14 Shops in Laforet Harajuku Undergoing Renewal—and First Ever Official “Sailor Moon” Store to Open

17.August.2017 | FASHION

Laforet Harajuku – the hub for all youth trends in Japan – is undergoing a renewal, with 14 shops set for revamp by the end of August. 10 new shops will open and




Among the list of new shops scheduled to hit the scene, two that you should definitely check out are VENTURER CAPSULE TOKYO, a store selling fashion items linked to club music, and &ellecy, a shop for tomboy girls who like to wear casual men’s clothes and street mix fashion. They also have lots of items for couples too, so it’s a must-visit store to go and spend at when on a date.


The first ever official Sailor Moon store will also be opening its doors, stocked with items based around the internationally loved and recognised series. There’s a whole range of new shops to look forward to which keep up with the latest trends.


Jot it down on your calendar so you don’t forget to visit Laforet Harajuku to see this diverse new line-up of shops when they open!




【New Shops & Renewal Shops List】

〈New Shops〉

・VENTURER CAPSULE TOKYO (ベンチュラー カプセル トウキョウ)

・&ellecy (アンドエルシー)

・Sailor Moon store (セーラームーンストア)

・merry jenny (メリージェニー)

・ORiental TRaffic (オリエンタルトラフィック)

・KOBINAI (コビナイ)

・SAINT SCOTT (セントスコット)

・HYPER COUTURE NEW YORK (ハイパー クチュール ニューヨーク)

・ Ozz Croce (オッズ クローチェ)


〈Renewal Shops〉

・RID.DLE FROM (リドル フロム)

・Dot and Stripes CHILDWOMAN (ドット アンド ストライプス チャイルド ウーマン)

・MILKFED. HARAJUKU(ミルクフェド ハラジュク)


Grand Opening: Saturday August 26th

 ※The Sailor Moon store will open on Saturday September 23rd.

Laforet Harajuku Official Homepage: http://www.laforet.ne.jp/

©Naoko Takeuchi

©Naoko Takeuchi / PNP / Toei Animation


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