All New Magical Dream Tours at Tokyo Disney Land & Tokyo Disney Sea!

25.February.2016 | SPOT

Brand new guide tours will be hitting both Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea from Friday April 15th, 2016. They go by the names of “Tokyo Disney Land Guide Tour – Travel to the Land of Dreams and Magic” and “Tokyo Disney Sea Guide Tour – Dive into the Seas of Adventure and Imagination” respectively.

The new guide tours will see you escorted around the park where you will be able to experience up front the various famous plays available for viewing, allowing for you to feel the true magic of this wonderland time and time again. You will also be given recommendations and be taught about must-see locations throughout the park, as well as park trivia that you most likely have not heard about. The all new guide tours are for every newcomer and frequenter alike. Everybody can look forward to this very enjoyable experience!


A special “Tour Log” will be distributed at the start of the tours to everyone who goes along. With this, you will be able to stamp your log books with location stamps that will be passed around as you visit all the different places, so you can record and remember where you have been. It will be your own personal tour log book to complete, so you can make lots of memories while on the tour!


Go and experience the magic on tour at Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea!


Photograph / ©Disney