Kenshi Yonezu’s New Song ‘Umi no Yuurei’ to be Used as Anime Film ‘Children of the Sea’ Main Theme

25.April.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MOVIE / MUSIC

It has been announced that Kenshi Yonezu’s new song Umi no Yuurei (“Ghost of the Sea”) will be used as the main theme for the upcoming animated film Children of the Sea which is set to hit Japanese theatres on June 7, 2019. This is the first main theme Yonezu has written for a film.

The film is an adaptation of Daisuke Igarashi’s manga series of the same name. The manga has received high praise, going on to win the 38th Japan Cartoonists Association Award and the top award in the manga category at the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival.


It is being animated by Studio 4°C who are known for their anime adaptations of Mind Game and Tekkonkinkreet amongst others.


The film follows Ruka Azumi (Mana Ashida) who encounters two boys, Umi and Sora, who were raised by dugongs. Hiiro Ishibashi will play the part of Umi and Seishuu Uragami will play the part of his older brother Sora. Win Morisaki will voice Anglade, a genius marine biologist who is pursuing the mystery surrounding Umi and Sora, while Min Tanaka will voice his former friend Jim who now takes care of the two brothers.


Daisuke Igarashi has admired Kenshi Yonezu since he made the official image song Number Nine for a special manga exhibition at the Louvre Museum.

Photographer: Tomokazu Yamada

New artist photos of Kenshi Yonezu has been released in line with the announcement. It was taken by Tomokazu Yamada who directed Yonezu’s music video for Lemon which now has over 360 million views on YouTube.


Photographer: Tomokazu Yamada

Kenshi Yonezu released the following statement surrounding the release: “I think I must have been in my teens the first time I read [Children of the Sea], but I remember how overwhelmed I was over how amazing it is. Even if I go back and read it now it’s still as impacting now as it was back then. What’s more is that I have discovered new things reading it. I remember thinking if it ever became a film then I would want to make a song for it. I am deeply moved that the day has come where that has become a reality. Every day these paths few months have been filled with questions and answers to ensure what I make stays true to what the manga has while also adding to it. I’m looking forward to the day I hear it play in the movie theatre.”


Daisuke Igarashi also commented: “I wonder how many years it’s been since I first met Kenshi Yonezu. Since then I made connections with numerous people, and when it came to talking about having him do the theme song for Children of the Sea, I felt a strange uplift, like something that was always supposed to happen happened. While my heart is spread tall and deep, at the same time I feel nothing but inexpressible emotions in getting to hear this beautiful song, one which indicates the arrival point.”


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