Tokyo Ghoul Live Action Sequel Announced for 2019

22.September.2018 | ANIME&GAME

The final volume of Tokyo Ghoul:re was released back in July this year, which together with the original series has sold over 37 million copies worldwide. The live action adaption too, which dropped in 29 countries worldwide on July 29, 2017, accumulated ¥1.1 billion in the box office.


Now, a sequel live action film with the working titled Tokyo Ghoul 2 has been announced as in production with new staff and new cast.

Young popular actor Masataka Kubota (Gintama 2Himomen) will reprise his role as the story protagonist Ken Kaneki. Kubota received praise from fans of the manga in his portrayal of the half-ghoul.


Playing the role of fan favourite gourmet Shuu Tsukiyama is Shota Matsuda (Segodon) who has appeared in many dramas, films and commercials. The character is known for his obsession with wanting to eat Kaneki.


Maika Yamamoto (Sunny: Tsuyoi Kimochi Tsuyoi Ai, Chia☆Dan) will play the role of heroine Touka Kirishima. Yamamoto receives huge support for her skills and talent as an actress.


Comment: Masataka Kubota (Ken Kaneki)

I’m happy to be able reprise my role as Kaneki. Sui [Ishida’s] Tokyo Ghoul has given me new sensibility and new encounters. Kaneki is honestly a troublesome and cumbersome guy, but he shows us a world where you cannot feel for people. I’m devoted to this new chapter of Tokyo Ghoul.”


Comment: Shota Matsuda (Shuu Tsukiyama)

I’m happy to be immersing myself in the strange world of Tokyo Ghoul. I’m looking forward to filming the movie together with Kubota, the staff and director. I wonder how I will embody Tsukiyama. There’s both skilled CG and authentic action involved. I hope I can express his unique spiritual nature. I cannot wait for the filming to start.


Comment: Maika Yamamoto (Touka Kirishima)

I’m very happy to be involved. I’m hoping through directing and sessions while filming I can meet the expectations of and be loved by fans as Touka Kirishima while staying faithful to her perspective, so I hope everyone can watch over me. Action is so much fun so I will look to practicing hard. I also hope I can quickly blend into the Tokyo Ghoul team with everybody, even if just a little. I look forward to working with you all.”


The sequel to the successful first movie will drop sometime in 2019. Stay tuned for more details.



Tokyo Ghoul 2 (Working Title)

Release Date: 2019 in Japan

Official Website:

©Sui Ishida / Shueisha ©Tokyo Ghoul Production Committee


  • New Poster for Upcoming “Tokyo Ghoul” Movie Showcases Entire Cast!

    05.July.2017 | SPOT

    Tokyo Ghoul—the international phenomenon manga series that has sold over 3 million copies and is published in 37 different countries, has spawned an anime series, theatrical performance and game, and is soon to receive its own live action adaptation set for worldwide release on July 29th.

    The new film adaptation is packed full of action and battle sequences and showcases humanity’s fight against “ghouls”, creatures who pose as humans that must eat other people in order to survive.

    A new poster for the movie has been released which features a gorgeous look at the entire cast. Behind the cast we get a full look at the film’s protagonist Kanki (Masataka Kubota) wearing his famous mask and in kakugan mode, a state where a ghouls’ eyes turn red after they become hungry or use their kagune.

    The line-up showcases a total of 14 characters, including the half-ghoul Kaneki at the front wearing his combat uniform, a character who is tied to a fate of dilemma. We also get a look at Toka, a ghoul who works at Anteiku, and Rize, who has a huge impact of the fate of Kaneki. As well as those characters, we can see other ghouls including Hinami (Hiyori Sakura), Yoshimura (Kunio Murai), Enji Koma (Kenta Hamano), Kaya Irimi (Nozomi Sasaki), Nishiki Nishio (Shunya Shiraishi), Ryouko Fueguchi (Shoko Aida), Yomo (Shuntaro Yanagi), Uta (Minosuke Bando), and members of the CCG in opposition of the ghouls Koutarou Amon (Nobuyuki Suzuki) and Kureo Mado (Yo Oizumi).


    The grand battle against humans and ghouls is about to begin.


    “Tokyo Ghoul”
    Worldwide Release on July 29th 2017
    ©2017 “Tokyo Ghoul” Production Committee
    ©Sui Ishida / Shueisha Inc.


    Official Website:


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  • The theme song produced by illion and the prior notice video of “Tokyo Ghoul” has now been released!

    14.June.2017 | SPOT

    “Tokyo Ghoul”is a very popular comic which has been gathering much attention. (three million copies were sold all over the world). A special prior notice video featuring the theme song of “Tokyo Ghoul,” “BANKA” produced by Yojiro Noda’s (RADWIMPS) solo project illion was released.

    The video will be broadcast in theaters throughout Japan starting from Shinjuku Piccadilly from the 17th of June (Sat.).


    The completed video shows the image of the main character Kaneki (Masataka Kubota) who turned into ghoul which has a predation organ called Kagune from his back and the imposing sentence from Lize saying “Is this your first time seeing a real ghoul?” The video also shows images of Amon (Nobuyuki Suzuki) and Mado (Yo Oizumi) brandishing a weapon to fight with ghoul called Quinque.


    The video shows the images of “ghouls” which were hidden in a veil of mystery and “humans” who fight against ghouls.

    Furthermore, the video depicts “ghouls”which are considered to be the enemies of humans, as having families and friends and we can get a glimpse of their everyday normal life. The video also depicts Kaneki’s conflict of being “the only person that can have their place in 2 different worlds.”

    Moreover, the audio source of the theme song “BANKA” produced by Yojiro Noda’s (RADWIMPS) project illion can be heard in the video!


    The lyrics represent the feelings of the main character and the fragile / beautiful melody making the image more intense.



    Movie “Tokyo Ghoul” official website:

    Will be released on July 29th throughout Japan

    ©2017 “Tokyo Ghoul” Commission

    ©Sui Ishida / Shueisha


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  • Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season Ending Theme ‘Rakuen no Kimi’ to be Performed by österreich

    07.September.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    The second season of Tokyo Ghoul:re is scheduled to begin airing in October 2018. It has been announced that österreich will perform the ending theme song entitled Rakuen no Kimi.

    Cö shu Nie provided the opening theme song Asphyxia for the first season while Ziyoou-Vachi performed the ending theme song HALF. österreich, who will sing the ending theme for the second season, is the solo project of ex-guitarist for the cabs, Kunimitsu Takahashi. österreich originally performed Tokyo Ghoul √A’s opening theme song Munou as well as the main theme for the PS Vita game Tokyo Ghoul: Jail, making this the artist’s third collaboration with the series.


    Kunimitsu Takahashi left a comment on the official Tokyo Ghoul:re website which you can read translated below.


    österreich’s Comment
    I’m back here once again again.


    The music I became involved with for the second time three years ago was for Tokyo Ghoul. After that I wrote music which not everybody could necessarily listen to while leading a reckless life as ever, but one day when I came to I was surrounded by a scene similar to that time three years ago. What was different was that after Tokyo Ghoul finished airing I became friend with Ishida [the manga’s author].


    I don’t really remember how I wrote the song ‘Munou,’ but I think I probably wrote it on my own wherever my feelings led me. Time has passed, and I thought I wasn’t skillful enough to be able to manage doing things perfectly that way again, and I never thought I would want to.


    I have come to see that some things change and some don’t. I’ve found myself in empty places. If we’re talking about how I’ve become, speaking honestly, I’m still a hopeless person, but I feel like I’ve been able to think about someone and create music, even just a little.


    I’ve live being saved by lots of people. I was saved by lots of people and wrote the song Rakuen no Kimi. Thank you to Ishida for giving me this opportunity.


    It’s still hot outside, so please all look after yourselves.


    ーKunimitsu Takahashi (österreich)


    Kunimitsu Takahashi Official Twitter:“Tokyo Ghoul:re” Official Website:

    ©Sui Ishida / Shuueisha・Tokyo Ghoul:re Production Committee


  • Tokyo Ghoul Opens Online Raffle for Exclusive Original Goods

    09.October.2021 | ANIME&GAME

    Kujibikido, a website offering a variety of different raffles, is offering a chance to win some exclusive Tokyo Ghoul merch! The Tokyo Ghoul ~Relax at Anteiku~ Online Raffle is open until November 4, and you can’t get these items anywhere else. The theme of these original illustrations is ‘Relaxing at Anteiku,’ the small neighborhood cafe in the Tokyo Ghoul series. Popular characters enjoy a moment of rest and relaxation with a cup of coffee–a welcome departure from the drama and horror in the series!


    Prize Lineup


    S Prize: Winner can Choose! Extra-large Tapestry (5 varieties) 


    A Prize: Winner can Choose! Mug (5 varieties) 


    B Prize: Acrylic Stand (10 varieties)


    C Prize: 76mm Pin (10 varieties) 


    *One prize is guaranteed. 



    The S Prize is a massive, life-sized tapestry, and the winner can choose which they’d like to receive. During the event, those who follow the official Kujibikido Twitter account and retweet a specific tweet will be entered into a lottery to win all 10 pins from the C Prize set along with a special bromide! Three winners will be announced, so don’t miss out!

  • Tokyo Ghoul Author Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Exhibition Reveals Key Visual

    12.December.2020 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Sui Ishida, the author of the internationally celebrated manga series Tokyo Ghoul which has shipped over 44 million copies worldwide, is getting his first ever large-scale exhibition next year. Titled “Sui Ishida Exhibition [Tokyo Ghoul JACK JEANNE],” the event is set to take place at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, Tokyo from February 6, 2021 to March 7, 2021 before moving to Fukuoka Asian Art Museum on April 10 where it will run until May 16.


    The first key visual for the event has been unveiled which Ishida drew himself for the exhibition. It features the protagonist of his Tokyo Ghoul series Ken Kaneki as well as Kisa Tachibana from his upcoming game JACK JEANNE.


    The exhibition is a place to discover all things Sui Ishida and will focus on his career from zero to the spawn Tokyo Ghoul and his upcoming game Nintendo Switch title JACK JEANNE which he designed the characters, created the storyline, illustrations and scenarios for. There will be a range of exhibits, illustrations, and more to see.


    Pre-sale tickets to the exhibition were released on Thursday (December 10) via the official websitw. The exhibition will be carrying out capacity restrictions each day in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The exhibition is a must-see for fans of the author’s work.


    ©Sui Ishida/SHUEISHA ©Sui Ishida/BROCCOLI
    *Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.

  • Exhibition of Tokyo Ghoul Author Sui Ishida’s Work to Take Place in Japan

    03.August.2020 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Sui Ishida, the author of the internationally celebrated manga series Tokyo Ghoul which has shipped over 44 million copies worldwide, is getting his first ever large-scale exhibition.


    The famed manga author made his debut with Tokyo Ghoul, which was serialised in Weekly Young Jump from 2011 to 2018. The dark fantasy, which questioned the notions of right and wrong, seduced the globe with its characters and world, eventually becoming published in 37 countries. The manga series went on to spawn anime and live-action adaptations, games, and more.


    Ishida is now working on a new game entitled Jack Jeanne for which he is creating the script, scenario, and character designs. The highly-anticipated game is set for released on Nintendo Switch sometime this year.

    The exhibition is a place to discover all things Sui Ishida and will focus on his career from zero to the spawn Tokyo Ghoul and the upcoming Jack Jeanne. There will be displays, illustrations, and more to see. It’s a must-see for fans of the author.


    ©Sui Ishida/SHUEISHA ©Sui Ishida/BROCCOLI

  • Giant 1/6 Scale Tokyo Ghoul Figure to be Sold at Tokyo Otaku Mode TOKYO in Shibuya PARCO

    08.November.2019 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. is set to display and start taking orders for a new 1/6 scale figure by Figurama from Sui Ishida’s hit manga and anime series Tokyo Ghoul. Available in Japan only, it will be sold at the new Tokyo Otaku Mode TOKYO store from November 22 at 10:00am at the new Shibuya PARCO shopping complex.

    Figurama is a Hong Kong-based figurine maker which has crafted many figures from popular titles such as Attack on TitanHellsingDevilman, and Trigun, to name a few. The standout characteristic of their work is the size of their figures, the composition, and how detailed the figures are despite being so large.


    The Tokyo Ghoul figure set to appear at Tokyo Otaku Mode TOKYO stands 63cm high, 44cm wide, and 35cm deep. It features series protagonist Ken Kaneki versus Yamori, who made Kaneki’s hair turn white.

    Only 800 of these figures have been made, of which Tokyo Otaku Mode TOKYO will sell 40, making them an extremely rare and limited edition collectors items. Perfect for any fan of the hit series!


    ©Sui Ishida/Shueisha・Tokyo Ghoul Production Committee

  • Special Tokyo Ghoul S Compilation Showcases Kaneki & Tsukiyama’s Relationship

    31.July.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MOVIE

    A special compilation video for the recent live-action film Tokyo Ghoul S, which hit Japanese theatres on July 19, was recently released.

    Before the film’s release, it premiered in Tokyo, Osaka and Paris to rave reviews. At the premiere events, Shota Matsuda, who plays Tsukiyama, proclaimed the movie as “a romance film between Tsukiyama and Kaneki.”


    The compilation video reveals Kaneki’s many encounters with Tsukiyama, from their first encounter to their aggressive battles, as well as the iconic scene from the original manga series when Tsukiyama sniffs a handkerchief with Kaneki’s blood on it in pure ecstasy. The video includes the film’s theme song Introduction by QUEEN BEE which was written and composed by band vocalist Avu-chan.

    The films directors, Hiramaki Kazuhiko and Takuya Kawasaki, also explained how much they focused on making sure Tsukiyama, who is popular amongst Tokyo Ghoul fans, was a strongly written character. They described in particular the climactic battle scene which isn’t just a simple fight and instead is an opportunity for Kaneki to not only express himself to Kaneki but also eat him as he sees Kaneki as an ingredient. Kaneki is drowned in Tsukiyama’s adoration for himself. Speaking about the role, Masataka Kubota, who plays Kaneki, said he made sure to play more of a passive role.


    ©Sui Ishida / Shueisha   ©2019 “Tokyo Ghoul S” Production Committee

  • QUEEN BEE Release Music Video For Tokyo Ghoul S Main Theme ‘Introduction’

    11.July.2019 | MOVIE / MUSIC

    QUEEN BEE just dropped their new music video for Introduction on YouTube.


    The song is taken from their latest album Ju which hit shelves back in May. The song will feature as the main theme for the forthcoming film Tokyo Ghoul S, the sequel to the live-action adaptation of the popular manga and anime series Tokyo Ghoul.


    The music video was directed by Nakane Sayaka who has worked on QUEEN BEE’s most recent videos including HALFHypnotize, and Holy War.


    ©Sui Ishida / Shueisha   ©2019 “Tokyo Ghoul S” Production Committee

  • Tokyo Ghoul S Live-Action Film Shown & Cast Give Q&A at Japan Expo in France

    09.July.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MOVIE

    The sequel to the live-action film Tokyo Ghoul, entitled Tokyo Ghoul S, will be released on July 19, 2019. The first film dropped in 29 countries around the world in July 2017 and went on to become a huge hit. The sequel features a whole new staff team with returning cast members.

    Tokyo Ghoul S was shown at the 20th Japan Expo event in Paris, France on July 7, the first pre-release screening since its premiere in Tokyo. Several cast members including Masataka Kubota (Ken Kaneki), Shota Matsuda (Shū Tsukiyama) and Maika Yamamoto (Touka Kirishima) as well as the film producer Tomohiro Nagae appeared at the event for a Q&A session with fans.

    The French fans welcomed the staff on stage with a round of applause as Kubota and Matsuda greeted them with a “Bonjour!” They got straight into the Q&A, with Kubota, who plays the half-ghoul Kaneki, explaining to the crowd, “All of you eat meat and vegetables, but ghouls are only able to eat people.”


    He continues, “People go mad when it’s them who are to be eaten. But I think that’s part of the appeal of this movie.”

    The producer Nagae elaborated on the film’s deep theme: “One thing about this film is how universal its theme is. No matter where you go in the world, it’s mutual. Humans and ghouls experience much drama throughout the franchise, but this also applies to those close to you. When you’re watching the film, try thinking what would happen if you yourself became a ghoul.”

    When asked about their favourite characters in the films, Kubota answered Juzo Suzuya, Matsuda answered Kaneki, and Yamamoto said her own character Touka.

    Matusda also earned huge cheers from the crowd with his Tsukiyama-like answer, saying: “In this film Tsukiyama says for the first time since meeting Kaneki that he wants to eat him, so now I can’t think of anything else but him.”


    When asked what fans should look forward to in this film, Kubota simply said “Shota Matsuda!” Matsuda followed this up saying, “I believe this is a romance film between Tsukiyama and Kaneki. Look forward to that aspect of it too.”


    ©Sui Ishida / Shueisha   ©2019 “Tokyo Ghoul S” Production Committee

  • Ginza’s Hidden Tokyo Ghoul Restaurant Receives Extended Opening Period

    07.July.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD / SPOT

    To celebrate the upcoming July 19 release of Tokyo Ghoul S, Japanese movie studio and production company Shochiku opened its ‘immersive’ blood-themed Tokyo Ghoul restaurant on July 5. The location of the restaurant has been kept a secret, but it is somewhere in Ginza, wrapped in 40,000 beautiful roses.


    The restaurant was originally set to stay open until August 4, but due to all tickets for its 31-day run selling out in just three days, it has been extended until August 18. Tickets for these extra two weeks will go on sale on the restaurant’s official website on July 12 at noon (JST).


    Tokyo Ghoul Restaurant Details: The Location of This Bloody Rose Tokyo Ghoul Restaurant in Ginza is a Secret


    Die-hand fans of Tokyo Ghoul aren’t going to want to miss out on this exclusive ghoulish gourmet experience.

  • Tokyo Ghoul:re Cafes in Ikebukuro & Nagoya Receive Opening Extension

    26.June.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD / SPOT

    The Tokyo Ghoul:re cafes based on the popular manga series, which are running at the Ikebukuro and Nagoya branches of THE GUEST Café & Diner: they will now run until July 28 and 29 respectively. The Fukuoka and Sapporo cafes will continue to run until June 30.


    The cafes are serving up a menu of food, drinks and desserts inspired by the series as well as decor and decorations.

    Kaneki’s Mask Curry: ¥1,490 (Before Tax)

    When you order Kaneki’s Mask Curry it comes with a drink or sparkling non-alcoholic beverage of your choice served in a vessel inspired by Kaneki’s mask. You’ll look like Kaneki too when drinking out of it.

    Tsukiyama’s Gourmet Roast Beef: ¥1,590 (Before Tax)

    This roast beef dish is inspired by Tsukiyama, also known as the “Gourmet” in the series. The dish includes cheese that looks like an eyeball, pasta made to look like ears, and of course the meat.

    Quinque Rice Flour Dumpling Sweet Red Bean Soup: ¥1,390 (Before Tax)

    The name of this dish says it all―dango made in the image of characters’ Quinques. It also comeos with a bowl of strawberries, chestnuts and rice flour dumplings.

    Torso’s Milk Tea: ¥790 (Before Tax)

    Fans of the series will recall Karao Saeki a.k.a “Torso.” He gets his name from being a ghoul serial killer as he decapitates and dismembers his victims, leaving only the torso. This beverage includes bloody red berry sauce which is best enjoyed when mixed into the milk tea

    Customers at the cafe will receive the above-pictured lunch mat exclusive to the cafe. Those who order a drink will also receive one of 12 possible coasters chosen randomly.


    Several pieces of merchandise are also being sold.

    Tokyo Ghoul:re Slider Pouches: ¥900 Each (Before Tax)

    Tokyo Ghoul:re Tapestries: ¥2,500 Each (Before Tax)


    If you’re in Japan this summer, don’t miss this opportunity to visit the Tokyo Ghoul:re Cafe.


    ©️Sui Ishida / Shueisha

  • New Tokyo Ghoul S Trailer Narrated by Tsukiyama’s Anime Voice Actor Mamoru Miyano

    18.June.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MOVIE

    A premiere event was held in Tokyo on June 11 for the forthcoming release of Tokyo Ghoul S―the sequel to the live-action film Tokyo Ghoul―which is set for release on July 19. It was revealed at the event that QUEEN BEE will perform the main theme Introduction and a new trailer was shown showcasing the track.


    Now, an all-new trailer has been released and it features narration by Mamoru Miyano, the voice actor for Shuu Tsukiyama in the Tokyo Ghoul anime adaptation. Tsukiyama is played by Shota Matsuda in the upcoming film.


    Speaking about the narration, voice actor Mamoru Miyano commented: “Tokyo Ghouland Shuu Tsukiyama are both irreplaceable things for me, so I feel honoured to be involved once again like this. I was really overjoyed that the staff were excited about my narration [laughs]. But what’s more is that Shota Matsuda’s Shuu Tsukiyama is simply amazing. I really was thrilled! Just watching the trailer my heart skipped a beat at his sexiness, so I want to see the whole movie already! Please look forward to its release!”


    ©Sui Ishida / Shueisha   ©2019 “Tokyo Ghoul S” Production Committee

  • Tokyo Ghoul S Cast Members Speak at Tokyo Premiere Event

    14.June.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MOVIE

    A premiere event was held in Ebisu, Tokyo on June 11 for the upcoming live-action film Tokyo Ghoul S which is set to hit Japanese cinemas on July 19. Members of the cast attended the event, including Masataka Kubota who is reprising his role as Ken Kaneki in the sequel movie.


    The event began outdoors on a specially-built stage. The guests were welcomed by a flurry of applause as they stepped onto stage dressed in chic outfits. Kubota began by calling, “This summer is…” to which fans responded “Tokyo Ghoul!” He stood before the fully-packed crowd and expressed his enthusiasm for the film: “Tokyo Ghoul is the sequel to the last film. It has a sense of realism, but in places it’s also gentle, and in others it’s eerie. I can say with confidence that we have been able to create an incredible movie.”

    Masataka Kubota will play Ken Kaneki

    The event then moved into The Golden Hall where guests greeted the crowd and talked about the upcoming movie. Kubota said: “The cast, including the new character Tsukiyama (Matsuda) as well as Touka (Yamamoto), have all stirred [their characters] in a new way. Because of that, I believe even those who didn’t watch the first movie will be able to enjoy this one.”


    Kubota, Matsuda and Touka shot many scenes together and mentioned how the three of them kept in close contact even after the shooting had finished.

    Shota Matsuda will play Shuu Tsukiyama

    Maika Yamamoto will play Touka Kirishima

    At the end of the event, Kubota announced that QUEEN BEE’s song Introduction will be used as the film’s main theme. A new trailer was then shown which includes a sneak peek at the song. You can watch it below.


    Tokyo Ghoul S 90-Second Trailer

    Kubota praised the song for being simultaneously uptempo and wild which he said was a perfect match for the movie. He also expressed his hope for people to be glued to their seats and fully immersed in the film.


    Matsuda explained how he tried to think of Tokyo Ghoul S as a romance during the shooting of the film and challenged himself to really think that he wanted to eat Kaneki. Kubota responded to this, saying that the film is packed full of loved from Matsuda.


    ©Sui Ishida / Shueisha   ©2019 “Tokyo Ghoul S” Production Committee

  • QUEEN BEE to Perform Tokyo Ghoul S Live-Action Film’s Main Theme

    12.June.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MOVIE / MUSIC

    Masataka Kubota, who is reprising his role as Ken Kaneki in the upcoming live-action film Tokyo Ghoul S, announced at the film’s premiere at The Golden Hall in Ebisu that QUEEN BEE will perform the movie’s main theme song.


    The song is titled Introduction and is taken from QUEEN BEE’s new album Ju which hit shelves in May. The band also previously performed the song HALF as the ending theme for the TV anime series Tokyo Ghoul:re.


    QUEEN BEE released a new artist photo to promote the new collaboration.

    Speaking about their return to the franchise once again, QUEEN BEE’s vocalist Avu-chan commented: “Talks began on the day when we had finished everything on our album Ju―the music, the photos, and the music videos […] Introduction is the last song on the album. It’s a song that follows the road down ten years of QUEEN BEE, and we are honoured that it will begin as the theme song for Tokyo Ghoul S. Please look forward to it.”


    ©Sui Ishida / Shueisha   ©2019 “Tokyo Ghoul S” Production Committee