Aimyon Releases New Music Video ‘Marigold’ Filmed in Shanghai

19.July.2018 | MUSIC

Japanese singer-songwriter Aimyon has released the music video for her 5th single Marigold which is set for release on August 8.

Aimyon is immensely popular with young people in their teens and 20s and since the beginning of 2018 has lit a fire among them after appearing on TV shows and across news media. All of her music video add up to a total of around 40 million views.


Her first album Seishun no Excitement (‘The Excitement of Youth’) was released in September last year and even now, ten months later, is still listed in the Top 10 on the Apple Music Charts.


Aimyon – ‘Marigold’ Official Music Video


The music video for Marigold was filmed in Shanghai over 2 days at the end of June. It was directed by Tomokazu Sugita who has worked with numerous big artists. The video sees Aimyon riding a penny board along the rainy streets of Shanghai and orange light shining through the window, symbolising marigolds. The scenes of reflection are a perfect balance of love and melancholy.

Aimyon Comment:

“To want to be like this forever, to be greedy and search for someone, meekly. Someone who is closest to me. You, who is far away. Feelings that can almost be touched but can’t. Lingering recollections and a nostalgic laugh of love on that day.”


Tomokazu Sugita (Music Video Director) Comment:

“Our inner feelings change by the colours and lights of the townscape. We filmed the video to showcase wanting to advance those unchanging feelings toward someone. They become the light, the shadows and the atmosphere.”


In the run up to the CD release of Marigold, the lead song from the single is now available for digital download. Aimyon will head on her biggest solo tour to date titled AIMYON TOUR 2018-HONEY LADY BABY- in November for which an additional Tokyo date has been added. The singer will also appear at numerous festivals this summer.



“Marigold” – 5th Single

On Sale: August 8, 2018

Price: ¥1,080 (Tax Included)

Digital Release:


Tour Information


11.21 @ Penny Lane 24, Hokkaido

11.23 @ RENSA, Miyagi

11.26 @ DIAMOND HALL, Aichi

11.28 @ Zepp Namba, Osaka

11.30 @ MONSTER, Kagawa

12.03 @ CHICKEN GEORGE, Hyogo

12.04 @ CLUB Quattro, Hiroshima

12.12 @ DRUM Logos, Fukuoka

12.14 @ Caparvo Hall, Kagoshima

12.17 @ Zepp Tokyo, Tokyo

*Additional Date: 12.08 @ Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka


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Ticket Window: July 18 at 18:00 – July 24 at 23:59


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