Tokyo Ghoul:re Themed Cafes to Open in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya & Fukuoka

20.January.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

THE GUEST Cafe & Diner has announced a collaboration with Tokyo Ghoul:re to serve food and drinks inspired by the popular series at its branches in Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Osaka for a limited time.


Kaneki’s Mask Curry: ¥1,490

Tsukiyama’s Gourmet Roast Beef: ¥1,590

Whenever a Tokyo Ghoul themed cafe has opened in the past the menu always features the “Mazui Sandwich” (literally “gross-tasting sandwich”). As its name suggests, this sandwich tastes disgusting, but for a good reason. In the world of Tokyo Ghoul, ghouls must consume human flesh – anything else, including any sort of food – tastes gross.


Other items on the menu include Kaneki’s Mask Curry which when ordered comes with a drink or sparkling non-alcoholic beverage of your choice served in a vessel inspired by Kaneki’s mask. You’ll look like Kaneki too when drinking out of it.


Another menu item includes roast beef inspired by Tsukiyama, also known as the “Gourmet” in the series. The dish includes cheese that looks likek an eyeball, pasta made to look like ears, and of course the meat.

Quinque Rice Flour Dumpling Sweet Red Bean Soup: ¥1,390 (Before Tax)

Touka’s Jelly Drink: ¥990 (Before Tax)

There’s of course plenty of drinks and dessert to tuck into too, such as the sweet red bean soup that come with dango inspired by the characters in the series and their Quinques. Touka’s blue jelly drink also comes with a charm.


Customers dining at the cafe will each get themselves an original Tokyo Ghoul lunch mat, and if you order a drink they’ll receive an original sticker randomly selected from 12 possible designs.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Art Board: ¥3,500 Each (Before Tax)

It doesn’t end there for fans however, as there will be exclusive pre-sales of official merchandise available at the cafe too. Don’t miss out!