New Poster for Upcoming “Tokyo Ghoul” Movie Showcases Entire Cast!

05.July.2017 | SPOT

Tokyo Ghoul—the international phenomenon manga series that has sold over 3 million copies and is published in 37 different countries, has spawned an anime series, theatrical performance and game, and is soon to receive its own live action adaptation set for worldwide release on July 29th.

The new film adaptation is packed full of action and battle sequences and showcases humanity’s fight against “ghouls”, creatures who pose as humans that must eat other people in order to survive.

A new poster for the movie has been released which features a gorgeous look at the entire cast. Behind the cast we get a full look at the film’s protagonist Kanki (Masataka Kubota) wearing his famous mask and in kakugan mode, a state where a ghouls’ eyes turn red after they become hungry or use their kagune.

The line-up showcases a total of 14 characters, including the half-ghoul Kaneki at the front wearing his combat uniform, a character who is tied to a fate of dilemma. We also get a look at Toka, a ghoul who works at Anteiku, and Rize, who has a huge impact of the fate of Kaneki. As well as those characters, we can see other ghouls including Hinami (Hiyori Sakura), Yoshimura (Kunio Murai), Enji Koma (Kenta Hamano), Kaya Irimi (Nozomi Sasaki), Nishiki Nishio (Shunya Shiraishi), Ryouko Fueguchi (Shoko Aida), Yomo (Shuntaro Yanagi), Uta (Minosuke Bando), and members of the CCG in opposition of the ghouls Koutarou Amon (Nobuyuki Suzuki) and Kureo Mado (Yo Oizumi).


The grand battle against humans and ghouls is about to begin.


“Tokyo Ghoul”
Worldwide Release on July 29th 2017
©2017 “Tokyo Ghoul” Production Committee
©Sui Ishida / Shueisha Inc.


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