QUEEN BEE Celebrates 10th Anniversary With First Book Publication

05.February.2019 | MUSIC

March 31 this year will mark the 10th anniversary since the formation of Japanese rock band QUEEN BEE and to celebrate, they will release their first ever book entitled qb Zukan on March 28. It will feature artist photos, live shots, design notes written by vocalist Avu-chan on the band’s outfits and merchandise, interviews with the members and staff, and more.

Events will also be held in Tokyo and Osaka to promote its release. Fans can’t miss out on this 176-page, content-packed publication.

Speaking about the release, Avu-chan commented: “QUEEN BEE’s 10th anniversary has come around before I’ve even realised. We are fortunate to have made it this far, again before I even knew it, and have evolved, intently, in our own way, and all while not fitting into any boxes. I’m sure fans who have seen us live will understand what I mean. Well, the other members don’t talk so can’t explain it anyway! (Though they do talk in the ‘Mitsubachi Club’ fan club.) This book focuses a lot on each member – what’s great about them, cute about them, and their enigmatic sides. There’s design images taken from the production process of all of our outfits, lots of off-shots, pictures of our trip to Atami. Profiles, letters, interviews, recollections. It’s packed with highlighter, and you may be inclined to picture it as a memorial book. Tut-tut-tut! It will make me happy for people to order it thinking of it as like a manga or games manual. I think it’ll become even more mysterious when you read it. I hope many people enjoy it for a long, long time like they do our music!”