New Photo Shows Masataka Kubota as Kaneki on the Set of the Tokyo Ghoul Live-Action Sequel

22.November.2018 | ANIME&GAME

The final volume of Tokyo Ghoul:re was released back in July this year, which together with the original series has sold over 37 million copies worldwide. The live action adaption too, which dropped in 29 countries worldwide on July 29, 2017, accumulated ¥1.1 billion in the box office.


A sequel to the live action movie, tentatively titled Tokyo Ghoul 2, was announced in September to be in production with new staff and new cast with a summer 2019 release date.


Young popular actor Masataka Kubota (Gintama 2Himomen) will reprise his role as the story protagonist Ken Kaneki. The story is set in Tokyo where ghouls lurk and feast on humans. Kaneki battles his conflicting existence of being half-human and half-ghoul.


When the sequel was announced back in September, words related to the film dominated real time searches in Japan including “Tokyo Ghoul,” “Tsukiyama Shuu,” “Shota Matsuda” and “Maika Yamamoto.” It also trended on Twitter.

Spoilers for the story of the first Tokyo Ghoul film and the manga follow.


A photo of Masataka Kubota on set playing Kaneki has also been released. It is the scene where Kaneki is invited to the Ghoul Restaurant by Tsukiyama Shuu, aka Gourmet.


The film will uncover the secret Ghoul Restaurant and we will see Kaneki versus Tsukiyama as well as plenty of action-packed battle scenes. Anticipation grows are we wait to see Kaneki more powerful than in the previous film ready to face off with his ultimate rival, Tsukiyama.


The first film featured a line-up of popular characters played by a string of famous actors and actresses. The sequel continues the excitement with the already-announced Kaneki, Tsukiyama and Touka.