Nemo & Friends SeaRider to open at Tokyo DisneySea on 12th May 2017! Climb aboard the submarine and sink into an underwater adventure!

16.October.2016 | SPOT

Tokyo DisneySea’s Port Discovery area will be releasing the long-awaited attraction the“Nemo & Friends SeaRider”, which will open on Friday 12th May 2017!


This indoor attraction invites you to experience the world of “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory”. By syncing the ride system with animation, you can enjoy a unique experience of the bottom of the ocean as seen in the two films!

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Guests welcome aboard! Once you enter the submarine, you will shrink to the size of a fish, ready to explore the vast ocean from the same line of vision as Nemo, Dory and the others — you may even bump into them! The animation featured in the attraction was designed by the staff at Pixar Animation Studios — the creators of Finding Dory themselves.


This beautiful world that exists under the sea was created for the big screen. Now, it has been revived, waiting for guests to come and enjoy! Don’t miss the wonderful ambiance set by this attraction — DisneySea’s Port Discovery is inviting you to join in the fun!



Nemo & Friends SeaRider「ニモ&フレンズ・シーライダー」

Open:Friday 12th May 2017

Official website:

※Visitors can purchase the Disney Fastpass®

※You must be over 90 cm in height in order to use this ride

※Under 3-year-olds cannot use this ride



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