The green tea specialty store, “Senchado Tokyo” opened in Ginza. Disseminating information about Grade 1 “Sencha” (green tea) to the world.

08.November.2017 | FOOD / SPOT

LUCY ALTER DESIGN manages the world’s first “hand-dripped” Japanese green tea specialty company, “Tokyo Charyo,” and on November 3rd, (Fri.) Tokyo Charyo opened the green tea specialty store “Senchado Tokyo” in Ginza, Tokyo. Here they will sell only single-origin, high grade “Sencha” from throughout Japan.


 “Sencha” is one kind of Japanese tea and almost all the green tea Japanese people drink is “sencha.” “Senchado Tokyo” was opened at this time with the Tokyo Olympics in mind. They know that people coming to the Olympics from throughout the world will want to know more about Japanese green tea so they decided to open this store in Ginza, Tokyo, a world-renowned tourist spot, and from here they hope to sell green tea and disseminate information about high-quality “sencha” and teach people how to enjoy “sencha.”  “Sencha” has played a vital role in the making of the Japanese “living room” from the Edo era. Senchado Tokyo hopes promote a new style of drinking green tea, a style that will match our present day and age.


In Japan, the use of teapots to steep tea in started in the 6th year of the Horeki Era (1756).  And now 260 years later, a new tea steeping method is being promoted and sold. That is the “Toumei Kyusu” (see-though teapot). With the concept of “the ultimate simplicity” in mind a new teapot design was developed. This teapot matches the present day lifestyle of people and it is made to steep one person’s cup of tea.


Many people’s idea of “teapots” is “It breaks easily. It takes up space, and they are difficult to wash.” Other people often say, “I don’t know how to brew tea.” The new teapot is a solution to all these teapot worries.


This new teapot looks like it is made of glass but it is actually made of a special plastic. Accordingly, it is non-breakable, doesn’t become hot and takes up little space. The teapot is made to steep one person’s cup of tea at a time (120ml) and the recipe for brewing tea is simple. It can be used in various situations. Of course, it can be used at home but it can also be used at outdoor events, at cafes and at pop-up shops.


They are offering this Sencha in a new packaging design so that you can enjoy single-origin sencha by choosing your favorite strength and flavor.



Using a unique algorithm design, each single-origin sencha has been given numerical rankings as to the strength and flavor of the tea and this ranking has been expressed in colors. Accordingly, the information about each tea has been expressed as a color. Therefore, persons do not need a special language to talk about the taste of Sencha. At the store it is possible to sample these single-origin senchas to find the tea of your liking before you purchase one of these senchas.


Find your favorite green tea and along with some tea sweets please enjoy a quality tea time.



Senchado Tokyo

Address: Ginza Marushima Bild. 1F, 5-10-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Hours: 11:00~19:00

Holidays: None (year-end and New Year’s holiday and Obon is an exception)



Product information

Tomei kyusu (see-through teapot) 3,500 yen (tax included)

Single origin senchas (alogorithm package) 1,900 yen (tax included)~

Gift package of 5 senchas of your choice 2,100 yen (tax included)

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