A “green colored” ramen popular in Osaka!? Many people are “addicted” to the noodle shop “Menya! Sanporuco.”

21.October.2017 | FOOD

The number of orders of “Midori (green ) Poruco,” a ramen item of the noodle shop “Menya! Sanporuco” which offers soupless noodles at daytime and ramens at nighttime, exceeded 800 within four months.

“Midori Poruco” is an Italian style ramen with tonkotsu (pig bone broth) and basil paste.


Midori Poruco (880 yen / tax included)


This ramen uses the broth of pig’s heads which is made by the owner of the shop who loves tonkotsu ramen. Three kinds of unique flavors which were created by the owner through a trial and error process are added to the clear-tasting broth.


“Midori Poruco” is a unique ramen which includes “very thin straight noodle×basil×cheese.” Not just the ramen manias but girls who are not familiar with ramen are becoming “addicted” to the ramen.


They are planning to sell new colored ramens such as Kuro (black) Poruco, Ki (yellow) Poruco and Pink Poruco.


【Tonkotsu at nighttime 17:00 to 3:00】


Aka (red) Poruco (850 yen / tax included)

Tasty ramen with burned pork. Two kinds of home-made noodles <middle thick wrinkled noodle / very thin straight noodle> can be chosen.

It is a miso based hot tonkotsu ramen which has umami and mildness, inspired by Taiwan ramen. The thick/thin pork rib included in the ramen is burned with a tasty sauce. You can choose either very thin-straight- noodles or middle-thick-wrinkled-noodles.


Shiro (white) Poruco (750 yen / tax included)


Very thin straight noodles×condiment ball rare pork ramen

This challenging ramen created by the owner of the shop who loves Hakata tonkotsu ramen under was made with the concept of making a ramen that will be loved by everybody. The creamy base soup which has the umami and sweetness of tonkotsu is wrapped with the taste of a special condiment ball. Many fans of the shop love this product which includes home-made thin straight noodles and thinly sliced roast pork soaked in fermented kouji with salt and water and baked at low-temperature heat.


【Hiru Mazesoba 12:00 to 14:00】

Aka (red) Mazesoba (750 yen / tax included) special Mara sauce (Chinese spicy sauce)

A popular product with tasty mara sauce and eight kinds of hot peppers. It is recommended that you mix together the middle-thick-wrinkled noodles with the many vegetables and grilled pork.


Kuro (black) Mazesoba (750 yen / tax included) Gyokai (seafood) Shoyu

A product with black seafood soy sauce made of several kinds of seafoods such as chub mackerel, bonito and dried adductor and black garlic oil. The combination of grilled pork, lots of vegetables and home-made middle-thick-wrinkled-noodles is superb.


Shiro (white) Mazesoba (750 yen / tax included) Seafood salt×lots of vegetables

A salt mazesoba using seafoods such as chub mackerel, bonito and dried adductor and seafood sauce. The combination of lots of vegetables and rare pork soaked in the fermented kouji with salt, water and vegetables is so good. The Parmesan cheese and garlic chips are also very delicious.


Why don’t you eat the unique ramens of “Menya! Sanporuco” in Osaka?



Menya! Sanporuco

Address: 1-16-33, Fujiicho, Kishiwada, Osaka

Business hours: 12:00 to 14:00 (mazesoba time), 17:00 to 3:00 (ramen time)

Holidays: Sunday / holidays