Japanese Tea Stand Cafe Hachiya Releases New Tangerine Tea

16.November.2018 | FOOD

Hachiya is a tea stand and cafe whose concept aims to reconstruct the culture of Japanese tea for the modern world. The cafe has announced a new tea series that’s made with seasonal fruits and a homemade syrup forged from the delicious juices of the fruits themselves.


The first two drinks to hit the tea line are made using wase mikan, a type of orange that grows in October and November. They are available for a limited period from November 15 to January 31 next year.

The syrup used in these drinks is an original blend made by Hachiya themselves. No unnecessary ingredients are used – it’s made simply with high mineral sugar and fresh juice from the orange meaning every sip promises a rich and natural flavour.

Kaneju Specially Selected Sencha x Wase Mikan: Hot/Iced – ¥550 Each (Tax Included) *Small size only

The astringency and sweetness of the sencha green tea along with the hint of sourness in the sweetness of the homemade wase mikan syrup leaves a refreshing taste in your mouth, and the scent of citrus fruits tickle your nose. This drink recreates that classic scene of a Japanese person sat under a warm kotatsu eating oranges.


Houjicha x Wase Mikan: Hot/Iced – ¥450 Each (Tax Included) *Small size only

The characteristic fresh taste of houjicha goes exquisitely with the homemade syrup to create a mellow flavour you wouldn’t imagine Japanese tea to have. Compared sencha, houjicha has little caffeine, and because its fragrance has the ability to relax and warm a person up, it’s the perfect beverage for a cold winter’s day.


Warm yourself up this winter while you’re in Japan with these new teas!