MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON interview Silent Siren just before their overseas performance at J-POP SUMMIT

30.May.2016 | MUSIC

Silent Siren
We have many different popular artists participating in the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON project who serve to represent Japanese culture. In this feature, we seek to introduce artists who have strong relations with us here at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON by conducting an interview with them.

In this interview, we interview each 4 members of the popular girls’ band Silent Siren – Ainyan ≪Aina Yamauchi, Bass≫, Suu ≪Sumire Yoshida, Vocals & Guitar≫, Hinanchu ≪Hinako Umemura, Drums≫, and Yukarun ≪Yukako Kurosaka, Keyboard≫ – about their recent album, live shows and overseas experiences.

――Your album “S” came out this year back in March. How did you set about making the concept for the record?
Hinanchu: We included songs on the album that we all wanted to do. All of our emotions and sounds are put into the record. We have matured both musically and lyrically with the album so have been able to produce a lot of honest tracks that we haven’t done until now. Whoever listens to the album, whether they’re a middle-schooler, mother or elderly man, there is sure to be at least one song that they’ll like.

――Suu, you have written a lot of the lyrics for the band. Tell us about your feels and emotions towards the music.
Suu: There are down-to-earth lyrics as well as lyrics that can be interpreted at different levels depending on who listens to it. We have made songs that are both easy to understand and ones where the core meaning is a bit harder to see.

――Are you the type to sit down and think “right, let’s write some lyrics”?
Suu: It’s about half and half. When something is clear to me in my mind I go ahead and write it. I also have times where I listen to a song and a certain phrase comes to me so I write it down.

――The rest of you also write lyrics. How do you go about working on them?
Ainyan: I imagine in my mind “If I do this, people will really react to it and get excited”. While doing, that, I write. I also tend to write lyrics that are story-like, so when I’m writing I like to imagine it being made into a music video.
Hinanchu: I write at both extremes, from songs that will really get people going, to pouring my true feelings into a track that people can relate to. I put how I really feel into the lyrics when writing them, and there are people that like that. But sometimes I also feel that I’m being a bit too real and that I’m exposing myself, so it can be embarrassing.
Yukarun: I’m not able to write serious lyrics, so all the lyrics I’ve written have been happy and positive. But that doesn’t mean there’s no meaning to them (laughs). It’s just that if you sing happy songs when you’re feeling down you are sure to liven up. So I like to include positivity when I’m writing.

――So with all of your different feelings and emotions packed into your album “S”, have your overall impressions been different for each venue you have played while on your current Japan nationwide tour?
Ainyan: The ways of having fun have been different. There have been venues where people let their voice out, and although it is quiet, it really looks like they’re having fun (laughs). Everyone has their own style so it’s been interesting to see.
Yukarun: There were a lot of female middle-school girls that came to see us at the start, so I was really happy.

――Once your nationwide tour finishes you’ll finally be heading to San Francisco in America for “J-POP SUMMIT 2016” (July 22nd~24th), right?
Ainyan: It will be our first performance in America so I’m really excited for it!
Suu: We will work our hardest so we don’t lose to the other performers!
Ninanchu: Ever since we formed Silent Siren we have always had strong inclinations to overseas. We thought it was strange to wonder where we would play our music. At first we thought we didn’t want to play only in Tokyo, but embark across all of Japan. Then we thought there’s no point if we just play in Japan and don’t make it accessible worldwide. So we are really looking forward to it. When making songs we keep the live performance in mind, so with each song we there are easy to do gestures and ways you can enjoy the song, so I think people will really work up a sweat! Our concerts are a way for you to lose weight so people should definitely come along (laughs)!
Yukarun: Our concerts aren’t just for listening, but also for people to enjoy with their eyes. That’s something great about Silent Siren and something that isn’t evident with other bands. We take the entertainment side of things really seriously, so people overseas are sure to enjoy themselves too.

IMG_8200_LR2――Regarding your links with your overseas audience, you have performed at “MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL” two years in a row now, both last year and the year before. Please tell us your thoughts on the experience.
Hinanchu: I noticed that there were a lot of people from overseas, from idol fans to fans of magazine models, all kinds of people. But I felt everyone really enjoyed the various music acts and shows that were performed there. I really felt that the event was a great opportunity for people to get to know Japan’s new culture.

――Was there anything different between either of the times you attended?
Hinanchu: We have a song called “What Show is it?” I was thinking after the first festival the year before last how I really wish we had played it. We didn’t even play it for the second festival…
Ainyan: We really didn’t, did we? (laughs) We had this talk last time too, right? (laughs) The stage would be themed like a festival.
Hinanchu: That’s right. “What Show is t?” is a very Japanese-like song, so it fits perfectly. We’ve had this talk two years in a row now how we wish we had played it (laughs).
Ainyan: If we’re invited again next time, we’ll play it for sure! So we say (laughs).

――Finally, please leave a message for your overseas fans.
Ainyan: In addition to our tour this year, we are also performing at summer festivals and school festivals, so I’d like to push forward energetically with our live shows. There are still places we haven’t been to in Japan, and we also want to push ahead with performing overseas. We really love our songs, and so I want to spread that love for them everywhere. In any case, I’d like everyone to come see us live!
Ninanchu: Even if you don’t understand our lyrics you can still have a blast. Our Asia tour was really crazy, so those of you seeing us for the first time at “J-POP SUMMIT 2016” are sure to come to love us, so we will work our hardest! America is really big, and there is also Europe and lots of other countries, so it would be really nice if we use this opportunity to play overseas.
Suu: “J-POP SUMMIT 2016” really feels like it represents Japan. I will work hard to make our American audience say “Japanese music is awesome” and “Japan is so freakin’ cool!” We will perform more concerts not just in Japan but overseas too so that we can show everyone what’s great about Japan and Silent Siren!
Yukarun: If you see us live once, you are sure to want to see us again. I want people to listen to our music and come and have fun with us at our live shows!

IMG_8229_LR2Original Text = Hamase Masaki/ Photography = Astushi Yamada

Silent Siren

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