6 Cherry Blossom Events in Japan 2018: Festivals, Digital Art & More!

15.March.2018 | FEATURES / SPOT

Have you decided where you’re going to see Japan’s cherry blossoms this year?


If not, then we have you covered. Here are 5 hanami events happening this year that are a little different from usual – from more traditional festivals to others using technology like AR and projection mapping.




Aqua Park Shinagawa – “SAKURA AQUARIUM by NAKED”
“SAKURA AQUARIUM by NAKED” is an experience-based hanami event that will use the latest in Tokyo’s cutting-edge entertainment to combine Japanese traditional culture, digital art, cherry blossoms and the world of the sea. NAKED is a leading creative company in Japan who will use projection mapping and artwork to depict illustrations of vividly coloured cherry blossoms using all parts of the room including the ceiling, walls and floor. Guests will be completely surrounded by cherry blossoms upon entering the aquarium.


Full Details: https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/92366


Running: 3 March 2018 – 15 April 2018




Gotenyama Cherry Blossom Festival

From the Edo period, Gotenyama was used for many activities and gatherings, such as a place where successive shogun engaged in falconry, and where formal tea parties were also held. It’s an area that has bred elegant culture and has even come to become a famous place to view cherry blossoms ever since the common people of the Edo Period used it as a popular retreat. This year, the festival will combine Edo, art and technology to host a range of events and activities, such as a cherry blossom light-up show, a Gotenyama tea party, a cherry blossom bar, an AR experience, and more.


Full Details: https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/95179



Gotenyama Cherry Blossom Festival 2018

Locations: Gotenyama Trust City, Tokyo Marriott Hotel, Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, and more

Address: Gotenyama Trust City, 4-7-35 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa, Tokyo



Friday April 6th, 2018 @ 11:00-20:00

Saturday April 7th, 2018 @ 11:00-20:00

Sunday April 8th, 2018 @ 11:00-16:00 (*some events will run until 20:00)


Access: 5-minutes free bus ride or 10-minute walk from Shinagawa Station via the JR Line / 5-minute walk from Kitashinagawa Station via Keihin Kyūkō Line

*For more details on the free bus ride to and from Gotenyama Trust City and Shinagawa Station, please visit the official homepage.





Takato Sakura Matsuri
Takato Sakura Matsuri is held every year in Nagano Prefecture, bringing in almost 200,000 people during the cherry blossom season. There are about 1,500 cherry trees planted inside the park, which is known as one of the 3 most famous spots for hanami in Japan. This year, the festival has teamed up with famous confectionery store Ina Sweets! They are also holding a campaign where you can get your hands on some limited-edition collaborative spring sweets.


Full Details: https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/94437


Takato Sakura Matsuri
Address: Takatomachi Nishitakato, Ina-shi, Nagano Prefecture
Running: 1 April 2018 – 30 April 2018
Opening Hours: 8:00-17:00 / High Season 6:00-20:00
*Last entries at 21:30







Nihonbashi Sakura Festival    
You can look forward to enjoying an artistic hanami at this event. This year marks the 5th run of the festival, where there will be cherry blossom inspired food, a music festival, an art exhibition and much more. The main highlight of the festival is the “SAKURA TUNNEL” that will run along the road to Fukutoku Shrine where around 100 cherry blossom lanterns will illuminate the entire street in a magical pink colour.


Full Details: https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/88158



“Nihonbashi Sakura Festival Aratani Deau, Nihonbashi, Yaesu, Kyobashi
Running: 16 March 2018 – 15 April 2018
Contact: Nihonbashi Information Center 03-3242-0010 (10:00-21:00)
Japanese Site   http://www.nihonbashi-tokyo.jp/
English Site    http://www.nihonbashi-tokyo.jp/en/







Kichijoji Yozakura

The dining bar “Kichijoji SUN Tama Bar” is now holding a limited spring event where the interior of the bar is decorated with 8,000 cherry blossoms and 1,500 illuminations. Tuck into some original sweets such as the “Horoyoi Parfait” and enjoy a strawberry cocktail. Sounds nice for a girls-only get-together.


Full Details: https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/93129


Kichijoji Yozakura 2018 -Hikari no Kawa-
Running: Until Mid-April 2018 (Subject to Change)

Kichijoji SUN Tama Bar
Address: Sakigakedai 3 Bldg. 2F, 1-1-19 Kitamachi, Kichijoji, Musashino-shi, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 18:00-02:00 (last orders 01:30) 7 Days a Week & Holidays
No Fixed Holidays.
Access: 10-minutes on foot from Kichijoji Station via the JR Chuo Line and Keio Inokashira Line





Sakura Train
Tokyo Metro are holding a campaign where you can hop on board their trains to go and see the cherry blossoms. During the campaign, the interior of Tokyo Metro 1000 series trains on the Ginza Line will be decorated in cherry blossoms. A guide to hanami in Tokyo will be displayed at each Tokyo Metro station recommending spots and places to drop by to view the cherry blossoms. There are also spots where you can receive special bonuses by presenting the booklet.


Let’s get on Tokyo Metro for go to see the cherry blossoms! ! campaign.
Operation period: March 12th (Mon) – April 8th (Sun) 2018
Operation section: Ginza Line Asakusa Station – Shibuya Station
URL: https: //metro-sakura.jp


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