6 Recommended Ehomaki for 2018: This year we face south-southeast

15.January.2018 | FEATURES / FOOD

Setsubun is the day before spring begins in Japan and is celebrated annually on February 3rd. It’s a time to cleanse the evil away from the previous year, done through a ritual called mamemaki or “bean throwing” where people throw soybeans. The night of Setsubun is also where people eat ehomaki, known as “good fortune sushi.” It is said that by eating one of these thick, uncut sushi rolls, bad omens will be driven off and you will live a year in good health.


In this article, we will introduce to you a range of different ehomaki that are being sold in 2018.


MINISTOP Convenience Store

For 2018, MINISTOP are serving up their regular “Koufuku Ehomaki” (Happiness Ehomaki), packed with good ingredients.


The Koufuku Ehomaki is plump with a carefully selected bounty of 7 ingredients that includes thick dark sleeper with shiitake, soft whitespotted conger, dried strips of calabash, and more. But that’s not all – there is a whopping line-up of 9 ehomaki to be enjoyed at MINISTOP. As well as the Koufuku Ehomaki, you can get your fingers on one containing fresh seafood (“Umi no Kougu Ehomaki”), one where you can taste the charcoal cooking (“Sumibi Yakigyu Yakiniku Ehomaki”), one containing rich sauce and soft pork fillet cutlet, and more.




Applications: January 28, 2018 by midnight

Delivery: February 1, 2018 to February 3, 2018


Applications: January 29, 2018 by midnight

Delivery: February 3, 2018


Early Bird Discount

If you apply by January 20, 2018, you can receive a discount on select ehomaki. Select items include: Koufuku Ehomaki, Set of 3 Koufuku Ehomaki, Kaisen Ehomaki (seafood ehomaki), Set of 3 Kaisen Ehomaki


Webpage: https://www.ministop.co.jp/syohin/reserve/ehoumaki2018/



ATOM Corporation, who manage izakaya and family restaurants, are to sell limited quantities of ehomaki for Setsubun.


The ehomaki use ‘nori’ (seaweed) from the Ariake Sea in Kyūshū that has been blessed in Hakusangu in Aichi Prefecture for sound health, safety of one’s family and business prosperity. Each and every ehomaki is prepared and rolled individually and with the utmost care and attention.


This year they will add to their “Premium Ehomaki” line-up and introduce ehomaki made with eel from Aichi Prefecture, with grilled blackthroat seaperch from Yamaguchi Prefecture, and with snow crab from Tottori Prefecture



Available: February 1, 2018 to February 3, 2018 (now on sale for order online and in-store)

Homepage: http://www.atom-corp.co.jp/fair/fair.php?fair_no=2722



All 400 “AEON” and “AEON Style” stores in Honshu and Shikoku, as well as on their online shop, are to sell 19 different ehomaki.


The line-up includes thickly rolled ehomaki from popular Michelin 3-star restaurant “Sushi Yoshitake” that featured in Tokyo’s 2017 Michelin Guide, seafood ehomaki filled with fish praised by fishermen around Japan via “Pride Fish,” and more.



AEON Ehomaki

Available: 400 “AEON” and “AEON Style” stores around Honshu and Shikoku, and via the “AEON Net Shop”
Orders: Open until January 29th

Order in-store or online via http://chirashi.otoku.aeonsquare.net/ehoumaki

Release Date: February 2nd – February 3rd





Daimaru (Tokyo Branch)

The ehomaki available at the Tokyo branch of Daimaru will increase to 150 this year – up 10 from last year – with plenty of variety.


This year, Daimaru will also introduce nikuman (steamed buns), bread and more for Setsubun. So that the food event can be enjoyed a little longer, “Flying Ehomaki” will also be sold beforehand.



Tokyo Daimaru

Address: 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo

Opening Hours: 10:00-21:00

Contact: 03-3212-8011

Website: https://www.daimaru.co.jp/tokyo/



Sanda Hotel

Sanda Hotel have opened pre-orders for their winter-themed “Sanda Shunpanro Ehomaki.”

 For Setsubun, the Japanese restaurant “Sanda Shunpanro” will sell luxurious good-luck sushi made with koshihikari, a type of rice, and ehomaki made with 7 ingredients. Be quick though, as they are only selling 10 sets of sushi and 50 ehomaki!



Sanda Hotel

Address: 1-11-2 Keyakidai, Sanda, Hyōgo Prefecture

Contact: 079-564-1101

Website: https://www.sandahotel.jp



Price: Good-Luck Sushi Set (2 incl.) – ¥4,000 / Ehomaki – ¥800 each *price excludes tax

Reservations: December 18, 2017 to January 31, 2018

Delivery: February 3, 2018

Webpage: https://www.sandahotel.jp/sh/restaurant/shunpanro.html#ehomaki




InterContinental Yokohama Grand Hotel

The hotel’s pastry shop has created the “Eho Roll,” a confectionery wrapped with cocoa flavoured grape and stuffed with large strawberries.


The “Eho Roll” was first announced in 2010 and ever since has proven popular every year. The soft sponge contains mouth-watering fresh cream and is packed with big, juicy strawberries. The cocoa grape wrapping makes it look just like a seaweed wrapped maki. The blissful fresh cream and sweet and sour fresh strawberries make a perfect match.



InterContinental Yokohama Grand Hotel – “Eho Roll”

Location: i MARINA, 2F Gourmet & Souvenirs

Available: January 27, 2018 to February 3, 2018

Time: 10:00-20:00 *sales will cease once sales have finished for the day

Price: ¥692 each (tax incl.)

 Did you like this list? Get your hands on your own good-fortune ehomaki, face south-southeast and eat your way into a healthy year.