A game which has been gathering much attention- “Onmyoji.” A problem solving game event will be held in Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei, Takao and Hong Kong.

11.December.2017 | SPOT

A company which creates experience-based problem solving games called Yomiuri Television Enterprise and the major Internet service company in China NetEase, Inc. will hold an experience-based problem solving game event collaborating with the application, “Onmyoji” “Ja, Shin, Fu, In ~Inishie no Jashi, Yamatanoorochi wo Fuinseyo~” from the 12th of Januray 2018 (Fri.) in Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei, Takao and Hong Kong in a sequential order.


The full-fledged imaginary RPG “Onmyoji” is a game where many onmyojis (yin-yang masters) including Abeno Seimei fight with creatures in the Heian Period to maintain the balance between the worlds of shadow and light. The game gained popularity for its Precisely depicted beautiful graphics, gorgeous voice actors and sophisticated game system and the number of downloads throughout the world counts about 200 million.


The participators of the event will become a freshman of onmyoji and solve some puzzles and problems to seal off Yamatanoorochi. The whole session takes about 100 to 120 minutes and one team consist of four members. The participators must solve problems and codes installed inside the venue and accomplish a “certain task” within the designated time limit.



You are a freshman of onmyoji and you visited the house of Abeno Seimei, a genius onmyoji to learn about some skills. However, you receive worrisome information from Abeno Seimei that the ancient evil God, Yamatanoorochi is about to regenerate.

You have 60 minutes left to prevent the regeneration of Yamatanoorochi. Your mission is to seal off Yamatanoorochi by cooperating together with Abeno Seimei.


Don’t miss this event which is gathering much attention around the world!




Date: 2018,03,03 (Sat.), 04 (Mon.), 17 (Sat.), 18 (Sun.)

Venue: Sunrise Building Tokyo

Address: 〒103-8470, 11-12, Tomizawacho, Nihonbashi, Chuoku, Tokyo

Time schedule:

03, 03 (Sat.)  14:00~/17:00~/20:00~

03,04 (Sun.)  11:00~/14:00~/17:00~

03, 17 (Sat.) 14:00~/17:00~/20:00~

03,18 (Sun.) 11:00~/14:00~/17:00~

※The venue will be opened before 20 minutes of the starting time of the event.



Date: 2018,3,31 (Sat.), 04,01 (Sun.)

Venue: Sunrise Building Osaka

Address: 〒541-0051, 2-6-8, Bingocho, Chuoku, Osakashi, Osaka

Time schedule:

03,31 (Sat.) 14:00~/17:00~

04,01 (Sun.)  11:00~/14:00~/17:00~

※The venue will be opened before 20 minutes of the starting time of the event.



Date: 2018,01,12 (Fri.), 13 (Sat.), 14 (Sun.), 19 (Fri.), 20 (Sat.), 21 (Sun.)

Venue: 臺北文創6F 多功能廳

Address: 臺北市信義區煙廠路88號6樓

Time schedule:

01,12 (Fri.) 15:30~/18:30~

01,13 (Sat.) 12:30~/15:30~/18:30~

01,14 (Sun.) 12:30~/15:30~/18:30~

01,19 (Fri.) 12:30~/15:30~/18:30~

01, 20 (Sat.) 12:30~/15:30~/18:30~

01, 21 (Sun.) 12:30~/15:30~/18:30~



Date: 2018,02,02 (Fri.), 03 (Sat.), 04 (Sun.)

Venue: Takao International Convention Center

Address: 高雄市塩テイ区中正四路274號

Time schedule:

2,2 (Fri.) 12:30~/15:30~/18:30~

2,3 (Sat.) 12:30~/15:30~/18:30~

2,4 (Sun.) 12:30~/15:30~/18:30~


※Detailed information regarding Hong Kong will be announced later on.


<Participating fee (Tokyo/Osaka)>

Pre-sold ticket: adult 3,000 yen (tax included) / student 2,500 yen (tax included)

Same day ticket: adult 3,500 yen / student 3,000 yen (tax included)

Pre-sold group ticket (adults only): 11,200 yen (tax included)


<Participation fee (Taipei/Takao)>

Fixed fee: 699 gen / pre-sold ticket 550 gen

Pre-sold group ticket: 2,080 gen (four persons)

Pre-check-in (same day): 599 gen


<Participating amenities>

Amenities noted below will be offered to all participators.

・Three “Gense Reifus” which you can use to call shikigamis in the game.

・Special icons

Also, autograph sheets (17 sheets in total) of the voice actors will be offered to the participators (lottery-base).


<Ticket> from 12,16 – eplus : http://eplus.jp


Event information site (Tokyo/Osaka): http://asobi.yte.co.jp/onmyoji/

“Onmyoji” official site: http://www.onmyojigame.jp/