Natsuki Kizu’s BL Manga ‘Given’ Receives TV Anime Adaptation in July

18.March.2019 | ANIME&GAME / Uncategorized

Natsuki Kizu’s popular boys-love manga Given is a popular boys-love manga by Natsuki Kizu that is serialised in Shinshokan’s Cheri+ magazine. It has been announced that the series is receiving an anime adaptation and will premiere on Fuji Television’s noitaminA programming block in July.


The musical series will star Shougo Yano as Mafuyu Sato on vocals and guitar, Yūma Uchida as Ritsuka Uenoyama on guitar, Masatomo Nakazawa as Haruki on bass, and Takuya Eguchi as Akihiko Kaji on drums.


The series centres on Ritsuka who has lost interest in playing guitar. One day he meets Mafuyu, who has a broken guitar. The two of them start playing together, but when Ritsuka hears Mafuyu’s voice, his feelings for him begin to change.



The manga’s author Natsuki Kizu commented the following about the adaptation: “I keep feeling surprise and a sense of freshness in the studio as I hear the actual music come to life for my manga Given where there was no sound before.”


Series director Hikaru Yamaguchi also stated: “When I was told I would be directing the series, I was reading several pages of the manga and wondering to myself how best to lay out each scene. I was surprised because before I even took it up my brain was already intent on bringing it to life on the screen. I got to work, and for the first time ever, my body said ‘I want to do this.’ Music, friends, companionship, the person you like, joy, sadness, impatience, jealousy. These are the things I want to convey―the intertwined emotions of youth. We live in a diverse society.  I wish for lots of people to watch it, even if on their own.”