Model Yuna Yabe reports on “Sriracha Japan Festival” in Thailand and live performance by TEMPURA KIDZ

08.December.2017 | SPOT

Hi, everyone. I’m Yuna Yabe, and this is the first article I’ve ever written on the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON website!


Let’s get to it. So, what’s today’s article about I hear you ask?

Well, I recently went to Thailand!


Although we went to Thailand, the place we went to was about an hour and thirty minutes from Bangkok in a town called Si Racha!


Si Racha is Thailand’s town of Japanese people as there are many Japanese living there!


So when you’re walking around there, you’ll see the Japanese language scattered around!




The feeling of Japan is so prevalent there that it doesn’t seem like you’re in Thailand at all!



It was there that we headed to a Japanese style festival✨


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The festival took place at a large park alongside the sea.

The air there was very warm, the kind of climate characteristic of a festival!!


No waiting around…



…I got myself some cotton candy✨🙋🙋🙋⛅


I’ve traveled to Thailand before, so even someone like me kept calm and composed when it came to shopping.




Whoa! Sushi!




Whoa! Washoku Sato!


When you see a place that you know, you get this welling affinity and just have to buy something, right?






Got some kakigori! ( ᐛ)

It felt like I had come to a festival in actual Japan, so I had a lot of fun! ♡



Oh! Let me show you my outfit!



Since I was in Thailand I wanted to wear some Thai pants, but I didn’t have any with me, so I wore some wide tie-dye pants along with one of the t-shirts being handed out at the festival👚!


It was so flashy, I really stood out ( ´・‿・`)

The temperature was 30°c so of course I wore short sleeves.


And then, and then, oh, how I waited!





I get along with TEMPURA KIDZ on a regular basis, and this was their live performance! They’ve performed at the Sriracha Japan Festival in the past, so they have a lot of fans there! 😜


They have fans not just in Japan but overseas too, so in order for them to connect with the fans there, they had practiced lots and lots of the Thai language among other things. Seeing them up there, they looked so cool and were shining✨


I had so much fun at the Japan festival in Si Racha. It was just like a festival back home, so much so that it makes you forget you’re even in Thailand! I had a really Japanese time.


I think this kind of event was initiated to introduce both the local Japanese people and local Thai people to the great things about Japan, so I hope the Sriracha Japan Festival events can make there way overseas to other places too✨


I’m super happy I was able to go.

How does visiting Si Racha for yourself sound if you go to Thailand?

(Writer:Yuna Yabe)


Sriracha Japan Festival report by KARIN of TEMPURA KIDZ:

KARIN of TEMPURA KIDZ reports on the “Sriracha Japan Festival” in Si Racha, Thailand




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