Komuroyama Park’s 48th Rhododendron Festival Taking Place in Golden Week

30.March.2019 | SPOT

The 48th Rhododendron Festival in Komuroyama Park is set to run from April 20 to May 6 during which Golden Week will also hit. Golden Week is a series of consecutive holidays in Japan which take place from April 29 to early May.


100,000 trees of around 40 species will dyed the park park in gorgeous red hues from the trees to the petals that dance down to the floor to create a red carpet.

The “Rhododendron Tunnel” is a must-see of the festival. This romantic site sees trees reaching out to each other overhead to create a tunnel-like shape that is bigger than human height. Enjoy gazing up at the colourful trees.


At nighttime the park is lit up with illuminations. A special lift will take people up to the park summit to overlook the red park and up at the starry night sky.

Local food will also be served and various events carried out.

And don’t forget to try the festival’s famous Rhododendron Soft Cream ice cream. It costs just ¥300!