excited about this progressive collaboration with Docomo. Things like VR and glow sticks allow for a greater sense of unity between my performance and you. Please look forward to this new kind of live experience.”


Whether you can make it one of MIYAVI’s shows or not, be sure to download and try out one of these apps!


※Please note that only 5 of the 15 concerts will be streamed in real time.



〈MIYAVI×Docomo Special Website〉

【Concert Dates/Scheduled Dates for Archive & Digest Streams】
Date       :Sunday May 21st
Venue       :Akasaka BLITZ
Supporting Artist   :THE ORAL CIGARETTES
Stream Date     :Archive Video:Wednesday June 7th
          Digest Video   : – 

Date       :Thursday May 25th
Venue       :代官山UNIT
Supporting Artist   :GLIM SPANKY
Stream Date     :Archive Video :Monday June 12th
          Digest Video   : – 

Date       :Friday May 26th
Venue       :Zepp DiverCity
Supporting Artist   :Kishidan, You’ll Melt More!
Stream Date     :Archive Video : – 
          Digest Video   :Monday June 5th

Date       :Sunday May 28th
Venue       :Shimokitazawa GARDEN
Supporting Artist   :LOCAL CONNECT
Stream Date      :Archive Video : – 
          Digest Video        :Monday June 5th

Date       :Tuesday June 6th
Venue        :Akasaka BLITZ
Supporting Artist   :Nobuaki Kaneko
Stream Date      :Archive Video : – 
          Digest Video    :Saturday June 10th

Date       :Saturday June 10th
Venue       :duo MUSIC EXCHANGE
Supporting Artist   :coldrain
Stream Date      :Archive Video : – 
          Digest Video     :Wednesday June 14th

Date       :Sunday June 11th
Venue       :LIQUIDROOM
Supporting Artist   :Limited Sazabys, Mahou Syoujo ni Naritai
Stream Date      :Archive Video : – 
          Digest Video     :Thursday June 15th

Date       :Monday June 12th
Venue       :LIQUIDROOM
Supporting Artist   :SiM
Stream Date     :Archive Video : – 
          Digest Video   :Friday June 16th

Date       :Thursday June 15th
Venue       :TSUTAYA O-EAST
Supporting Artist   :Crossfaith
Stream Date      :Archive Video : – 
          Digest Video     :Monday June 19th

Date       :Wednesday June 21st
Venue       :clubasia
Supporting Artist   :Crystal Lake
Stream Date      :Archive Video : – 
          Digest Video    :Sunday June 25th

Date       :Thursday June 22nd
Venue          :TSUTAYA O-WEST
Supporting Artist   :OKAMOTO’S
Stream Date     :Archive Video :Monday July 10th
          Digest Video    : – 

Date       :Saturday June 24th
Venue       :Shibuya WWW
Supporting Artist   :Charisma.com
Stream Date      :Archive Video : – 
          Digest Video    :Wednesday June 28th

Date       :Sunday June 25th
Venue       :ShibuyaWWW X
Supporting Artist   :Chanmina
Stream Date      :Archive Video :Thursday July 13th
          Digest Video     : – 

Date       :Tuesday June 27th
Venue       :Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO
Supporting Artist   :ACIDMAN
Stream Date      :Archive Video : – 
          Digest Video    :Saturday July 1st

Date       :Thursday June 29th
Venue       :Shinkiba STUDIO COAST
Supporting Artist   :Daichi Miura
Stream Date      :Archive Video :Monday July 17th
          Digest Video  : – 

※The 4K VE archive movie will be streamed in real time (5 concerts to be shown).
Digest movies will not be streamed in real time (10 concerts to be shown).

【Archive Video for Concerts – Scheduled for June 7th】
The 4K VR archive videos for the concerts will be shown from June 7th on the NEO TOKYO app where you can enjoy and virtually be part of the concert from your own home. Don’t miss out.

【Digest Video for Concert – Scheduled for June 5th】
Enjoy the concerts without 4K VR. The digest video will be shown from June 5th on the NEO TOKYO app. Be sure to check it out.

【Details Regarding the NEO TOKYO App】
Download: https://www.nttdocomo.co.jp/special_contents/miyavi/

This app enables you to experience a whole new way of enjoying concerts. Simply open the app up and your phone will react to the performance.
・Your phone will become part of the concert as it lights up like a glow stick and changes colour in time with MIYAVI’s performance.
・MIYAVI’s performance will collaborate with the sound that comes from your smartphone.
・Your smartphone will respond to the sound of people cheering for an encore by vibrating and lighting up.
・A special surprise video will be shown to people at the concert only. Win an amazing present with a scratch card that you can access on your phone.

【Details Regarding the MIYAVI Live VR App】
Download: https://www.nttdocomo.co.jp/special_contents/miyavi/

This app enables you to enjoy a video of NTT DOCOMO presents MIYAVI 15th Anniversary Live “NEO TOKYO 15” on your smartphone.
・Enjoy 5 of the 15 concerts in the tour in realtime 4K virtual reality (the 5 concerts include: Akasaka Blitz on May 21st, Daikanyamachō on May 25th, TSUTAYA O-WEST on June 22nd, Shibuya WWW X on June 25th, and Shinkiba STUDIO COAST on June 29th).
・The footage will be archived in 4K VR so you can watch it as many times as you like. You will also be able to enjoy footage of the 10 concerts not listed above.
・Feel like you are actually there if you cannot attend and enjoy the footage in 4K resolution 360° .
・Choose from a variety of camera angles to watch the performance.


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  • KANDANIEL Releases New Single Featuring Miyavi, Announces Japan Tour

    22.August.2022 | MUSIC

    KANGDANIEL is a member of the Korean idol group Wanna One. The artist has won a number of awards since making his solo debut in South Korea in 2019, also starring in the Disney+ drama Rookie Cops. KANGDANIEL will digitally release the song TPIR (feat. Miyavi) from his long-awaited debut EP Joy Ride in Japan on August 17, and a lyric video has already been released.


    TPIR stands for ‘The Pain Isn’t Real,’ and the digital single proudly features samurai guitarist Miyavi. The track reminds listeners that no matter how painful things may be, it’s not the end. Miyavi’s guitar sounds incredibly emotional, and fans will be able to see a side of KANGDANIEL they haven’t seen before. 


    To celebrate this distribution, LINE MUSIC has started a playback campaign! Those listening to TPIR over 1,210 times by December 10 (KANGDANIEL’s birthday) just need to post a screenshot on Twitter, with 10 winners being selected by lottery to win an autographed photo signed by the artist himself. For more information, see KANGDANIEL’s official site.


    The lyric video for the song was shot during a visit to Japan while the artist was snapping artwork for his debut EP Joy Ride in the suburbs of Tokyo. The video was shot with a smartphone in a vlog style.



    KANGDANIEL will hold his first Japan tour, ‘KANGDANIEL: 1st EP Release Tour: JOY RIDE THROUGH JAPAN,’ on October 15 and 16. Fan club tickets for the shows at Zepp Namba (Osaka) on the 15th and KT Zepp Yokohama on the 16th will go on sale on August 20 at 10:00.


    The fan club is also offering a special prize for those who purchase the EP Joy Ride. Those selected will win a Meet & Greet with the artist to be held during the Japan tour. By pre-ordering the EP at select stores, fans can also grab some special bonuses! These will be announced at a later date, so keep an eye out for more info.

  • Miyavi’s New Song ‘Fearless’ Chosen as Theme Song for WOWOW European Soccer

    12.August.2022 | MUSIC

    WOWOW will be broadcasting an incredible amount of European soccer matches during the 2022-23 season, including the Spanish LaLiga starting August 13. The UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League competitions will decide who is the best on the continent, and many are ready to tune in. 


    The WOWOW European Soccer Theme Song for this season will be Fearless by the globally popular performer Miyavi, known to many as the samurai guitarist.


    Fearless was written by Miyavi himself. The artist formerly played soccer for Cerezo Osaka and channeled his memories of the competition and supporters into his music and lyrics. The song will begin airing during matches starting with the UEFA Super Cup 2022: Real Madrid vs. Frankfurt match on August 11. This season will be even more exciting than usual, with the World Cup scheduled to take place this November and December in Qatar.

    Comment from Miyavi

    “As a child, I wanted to become a professional soccer player and I practiced kicking a ball around every day. As a soccer fan, I imagined a song that would be played in a stadium and that everyone in the audience could sing along with.

    I created the music and melody to inspire listeners to feel a sense of unity and to soothe the soul.

    When I’m about to perform live or participate in a photo shoot, I always feel that sense of nervousness before a fight–that fear of failure before a challenge. I think that’s something everyone has felt at some point. All we need to do is put in the energy and work to overcome it. I hope you’ll sing along with the song, even at home in front of your TV.”

  • Trilingual Singer MeiMei and MIYAVI Release New Song, Music Video

    02.February.2022 | MUSIC

    18-year-old trilingual singer MeiMei has released a new track, ‘Strangers feat. MIYAVI,’ in which the popular Japanese performer takes on the role of a samurai guitarist in the music video.


    The killer tune blends MIYAVI’s shredding guitar and MeiMei’s strong yet fragile vocals. Curiously, MIYAVI accepted a direct offer from musical newcomer MeiMei to participate, and this song came to fruition. 


    The music video was created by MeiMei, who speaks Chinese, Japanese, and English, and MIYAVI, a world-renowned guitarist. Sayaka Nakane, a LA and Tokyo-based video creator, served as director. The video itself portrays how young people will shape the future as they deal with anonymous ‘unknown adults’ who hit them with cruel words both online and in real life. 


    Strangers feat. MIYAVI


    MeiMei was selected to participate in the ‘Tokyo Tower Red Light-Up 2022’ diplomatic event and has served as a link between China and Japan. With the Beijing Olympics approaching, the artist is sure to find more work!


    With diversity and borderlessness at the heart of her music, MeiMei aims to make music that transcends gender, age, or nationality. Listening to her voice, it’s hard to believe that she’s still a teenager!


    Comment from MeiMei

    During my time spent in both China and the US, I listened to MIYAVI’s music and saw his videos. I was a huge fan. It’s a miracle and an honor for me, a new artist, to be able to work with him. I still can’t believe it’s real. I’m too happy!


    I learned so many things from MIYAVI, and he really inspired me. I want to become a better artist because of him. He gave me a lot of friendly advice and he feels like a big brother I can rely on. I hope that this song will inspire and give courage to those who are going through tough times. Everyone should be confident and live their life how they want. Please enjoy the song!


    Hope everyone will love this song and support it, Let’s rock the world!!


    Comment from MIYAVI

    Music can connect people across borders, across race, and across language. 

    Age and career are completely irrelevant. 

    I hope that Mei’s fragile, beautiful, and supple voice will reach as many people as possible. I’m so happy and honored to be able to support her. 

    The world is going through a difficult time, and I hope that this kind of music can connect people as we all make our way through it to a brighter future.

    Let’s go Mei, let’s rock the world!!

  • NFT Platform Kollektion to Hold ‘Month of MIYAVI’ to Celebrate Performer’s 20th Anniversary

    11.January.2022 | MUSIC

    Kollektion, a global platform connecting artists and fans through the sale of NFTs, will hold the ‘Month of Miyavi’ during the month of January 2022. NFTs and other items commemorating the 20th anniversary of the rock musician will be available.


    MIYAVI started selling NFTs on the platform in October 2021 to positive fan response. In addition, fans who become holders of MIYAVI KLKTN Passes through the purchase of an NFT will be invited to a private Discord channel.

    More details were announced during the Virtual Holiday Party on December 25, 2021. Fans from all over the world are invited to take part in this exciting sale!


    1. MIYAVI KLKTN Pass
    These NFTs were available for 24 hours only on January 2, 2022. Purchasing one gives fans access to over 380 MIYAVI NFT airdrops in the future. This also gives access to the private Discord channel.


    2. Moments
    These ‘Moments’ can only be seen in Kollektion, and include behind-the-scenes footage of MIYAVI’s music production and private life. This time, each NFT has been sorted into one of three levels of rarity: Common, Rare, and Legendary. 

    3. ArtKards
    These NFTs were inspired by MIYAVI’s album ‘Imaginary.’ Extremely limited and featuring a serial number, each item comes with a digital autographed photo card NFT and a raffle ticket for a personal video message NFT. 

    4. Kodex
    Introducing a new way to enjoy music in the modern era, cover art, lyrics, and liner notes will be included in each purchase.

    5. Fender Official Guitar NFT (MIYAVI TELECASTER®)
    FENDER and MIYAVI have come together to create a one-of-a-kind guitar NFT. Winners in the raffle will win a real signed guitar and other items!

    6. Special Editions from the Hush Hush Music Video
    A part of the limited-edition music video for MIYAVI’s song Hush Hush has been made into goods and are on sale now! Each comes with premium extras like photo cards and extra commentary.


    Comment from MIYAVI
    “To celebrate the 20th anniversary since my solo debut, Kollektion will be holding the ‘Month of MIYAVI!’ I want to continue to take on new challenges and use the power of technology to better connect with my fans in both directions, not just one way. Don’t miss out!”

    KLKTN aims to create a new experience that deepens the connection between fans and creators, thereby increasing the enjoyment of fans and creating an environment where creators can enjoy their creative activities more.

  • Guitarist MIYAVI Releases His Own Brand of Sake in Collaboration with One of Kyoto’s Oldest Breweries

    29.October.2019 | FOOD

    MIYAVI is collaborating with the oldest brewery in Fushimi, Kyoto to create his unique brand of sake. After meeting Tokubei Masuda – the fourth generation owner of Tsuki no Katsura – a collaboration was launched to produce a new brand of Japanese sake called MIYAVI SAKE which was released in Japan on October 29.

    MIYAVI wrapped up his seventh world tour last year, and even starred in the American dark fantasy film Maleficent: Mistress of Evil as Udo which hit theatres earlier this month. Continuing to make achievements on a global scale, MIYAVI is now aiming to spread Japanese culture around the world. To get started, he met with Masuda Tokubei in November 2018 where he observed and studied the brewery’s sake-making process. From the precise recipes, making process, flavours and aroma to the care, tradition and history, Tsuki no Katsura made a grand impression on MIYAVI. Masuda Tokubei, who also shares in MIYAVI’s vision, agreed to the collaboration and they both set out on their project to get their brand out there to the world.

    MIYAVI SAKE STANDARD Junmai Daiginjo-Shu: ¥4,300 (before tax)/ MIYAVI SAKE LIGHT Junmai-Shu: ¥3,200 (before tax)

    After endless discussions between the two of them, MIYAVI and Tokubei Masuda carefully crafted the recipes to perfection. The MIYAVI SAKE collection consists of four types of junmai sake which are made from polished rice. This reduces the bitterness of the alcohol and creates a clearer flavour. MIYAVI SAKE PREMIUM is a junmai daiginjo-shu which is made without adding any extra alcohol or sugar and has been matured over 10 years. The MIYAVI SAKE STANDARD is infused with fruity flavours such as peach and lychee and is perfectly balanced and refined with a refreshing aftertaste. The MIYAVI SAKE LIGHT tastes like a fruity white wine and the MIYAVI SAKE SPARKLING is a sparkling wine which resembles champagne.


    With the expertise of Tsuki no Katsura, MIYAVI’s sake is bound to get as much global attention as his guitar skills so be sure to check it out.

  • Senkyakubanrai by DAOKO X MIYAVI Unveiled as Theme Song For Sensational Movie ‘Diner’

    16.May.2019 | MOVIE / MUSIC

    Diner is an upcoming film adaptation of author and horror writer Yumeaki Hirayama’s 2009 novel Diner directed by Mika Ninagawa and starring Tatsuya Fujiwara ー a dream tag team! The novel was said to be so good that it cannot be made into a movie…however, it was!  The movie features the fabulous actors and actresses Kanata Hongo, Masataka Kubota, Shinji Takeda, Takumi Saitoh, Eriko Sato and Nobuaki Kaneko as well as Shun Oguri, Anna Tsuchiya, Miki Maya and Eiji Okuda. For this movie, they are all playing the role of contract killers. This non-stop action film is all about pushing your instincts to the max. The movie will be released on Friday 5th July 2019.

     The main theme song for the film Senkyakubanrai by DAOKO X MIYAVI can be previewed in the trailer which has finally gone public! 

    Last year, guitarist MIYAVI finished up his 7th world tour “DAY 2” World Tour 2018. The tour started in Tokyo and took place in a number of Japan’s cities, finally hitting up Seoul, Singapore, Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, and even Europe, Russia, the US, as well as Central and South America! The release of his album SAMURAI SESSIONS vol.3 last year in December also became very popular. Recently, he was recruited by fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto and Y-3 to take part in the worldwide advertising campaign Moncler BEYOND as a model. These are just a few examples of the many varieties of collaborations that have made MIYAVI so famous. Now, he has even created a song with DAOKO!


    Rap singer DAOKO and guitarist MIYAVI’s new song Senkyakubanrai will be available for digital download and on streaming services from 3rd July!


    The passionate samurai spirit of guitarist MIYAVI combined with the enthusiastic rapper DAOKO is no doubt a collaboration that will reverberate throughout the entire country, sending ripples of passion through Japan. You just can’t take your eyes off DAOKO and MIYAVI for a minute!

    A statement by director Mika Ninagawa

    An absolute dream come true. I am so thrilled. I’ve always been a fan of DAOKO and MIYAVI separately. One day, I was on the way to the set for the filming of the movie Diner, and I heard their song play. I thought to myself; wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could work together someday? I then thought, wouldn’t it just be amazing if I could put those two in charge of the opening theme song for the movie! After that thought was in my head, I didn’t even think of considering anyone else. I asked them immediately and it’s actually happening. I just can’t express how happy I am.


    Statement by DAOKO

    I wanted to portray the 1v1 battle between the main characters Bombero and Kaneko in song form somehow. I was thinking of how to do this with MIYAVI when the idea crossed my mind! I challenged myself to keep to my rapping flow but to sing in a style to reflect the stubborn, strong-willed female role of Kaneko. I got really close to her personality through the lyrics and challenged myself with full power!


    Statement by MIYAVI

    Creating a song that perfectly describes Mika Ninagawa’s perspective was key. I thought about making something to reflect the static relationship between Bombero and Kaneko, and so I took the concept of pushing away and coming close together and worked around that. The time difference between Tokyo and Los Angeles made things a bit difficult  but DAOKO putting her heart into the lyrics really helped. I can’t wait for the world to be shaken when our song along with the film are finally released! 


    ©2019 “Diner” Production Committee ©2019  Mika Ninagawa / “Diner” Production Committee


  • SKY-HI Releases New Music Video & Announces Miyavi as Special Guest for Tour Finale

    23.November.2018 | MUSIC

    Having teased it earlier this month, SKY-HI has released the full music video for What a Wonderful World!! taken from his upcoming new album JAPRISON.

    The song was produced by SKY-HI himself and sees the rapper and singer take to the piano throughout. The track also features legendary Brazilian musician Sérgio Mendes performing his own piano solo. Laced together with SKY-HI’s personal and emotional lyrics and a chorus by Yuuho and Kayo of SUPER FLYERS, What a Wonderful World!! will no doubt be a standout of the artist’s first album in nearly two years.

    The cage in which the music video is set can be said to be symbolic of SKY-HI’s new record. Throughout our eyes are treated to a kaleidoscope of creative and avant garde visuals. The dance between SKY-HI and the skull face painted lady serves to deepen the perspective of the song that much more.


    It has also been announced that internationally renowned guitarist Miyavi as well as RAU DEF and sleepyhead will join the special guest list the finale of SKY-HI’s ongoing tour SKY-HI Round A Ground 2018 which will take place at Toyosu PIT in Tokyo on December 11 and 12. There are limited tickets left for the two-nighter at Toyosu PIT

  • Miyavi & SKY-HI to perform theme song for stage adaptation of manga series “TOKYO TRIBE”

    05.September.2017 | MUSIC

    It’s been announced that internationally renowned guitarist MIYAVI will perform the official theme song for the stage adaptation of “TOKYO TRIBE,” set to begin at the end of September at TSUTAYA O-EAST in Toko before moving to Nagoya and Osaka. This first-ever stage show of the manga series, a story wrapped in conflict in a “Tokyo a little different from the real one” with rival gangs or ‘tribes’ including Shibuya Saru, Bukuro Wu-Ronz, and the Harajuku Jingus.


    The original manga, “Tokyo Tribe-2,” a continuation from the first volume, has been translated into different languages and maintains a worldwide following. Miyavi, aka the “Samurai Guitarist,” has been chosen to become part of that world by writing the theme song. The song, entitled “Gemstone, was written together with Mitsuhiro Hidaka, known as a member of AAA and for his solo project SKY-HI.


    Miyavi is famously known around the globe for his unparalleled slap-guitar skills. He has performed over 300 times in almost 30 countries and has successfully complete 6 world tours.


    ▶︎Comment from Miyavi

    “I am honoured to be working with “TOKYO TRIBE” as it’s a series that I read and loved when it was being serialised. This is my first time writing a song for on stage. I am excited to see how ‘Gemstone’ which I wrote together with SKY-HI will be used in the production.”


    One month remains before the show begins, but the song is already being played on air, and more songs are to make an appearance too.


    A special promotional video for the stage adaptation of “TOKYO TRIBE” is already available to watch, featuring an original rap by rapper KEN THE 390, a talk with actors Ito Imagine and Hiroyuki Yashiro, and of course a teaser of the theme song “Gemstone.”



    The hype is growing fast for the stage adaptation of “TOKYO TRIBE.” Have an early listen to the official theme song by Miyavi and SKY-HI!



    <Tokyo Show>

    Venue: TSUTAYA O-EAST  Running: September 29, 2017 to October 8, 2017

    Ticket Pricing: Reserved Seating – ¥6,900 / Standing (1F + 2F) – ¥4,900 (tax incl.  ※A separate compulsory drink fee of ¥500 will also be charged

    Tickets now on sale.

    【Getting your tickets】

    ・Ticket Space (03-3234-9999) – Ticket Space Online (search)

    ・Ticket Pita (0570-02-9999) – [P-Code: 459‐635] http://pia.jp/

    ・Lawson Ticket (0570-000-407)- [L-Code: 34542] http://l-tike.com/

    ・eplus – http://eplus.jp/

    ・7 Ticket – http://7ticket.jp/ (available at multi copy machines at 7-Eleven stores around Japan)

    ・TSUTAYA O-EAST *available at the venue only (03-5458-4681)

    Contact Ticket Space for queries related to tickets – 03-3234-9999


    <Nagoya Show>

    Venue: ZEPP NAGOYA

    Date/Time: October 11, 2017 – 19:00 / October 12, 2017 – 19:00

    Any queries should be made to SUNDAY FOLK PROMOTION – 052(320)9100 (10am-6pm)


    <Osaka Show>

    Venue: Matsushita IMP Hall

    Date/Time: October 21, 2017 – 13:00 & 18:00 / October 22, 2017 – 13:00

    Any queries should be made to Kyodo Information -052(020)0888 (10am-6pm)


    ※Entry forbidden for preschool children

    ※Entry time is 30 minutes before the performance


    Official Website: http://tokyo-tribe.com

  • A rock singer, “MIYAVI” released his new album, 『ALL TIME BEST“DAY 2”』on April 2nd.

    08.April.2017 | MUSIC

     “MIYAVI” released his new album, 『ALL TIME BEST“DAY 2”』 on April 2nd to celebrate his 15th anniversary.

    One of the new songs, 「Live to Die Another Day –Sonzai Syoumei-」 is used for the theme song of a movie, called “Mugen no Zyunin”.

    Amazingly, this album got a first prize in Japan’s iTunes Album Rock Chart.



    In addition to the 18 songs,  arranged「What’s My Name ?」「Universe」「Ahead Of The Light」「Subarashikikana Konosekai –What A Wonderful World-」「Guard You」are on this CD.

    World tour 「MIYAVI World Tour 2017  “Fire Bird”」is being held now and after that 「MIYAVI 15th Anniversary Live “NEO TOKYO 15”」will be held in Tokyo.





    Sold on April 2nd

    MIYAVI official website: http://myv382tokyo.com




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  • Samurai guitarist MIYAVI breaks through the national boundary & collaborates with world-renowned photographer Masayoshi Sukita! “MIYAVI × SUKITA” photo book out 16th September!

    14.September.2016 | FEATURES / MUSIC

    Breaking through the national boundary and receiving worldwide attention, the samurai guitarist MIYAVI has been photographed by world-renowned photographer Masayoshi Sukita. The new “MIYAVI × SUKITA” photo collection will be made available for purchase from Friday 16th September.


    ■ Related article: Special interview with the worldwide famous “Samurai Guitarist” MIYAVI!


    MIYAVI released his new album “Fire Bird” on Wednesday 31st August and started his world tour entitled <MIYAVI Japan Tour 2016 “NEWBEAT, NEW FUTURE”> on Monday 19th September. However, MIYAVI has done plenty more to break through the national border and develop as a global figure. MIYAVI has also celebrated his debut as a Hollywood actor, taking part in the film “Unbroken” which was directed by Angelina Jolie. MIYAVI is also one of the 9 people in the world to be chosen by Swiss luxury jewellery brand Piaget to take part in a series of unique activity.


    Masayoshi Sukita is a world-renowned photographer who has photographed David Bowie, T.REX, YMO and many other famous sensational music artists. Masayoshi Sukita’s words after the photo shoot with MIYAVI were:


    “It has been a really long time since I had last taken photographs of somebody who completely destroys their own image. The last time I had taken such photographs was with David Bowie.”


    After putting every ounce of passion and effort into his photography with MIYAVI, the photo selection had been comprised into one book. As well as establishing many legends, Sukita and MIYAVI have crossed the boundary of their generation with this collaboration. An atmosphere of tension with a hot and sparky feeling seizes up every image taken. The overwhelming sensation as a performer, as well as a private and personal touch has been combined into this must-see masterpiece.


    Special words from MIYAVI & STAFF 

    As if everything has crashed together and sparks have flown ー Although we are all males, you could say that the sensation in these pictures resembles the excited feeling of sex.


    Special words from Masayoshi Sukita

    MIYAVI is not afraid to destroy himself. He is always searching for a new “MIYAVI”. This photo selection is the new exciting sensation since David Bowie.



    MIYAVI×SUKITA(Separate volume)
    Launch for sale date: Friday 16th September 2016

    Available for purchase at bookstores and CD shops nationwide
    Publisher:Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.

    Fixed price:¥5,300+tax

    Size & length:A4/128 pages



  • Special interview with the worldwide famous “Samurai Guitarist” MIYAVI!

    11.August.2016 | MUSIC

    MIYAVI has been called “Samurai Guitarist” for his slapping play style of Taylor acoustic guitar, and for his genderless appearance. Since 2010 he has been performing not only in Japan, but also globally from 2010.


    In 2014, he also appeared for the first time in a Hollywood film, Unbroken, directed by Angelina Jolie. This time MIYAVI visited his home country a year and a half after he has moved to the United States, to introduce his brand new double A-side single to the audience in Japan prior to its global release. (The interview was carried out in mid-April.)


    MIYAVI’s extraordinary guitar techniques along with his danceable tunes as well as his character all contribute to his global tour, yet he does not find it graceful to emphasize the Japanese culture or his Japanese identity. The guitarist, MIYAVI, aims to transcend cultural boundaries as an original presence,In the title, The Others, he has collaborated with the grammy winner producers, Drew & Shannon, who worked with John Legend in the past. From his newest title and after, he has started collaborating with the young producing and music writing team from Los Angeles, where he centers his musical activities, enabling the cutting-edge sound-making of the US.


    -Can we ask how you are working in the US, as we don’t hear as much news in Japan?


    I’m taking it very easy. In the US, everything is in much larger scale. Not just the distance; beats are huge, things are done in much longer periods. How do I synchronize my heart rate to that kind of difference is the matter of question, I think. It’s like the difference in the length of man’s stride. That synchronizes with the length of breadth, length of melody, BPM, and so how do I synchronize them as an Asian? That’s where I am right now. It will take some more time. I started to be conscious of not just myself, but also my roots, including my ancestors. How your body vibrates your voice, your walking forms, your DNA, etc. Not just the music, but all sorts of things that my ancestors have piled up from the past.


    You’ve been working tough, and you still feel such a difference. We should be talking about a huge difference, is it?


    Yes, certainly. Location, weather, and also the difference between race of hunters and that of agriculture, that’s substantial. We had been using different muscles, in a posture like this (crouching,) and we had no opportunity to look up. That’s still the same today, especially in a modernized city of Tokyo, we have no chance to look up at the sky. Then our chest shrinks, and then there’s smaller space for the air to breathe out, though I don’t mean to support the entire western life style. Language is also different, even at the level of its rhythm, but I think the boundary will vanish very soon. I hope my generation gets to witness that moment, or become the one to break such boundary, especially by the means of music.


    Do you feel that you need to change your body itself to a body with such mentality in order to break the boundary, and to gain the reality in your music?


    That’s right. I won’t be able to speak about the world if I stayed in the well without crossing the ocean. I may realize later on that the ocean was actually small, but not until I swim across. From here on, it doesn’t matter if I am Japanese or not. It’s only the matter of how I fight. Up until now, I had been focusing on how I can fight with a sword when a tank came and shot at me. But actually, there are more than one tank, or there are billions of tanks. Then what do I do? That’s what I’m thinking about right now. So my battle for the first stage was a battle against a tank, but now I’m trying to imagine what’s behind these tanks.

    In other words?


    To speak short, entertainment field has wide skirts. I worked for my last work in Nashville, and this time I’m working at Howard Benson’s studio in Los Angeles with his team, including young producers and music writers around age of 22 or 23. Everyone here belongs to a modern music scene, and I have different perceptions from what I had in Nashville.


    Your last album, The Others, was quite self-reflective. Is there any change in your mind regarding how to fight with music?


    It’s similar to what I have just said; the fighting style is gradually changing. I am currently reassessing the reason why I’m fighting. I’d like to explain more about this when my next piece comes out, but I am trying to make a California roll right now. You know, California rolls aren’t real sushi to sushi chefs; I don’t eat them either, to be honest. But I still recognize its significance, I mean, I recognize the role it has played. We wouldn’t have so many sushi restaurants in LA if hadn’t we have those California rolls. So those California rolls played the role of a bridge, and that’s what I want to create, even if it might take a long time. I have wasabi with me. Soy sauce, other sushi ingredients, vinegared rice, and salmon as well, but no avocado. That could be the pop part of the music, could be the melody or how the English words ring in the music… I don’t care if we can call that sushi or not, but I just feel that we can have something like that, or rather we need something like that. That’s my role, and I want to do it through music. I don’t mind if it’s well-known or not, but I will change my direction to something new, like “NEW BEAT, NEW FUTURE.” My guitar doesn’t have to be rock, well it is rock, but it doesn’t stay in the category of rock because that’s the role I feel I need to play. First I learn the manners, and then I remove them. I won’t be able to remove them if I’m too familiar with those manners, though.


    Are you saying that you feel the necessity to change your guitar approach?


    Not quite, but I do feel the difference in perceptions we have between Japan and outside. We don’t hear guitar music on radio, do we? Neither on Grammy awards. Then who is rock musician? If I had to choose one, I would say, Twenty One Pilots, but there’s no guitarist. I played with them in a gig in Hong Kong and Taiwan last year, and their vocal plays ukulele or bass from time to time, but not guitar.


    Alabama Shakes won five Grammies, but they are categorized as alternative.

    Right. There are so many attractive bands, but none of them play guitar music. I myself came along as an guitarist, proudly serving my sushi with lots of wasabi on a table saying, “There!” But it turns out, people start saying “wow, this is too hot.” If I can’t make them feel that they want to continue eating it, I can’t call that a victory.


    In that perspective, you are playing guitar in your latest piece, and I felt your policy of how to fight in the US music scene is clear.


    How much avocado do I add, and how much vinegared rice? Breads won’t do it. Afraid To Be Cool sounds a little bit like breads. This is an exaggeration, but people wouldn’t accept hamburgers from me if I try to bring hamburgers from Japan to the US. I see lots of made-in-Japan hamburgers in current music scene. They do taste good, but those are not what we want.


    I understand. In that sense, I sort of recognized your message in your latest single that you are going to fight in the current mainstream music scene.

    I do suppose that the way people feel the beats might be different from what I’ve seen in Japanese music, but things won’t change if I don’t force myself to lead it through. Otherwise, I should just stay back in Japan and make another piece. I will charge through in this style.


    The other song, Raise Me Up, in your double A-sided single has a magical balance: your Telecaster is very effective, and though it is medium-tempo, there is this edginess.


    Like the balance between pop and edginess? I think it’s getting close, including the drive it has. Half-time beat and its traps. These days we don’t hear so many fast-tempo songs in the first place. Most of them are half-time tracks or R&B. Maybe Mark Ronson’s the fastest?


    (Laugh) Isn’t Japanese rock double in BPM?


    Right, double. I mean, Japanese rock is different in its details, its strides. Even our heart rates might be different. The scale of supermarkets is totally different; the speed of music release is different. I feel this about myself, too, but skeletal structures of Japanese or Asians are flat. There’s difference in how much we can enjoy the beats and their depth. Western people enjoy slow beats as well because they can taste that depth of those slow beats. Talking about us Japanese, I don’t think we are able to taste that depth as much. For instance, we have very fast BPM music like Para-para, and the only parts of our body that are moving on beats are our wrists and hands! But I don’t intend to offend that because that’s one of the identities Japanese music have. If we try to make that a common language with the Western music scene, that’s tough, though. If I play at 180 BPM and no one was dancing to the music, what’s the point? It’s not a matter of which one is better. That’s what I feel about the difference in BPM, and my guitar playing style has been changing as well, in view of my identity besides slapping. Slapping is like a sprint.


    It’s an impressive performance for the audience, too.


    Yes, so it’s the wasabi. But you can’t keep eating only wasabi, so we need sushi rice. I need to be able to sing more on my guitar. The solo part too, in my own style, in my own expression. I learned these in my last piece.


    On the other hand, you also use your guitar as a material.


    I’m trying to transform the guitar itself, and to be honest, what I’m trying to do right now is a little bit off course, in perspective of the guitar rock history. But I still feel it’s worth it if I can accomplish that with the interpretation of the new generation. If I can get people to feel it’s cool, then I win, and if I don’t, my attempt ends up off course.


    By the way, the music video for Raise Me Up has been produced by Fantasista Utamaro, and I found the video is also linked closely to its artwork.


    That’s right. I asked Fantasista Utamaro for something brand new. An image that evokes something ahead and not behind is what I’m after. I feel that this piece is going to be my blood and flesh. So it’s going to change my performance, too. I need to be able to push harder in a team. I’ve always thought that I’d fight and slash my enemies even if I’m alone, but I realize now, that won’t do. Especially if I’m fighting against tanks, that’s endless. So how should we combat in a team, like setting bombs on a tank or other tactics, we are still trying to find the best answer. When we finally find it, that’s the moment we’ll truly win this battle. Tanks might change the direction they shoot their canons, or maybe we might not fight them at all. Still, we’ll continue to hone our swords, not to compromise but to prepare them in a new form.

    What motivates you to change your attitude so much is the real difference you feel in the daily life in the US compared to that in Japan?


    Definitely. Even in airports or supermarkets, I feel the difference in national strength, its resourcefulness, etc. I suppose that comes from education, from the attitude of those who are involved in education, and also from their conversation skills. On the contrary, I realize that what we can call the strength of Japan is its insanity and hospitality.

    Could we also call that a sensibility?


    Yes. When I’m having a session with other Americans,I can sometimes feel that, well, I don’t say they are afraid of me, but they are wondering “what’s MIYAVI thinking about?” Or maybe even other Japanese people might feel the same way too about me.


    That’s strength.


    Yes. I don’t know any other nationality who eats this many kinds of food uncooked. Raw eggs, raw fish, and even raw beef!


    (laugh) We can do that because we know what’s risky and what’s not.


    I know, but non-Japanese would call that insane. I think that’s the Japanese sensitivity- the sensitivity for details that ultimately connects to their hospitality as well.


    Perhaps insanity and hospitality are head and tail of a coin.

    Jonny Dope did the remix of Raise Me Up.


    Yes, for the same reason as the reason I requested working with Fantasista Utamaro. I would love to be influenced by younger generations, and I’d love to learn from their generation who does not stay in the frame of conventional theories.


    Your Japan tour starts in September.


    It’s been awhile after my last tour in Japan. After all, Japan is my home country, and though I’m so far away and still in the middle of my training in the US, my fans in Japan still support me and trust me. I’m very happy about it. That motivates me to push myself harder. I’m using the restaurant metaphor again: suppose a sushi restaurant that refuses first-time customer closes for a month or two. Customers still come back when the restaurant reopens. Why? Because there is that trust. In those two months, I would want to learn and present something new, and these customers would come to accept that. I don’t mean to limit it to only Japan, but I would like to play constantly in Japan, as it is my home country. I want to play the role that I need to play, showing them “we can go further.” I learned how to chop up the bullets, so maybe how to destroy tanks is the next? I’m back to that metaphor again, well, if I can present that as a Japanese, I want to share the power, the energy, or the excitement of this country with the audience. If a Japanese audience saw me and said “OK, he’s still playing,” that’s not enough. I graduated from that stage. I want to show them what comes beyond it.