OCHABA: Japan’s First Milk Tea Shop Opening in Shinjuku

11.March.2019 | FOOD

OCHABA is set to open as Japan’s first shop specialising in milk tea that uses Japanese tea leaves. The doors will open to the store on floor B1F of Shinjuku Lumine EST on March 22.


With Mount Fuji as their symbol, the shop will open selling a hot Espresso Milk Tea and iced Royal Milk Tea both of which will use tea leaves from Shizuoka.


OCHABA hopes to keep the tradition of Japanese tea while also making it easily accessible in people’s daily lives. They have put much thought into everything from the beverages themselves down to the cups they are served in and logo they are branded with. It doesn’t stop there however as the tea masters at OCHABA also considered what topping would best complement the tea―their choice, warabimochi with brown sugar, which will be in all the drinks.


The history of Japanese tea begins in Nara during the Heian Period. The way it is deliciously poured since then has not been changed with the drinks, but to evolve them into something more modern, they have incorporated a French espresso machine to create a”Japanese tea espresso” for the Espresso Milk Tea.

The Royal Milk Tea has a much different taste, opting to bring out the full delicious of flavour of the tea leaves. This is done by boiling the leaves in milk as soon as the leaves have opened.

Iced Japanese Tea Leaf Royal Milk Tea

Hot Japanese Tea Leaf Espresso Milk Tea

Taste the flavours of tradition and today come together at OCHABA.